Thursday, 12 July 2012

Getting Lippy!! ................................

Nooooo,  not something that happens on a Saturday night after a few too many sherries!
I am, of course referring,  to good old lippy of the gloss variety!
Here's my latest must have glosses.

My love affair with Vapour Organic Beauty continues with these two 'Elixir' Plumping Lip Glosses, (the name alone is enough to get me excited!), in shades Honor (left) & Trust (right), a must have in any good 'affair'!

Honour is a sheer golden pink and Trust is a sheer coral.

Honour (top) Trust (bottom) Natural Daylight

What the brand says:
Vapour Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss achieves fuller, plumper and luscious-looking lips naturally, this 100% natural lip gloss offers versatile colour and shine plus a hydrating blend of botanicals and organic plumping liposomes, including anti-oxidant Acai and Goji berries and ultra hydrating Organic Lecithin, Jojoba oil and Myrrh, healing Lemon Balm, antioxidant Green Tea and anti-microbial Iceland Moss

Well that all sounds pretty impressive doesn't it?

It certainly impressed me, the glosses are not only kind to your lips, flattering on the skin and gorgeous colours,  but even better, they are NOT STICKY, hooray!

The applicator for both glosses is an actual brush, which I like, as I find it abit easier to control where the product goes, they are sheer as to be expected but do still impart a colour to the lips, and have a good shine.

I do feel there is a slightly plumper aspect to my lips when wearing the gloss, only very slight but every little helps !!
I think its also important to add that the 'plumping' element of the glosses does not sting on the lips, well not mine anyway, as happens with some other 'plumping' lip glosses.

I have been wearing them for a little while now and I like them both alone and over the top of lipsticks, they are just perfect for any occasion, but I love them to give a more neutral lip if you are doing a more smokey eye.

They have a reasonable lasting time of about a hour or two before touch ups, but this girls depends on what you are doing with your lips !!

The packaging is pretty slick too, the metallic look lid embossed with the 'elixir' wording is just enough of a modern twist to make them alittle bit different.
Available in 6 scrumptious shades, you are sure to find one to adorn your lips with!
Vapour Organic Elixir Lip Glosses are £18 each for 3.82g
Pretty reasonable I think for the quality of ingredients.

Next on my lip glossathon is Liz Earle's Lip Gloss.........................

Now I have to admit I was alittle bit sceptical when Liz Earle announced she was producing a make up line, as in my experience companies that do skincare well, fall short in the make up department and vice versa.

However,  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with these lip glosses. The two I have are in shades Honeysuckle (above left) a shimmery pink and Mallow (above right) a basic nude.

Honeysuckle (top) Mallow (bottom) natural daylight

What the brand says:
Soft and lightweight, our sheer gloss glides on smoothly and enhances lips with a luminous shine.   Enriched with our own blend of avocado and Shea butter to leave lips feeling soft.

Well, I have to agree with all of the above, they are lovely!
Both glosses glide on well, even though they do have a sponge applicator rather than a proper brush, and give a nice colour to the lips. The honeysuckle is quite shimmery on, so shy away from this one if you don't like shimmery products on the lips,  the Mallow is more universal, it's a good basic nude gloss, nice sheer colour and very flattering for everyone's skin, especially a more mature lip.

The glosses are fairly moisturising and a tiny bit more sticky than the Vapour Organic but still not the usual 'fly paper' stickiness that every single hair on your head gets stuck to in 2 seconds flat, long haired beauties - you know what I'm talking about!!

Good lasting time too, around 2 hours before you have to rummage about in your handbag again!

I will just mention they do have fragrance and taste quite sweet, I don't mind this, but it may be important if you prefer glosses that are fragrance/taste free.

Although the lip glosses do have lovely botanical ingredients in them, they are by no means 100% natural like the Vapour Organic glosses are. The full ingredient listing can be found here :

If this is something that concerns you.

The only slightly negative I can say about this gloss is the packaging, its perfectly fine and functional, but, for me,  it just lacks that certain something, it just seems rather old fashioned with the plain dark blue lid, I think it could have been so much more modern and sleek,  perhaps showing its botanical heritage more, maybe a metallic teal lid with a silver floral motif maybe? to tie it in with the skincare packaging more??
I don't know, it just doesn't thrill me!

But that said,  we all know beauty's only skin deep - its whats inside that matters.
and whats inside this tube gets a 10/10 from me!

Glosses come in a choice of 12 Flattering Shades so plenty of options for every skin tone.

Down to the basics girls:
Price £13.50 for 5ml
Great price for the quality and size.

So there we have it, if you like sheer glossy lips with a natural twist then I can recommend you give both of these brands a try.

It would have to be the Vapour Organic Beauty ones, they just pip the Liz Earle ones to the post for me,  simply because they are 100% natural and I prefer the packaging

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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx


  1. The Vapour Beauty lip glosses sound great. There's nothing more I hate than sticky heavy-feeling lip glosses that transfer to my teeth (ugh). The Vapour ones sound very light.. and as soon as I hear the words 'elixir' and 'plumping' I'm almost sold haha. The colour 'trust' looks like it would be my favourite.

    1. Lol! Me too 'elixir and plumping' aways gets my attention in a product!
      Trust is a beautiful colour, I really must invest in some more of these glosses, after my spending ban is over! xx