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Vapour Organic Beauty - A true alternative at last?

Vapour Organic Beauty - What the brand says:
"Vapour Organic Beauty is a revolutionary high performance range of pure organic cosmetics made from minimally processed, organic, food grade ingredients. Vapour luxury makeup, made from 70% Certified Organic Ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and natural vitamins, delivers the look of healthy, flawless, glowing skin without compromises"

As many of us already know there are a whole host of 'natural and organic' makeup brands out there, however where most of them fall down is in their performance,  compared to the conventional make up brands,  that we all know and love.

When I came across Vapour Organic Beauty, I was intrigued, the brand sounded fabulous, everything I always wanted and hoped for in a natural make up, was this just too good to be true I asked myself?
I had to find out!
Several purchases were made, purely for educational purposes you understand!, and comparison's were soon under way.
Up first was the Vapour Organic Aura Multi Use Blush in 'Spark' against Clinique Blush Wear Cream Stick in Peachy Blush
Clinique Top Swatch Vapour Organic Bottom Swatch Natural Daylight

WOW! I was AMAZED! the Vapour Organic Blush holds its own and then some!
Both are lovely and creamy, blend well with finger tips and give a sheer hint of a 'flush',  buildable up to a more intense look, but really you would have to go crazy with either, to end up with the Aunt Sally look! (OK so I'm showing my age now!)

I think the Vapour Organic just has the edge as it really did go on like a dream. I applied it straight from the stick, to the apples of my cheeks no problem at all, the instructions do however suggest that you warm it up on your hands first, then apply, but I didn't need to, it's summer at the moment though, so perhaps the ambient air temperature was enough, maybe in winter it might need abit more of a rub!

It blended out quickly and easily, with very little effort or skill required,  (I find the 'pat, blend abit' technique best, otherwise you just end up bending the product right off!) and I think you can see from the swatch, the vapour organic blush (bottom) looks immediatly smoother on the skin, whereas the Clinique(top) looks abit patchy, although its fine after blending out.

The Clinique Blush again applied straight from the stick, went on nicely and blended well,  but I feel the Vapour Organic had just abit more 'slip' and blendability, I suspect due to its natural oil ingredients.

The Vapour Organic lasts around 6 ish hours, on top of foundation,  before touch ups are required, but then, so does the Clinique and I think this is pretty much standard for cream blushers.

Both blushers gives a soft dewy slightly radiant look on the cheek which is sooo flattering, but again the Vapour Organic just gives abit more of a sophisticated sheen to the cheek.

The packaging on both products is fab, loving the Clinique slender silver tube and really love the fact it has a coloured end to the lid so you can identify the blush colour immediatly. ( a godsend at 5am, when you are abit bleary eyed and have to find things quickly in a sea of make up!)
The Vapour Organic is also very sleek and modern, has a very swish blue subtly sparkly tube, which pleases me, as I'm partial to abit of sparkle.

Finally price and size, Vapour Organic Blush 9.63g for £25.00 ( I paid £22.50 though!), Clinique Blush 6g for £21.00, again Vapour wins the day for me, nicer ingredients and a bigger product for almost the same money, and girls - we all know size does matter- right?!

 I really cannot fault this blush at all, it gets a 10/10 from me, if I had been given it 'blind' I would  never had guessed it was a 100% natural product, its just too good!

There are three colour beautiful flattering colour options to choose from
Spark: A sheer pinky peach, Tender:A light peachy pink,  & Courtesan: A classic rose. 

 I think you will adore Vapour Organic if you like the soft pretty sheer natural 'girl next door' look to your skin, perfect for redheads and fair skinned beauties everywhere, but equally I think everyone would find something to suit in the range.

So in conclusion, is this the end to buying conventional make up?, Well, Ok, I think not - I will still be found browsing the glossy make up counters ohhing and arrhhing,  BUT I am a total convert to this fabulous brand now and will happily assimilate it into my make up collection in a heartbeat!

And in answer to my original question, is this a true alternative? Then yes, in my opinion, I honestly feel it is.

 I would totally recommend giving it a try, its 100% natural, chemical free, made with wind power, doesn't test on animals, has biodegradable ingredients, all packaging is recyclable, and it WORKS! heaven's above! what's not to love?!

There are currently, as far as I'm aware, only two UK stockists of this brand
Naturismo.com and beingcontent.com

I purchased my Vapour Organic Products from Naturismo.com, they are usually around 10% cheaper than the RRP, and offer free Uk postage and sometimes offer nice free gifts over a certain spend.

The US website also delivers to the UK, and has a larger range of colour options and some products not available here,  so if you really fall in love with this brand then you can 'fill yer boots' here :-

More Vapour Organic Reviews Coming Soon..................

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