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L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review

My natural red hair has always been incredibly dry, slightly on the coarse side and coupled with the fact that is long and incredibly thick, it can be quite a handful to tame on a daily basis and requires quite a rigorous hair care regime to get it to dance to my tune!
I have of course tried many hair care products over the years, and have fine tuned my regime to one that really suits my hair now,  but one of my biggest assets in the 'taming' category,   (apart from my wide plate GHD straighteners),  is oils and serums, they are excellent for adding shine and softness and transforming the most reluctant 'bed' hair into something presentable within a few seconds!

So when I heard about L'oreals latest product the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil, I was keen to give it a try.

What the brand says -
A 5-in-1 Miracle Hair Perfector
1 Hair has a glowing shine
2 Feels intensely nourished
3 Flows with silky softness
4 Seems sumptuously smooth
5 Looks beautifully perfected
In one simple step, hair is sumptuously smooth, silky, without flyaways:
*Use Before shampooing
*Before blowdrying
*As a finishing touch Ultra versatile. Non-greasy.

I was quite surprised when I read all this, as I was just expecting a normal oil that basically added shine and moisture, so I was abit sceptical that it could produce the amazing results it promised.
However I have to say I was so very wrong, this oil is simply amazing!
The oil I have is the one for all hair types, although they do have one for coloured hair as well, so all bases are covered here girls!
 It contains a blend of 6 flower extracts, which I certainly liked the sound of, and although it does have a silicone as its first ingredient, the rest of the listing is pretty much taken up with the flower extracts.

The oil comes presented in a heavy glass bottle, which I really like,  it instantly gives it a luxurious feel and makes the oil feel like it's something special before you've even tried it!

The pump applicator is also excellent, and the pumps tube goes right down to the very bottom of the glass bottle so every last drop will be extracted.

The oil itself is actually clear, it is the glass that is tinted brown, it doesn't feel sticky on your hands and it has a delicate warm vanillary kind of fragrance,  but it is not overpowering at all.
I use it mainly as pre straightening heat protective shield, I apply two to four pumps to wet hair comb it through, and I either let it dry naturally or blow dry my hair then straighten it, this really give a glossy lustre to my hair leaving it feeling very soft and shiny, it is quite a noticeable difference from before I had this product.
I then apply a further pump or two just to tame any hairs sticking up form my parting and pop abit on the ends.

I also use it on hair that is a day or two old from washing just to give it some extra gloss and moisture, again two pumps is more than enough even for my thick hair!

It doesn't leave my hair sticky or greasy and leaves no residue on the hair weighing it down.
My hair really seems to drink this product in, which is surprising as it contains silicone's which usually just sit on the surface,  leaving just really healthy looking hair.

I have tried it as a pre shampoo treatment, I applied four pumps to my dry hair and left it to sit for 15 minutes, then shampooed out, it did shampoo out fairly easily and did make my hair feel and look softer once dry, I just dried it with out any further applications of the oil to see what difference there was.

I think this step worth it if you have really crispy dried up damaged hair, as an part of an intensive rescue treatment, or as an emergency if you hadn't got anything else to hand, but I personally wouldn't do it again as I have plenty of  treatment masks which do pretty much the same thing.

I think the beauty of this oil is it's versatility, and the fact it give such fantastic glossy results.
It is resonably priced and very economical to use, I cannot see me having to repurchase this for at least 6 months if not longer.

I absolutely love this oil and it suits my dry thick hair perfectly,  the only negative thing I could say is that there are no instructions from L'oreal as to how much to use,  especially as a pre shampoo treatment, so I've had to go on my own experience and knowledge of my hair,  it was abit of guesswork really, but other than that it's 10/10 from me!

If you have similar thick dry hair then I can thoroughly recommend giving it a try.

Back to Basics :-

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil 100ml
RRP £9.99

Can be found in most Supermarkets, Superdrug & Boots

Take a closer look here

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Jenny x


  1. This is very helpful Jenny.

    Also, I must say you are incredibly naturally beautiful x

  2. Thank you so very much what a lovely compliment, I'm so pleased you liked my review, please leave me your name next time so I can give you a personal thankyou xxx

  3. I completely agree with everything you said! I bought it about a month ago and it really is my miracle hair product.
    No greasiness at all and because I have really thick wavy hair I can't always get away with having a good hair day without putting a pair of straighteners to it. This stuff completely changes that and makes my hair look amazing no matter how I have it.
    I now am using it religiously, before shampooing, when wet, before blow drying and straightening or after its dried naturally. I've been trying to grow my hair long after I stupidly had it all cut off and bleached a few years ago, it's been taking ages. Then all of a sudden I find this and with in one month it's grown well over an inch, it obviously improves the hair itself instead of most products that only make the hair look like its healthy.

  4. I absolutely love this oil and it suits my dry hair perfectly, it's 10/10 from me