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Apples & Pears Wild Rose & Calendula Natural Lip Balm Review

Apples & Pears Wild Rose & Calendula Lip Balm
As you already know I have a passion for anything beauty,  but I have a special place in my heart for hand creams and lip balms, I am always on the look out for a new lip balm or hand cream to try and am certainly never found without a lip balm about my person somewhere!
I do have a thing about using only natural and/or  organic lip balms, I would now NEVER put a petroleum based lip balm anywhere near my lips,  I'd rather not be ingesting petroleum derivatives directly from my lips if I can avoid it!!
In my younger days of course, before I knew something about ingredients,  I had incredibly dry cracked sore lips and was constantly slathering on Chapstick or Lypsyl and wondering in vain why my lips never seemed to get any better, it was of course because the petroleum in these type of  products simply provides a barrier to the elements but does nothing to deeply moisturise or treat the problem.
Fear not though,  there is plenty of choice now for lovely natural and organic lip balms and I thought I'd share with you two of my favourite ones -
 The Apples & Pears Wild Rose & Calendula Lip Balm.
What Apples & Pears Say -


Beeswax and honey have formed the basis of healing skin preparations for centuries. Naturally nourishing, protective and healing, our lip balms are perfect for all skin types.
We use *sweet yellow beeswax, cera flava, and honey as our primary ingredients, to which we add the very finest cold-pressed organic plant oils, butters, waxes and extracts. We blend these ingredients in effective amounts, to produce soothing and moisturising lip balms that stay on your lips without feeling greasy or waxy. The pots last for ages too!
More About Apples & Pears -
Based in the beautiful countryside of the English Cotswolds, with their home apiary in an old fruit orchard, Apples & Pears Apiaries is a small beekeeping business dedicated to making the very best handmade, natural skincare products from the oldest beauty treatments in history - beeswax and honey.

Since much of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, Apples & Pears only use ingredients that mix well with the rest of you. This means that absolutely everything that goes into their products is literally good enough to eat. Apples & Pears use absolutely no petroleum-based products, no parabens, no synthetic dyes, no flavourings and no artificial fragrances whatsoever.

Visit the Apples & Pears company website here

My Thoughts -
Both Balms come beautifully packaged in little glass jars and the lids are embossed with a bee, which I think is a lovely touch. 
The Wild Rose balm contains organic rosehip seed oil & oil of rosa damascena and has a rosy tint to the balm, this does transfer to the lips but in a very subtle way, just enhancing your natural lip colour  ever so slightly. 
It also smells divine of honey & rosehips,  but you really have to get your nose up close to the balm to smell it and you can't smell it when it is on your lips.
I use the Wild Rose balm every morning on my lips while I am applying my make up just to prepare and moisturise my lips before I put on a lip gloss or lipstick, or at the weekend I sometimes just use this instead of a gloss as it really looks fab with a natural day time look, just giving your lips a healthy sheen.
The Calendula Balm is quite different, it contains organic calendula infused oil, sea buckthorn oil and essential oils of citrus fruit.
The ingredients in one are all about treating and healing sore dry lips - I use this every night before bed to really give my lips a good overnight dose of moisture and to nip any soreness in the bud before it starts!
Not that I get sore lips anymore these days but prevention is always better than cure as they say!
This balm also smells fabulous very fresh and uplifting and citrussy.
The balm has a distinctive yellow hue,  but it doesn't make your lips look yellow, thank goodness!
Both balms have a firm texture in the pot but glide onto the lips very easily, they are not greasy or sticky and they don't feel like beeswax either on the lips.
They just leave a soft comfortable moisturised veil and over time, all the beautiful natural ingredients get absorbed into the lip area.
They are very economical to use as you only need a tiny amount.
Calendula Balm (top) Wild Rose Balm (bottom)
I have used these balms for around a year now and in that time I really feel they have made a considerable positive impact to the condition of my lips, although use other natural stick type balms during the day for maintenance, before I found these two I was still experiencing some dryness.
My lips are now always soft & supple.
I really feel it is the quality and blend of the beeswax and essential oils in the Apples & Pears Balms that have made the difference to my lips.
The only slight negative I could say is the pots are quite small & therefore you may find it abit awkward to get the balm out, especially if you have long nails, personally I find it OK,  but do sometimes use the non pointy end of my tweezers to get it out, as it gets nearer the bottom of the pot.
Go on ladies, treat yourselves to a natural lip balm before the autumn weather starts to bite!

Back to Basics

Apples & Pears Wild Rose & Calendula Lip Balms
5ml each
RRP £9.25
Not cheap,  but long lasting and excellent value for the quality & ingredients.

Find it here - and Pears

Have you tried any good natural lip balms?
Let me know!
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  1. Hi there, I am always on a look out for good lip balms due to my constant chapped and peeling lips. Recently chanced upon Apple & Pears wild rose lip balm on Naturisimo and couldn't quite decide until I found your blog. Your review is a great help :)

    1. Thank you Gracie I love mine still use it every morning :-) I saw it was reduced on Naturismo to £5 something - a absolute bargain ! I really hope you enjoy using it as much as I do :-) really pleased my review helped you xxxxx