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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation & Healthy Mix Foundation.

If you are a Redhead or are just blessed,  (yes it is a blessing I think!) with beautiful pale skin, then you will already know what a problem it can be getting a foundation to match your skin tone, especially if you have a pinky undertone rather than a yellow based one, which I'd say 99% of true natural redheads have.

I have struggled for years to find good matches and wasted, what must be,  hundreds of pounds on 'not quite right' foundations.
After trying out so many 'high street' foundations over the years to no avail, I simply gave up bothering and have only purchased what I call 'Department Store' Brands, simply because they seem to have a better pale colour range and you have an assistant to advise you of the right colour.
 I always ask for the foundation of choice to be applied all over my face, so I can really see what it looks like on before purchasing, plus most brands, if you ask,  are quite happy to give you a generous sample of the foundation for a few days trial before you purchased it in a full size, none of this can be done with a high street foundation.
However you do pay a high price for this type of service,  at least double or three times the cost.

As many of us are on limited budgets now for everything not only beauty products, I decided to give high street foundations a go again, and was surprised by what I found!
There seems to be quite a remarkable change to the range of pale options available, don't get me wrong there are not hundreds to choose from and some are still definitely too yellow based, but there are certainly more shades that are likely to suit my skin, than there were a few years ago.

I really feel this is simply because pale skin has become desirable again, and as Redheads have really been put on the map with the rise of gorgeous Redhead celebrities such as the stunning Christina Hendrix and Karen Gillen, Florence Welch, Amy Adams & Marcia Cross to name but a few!
Either way its great news for pale skinned beauties everywhere!

The two foundations I am currently very impressed with are Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation.
The shades I am using are no 51 Light Vanilla in both foundations, this is the lightest option in both.

Bourjois Healthy Mix (top) Bourjois Helthy mix Gel Serum (bottom)

The two foundations are pretty much the same shade, the Healthy Mix is just slightly paler,  and are pretty good for pale skin that has a pinky undertone, they would still be too dark for a real pale alabaster skin though sadly, but for my pinky pale redhead skin they are a pretty good match.

So whats the difference ??

Well to be honest not a whole lot,  they both claim to have 16hr radiance boosting wear time, have vitamin rich and fruit based botanical ingredients, & provide flawless but natural finish.
The Healthy Mix also boasts up to 8hrs moisturising, whereas the Gel Serum claims to smooth out fatigue - it's a 'you say Tomaaato I say Tomato' kinda thing!

The only difference really in my opinion after using both,  is one is claiming to be a gel foundation and the other isn't!
I find the wear time is exactly the same, they both last all day over the top of a primer, both apply and blend beautifully onto the skin and both have the same amount of coverage, a good single application will cover well and give a even pretty flawless finish if your skin is good and blemish free, but it is buildable with a few more layers to cover over minor imperfections such as the odd spot or broken capillary or that blotchy naughty hormonal skin we sometimes can get!
I still have to use concealer under my eyes and around my nose to cover abit of redness and dark circles but I have to do this with every foundation regardless of brand.

I will just point out the gel foundation dispenses as a liquid and is nothing at all like a gel,  it goes on like a normal liquid foundation the only discernible difference between them is the gel one feels very cooling on the skin as soon as you apply it and it has, I feel on my skin, a slightly more matte finish with a little less radiance.
The standard Healthy Mix has a bit more of a dewy radiance, because of this I prefer the Healthy Mix, but it really is such a small difference that I would happily use both.

They both have pump dispensers, which I like, the gel serum is in a glass bottle, the healthy mix in a plastic one.

So in conclusion I am really happy with the shade and performance of both these foundations, they suit my normal/combination skin perfectly and have caused no breakouts or sensitivity and after using them for a few weeks now, I can think of nothing negative to say.

The stand up to my normal Clinique YSL &  Dior Foundations no problem, but at at a considerably cheaper price tag!

What more can you ask for girls?!

Back To Basics

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation 30ml
RRP £10.99

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 30ml
RRP £9.99

Both Excellent Value for Money.

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