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Liz Earle Natural Finish Pressed Powder Review

Liz Earle Pressed Powder 01 Sheer Porcelain
What the brand says -
Create flawless-looking skin. Our silky powder glides on and blends effortlessly. The micro-fine technology diminishes the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving the skin looking velvety, matte and smooth. Enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado.
My Thoughts -
I was thoroughly excited at the thought of receiving this powder,  simply because there was a shade that looked pale enough for me, and the fact that it has botanical ingredients, OK so it's not completely natural but I would hope it is kinder to the skin than powders without any botanicals at all!
Ingredient listing can be found here if this concerns you -
It comes presented in quite a substantial compact, with a reasonable sized mirror so you can actually see something through it!
The puff comes housed separately underneath the powder, which pleases me,  as it more hygienic, nothing worse than a grubby puff sitting on top of your powder - yuk!
(please wash your 'puffs' girls!)
I have to say I found this particular review quite a difficult one to write, as I have a 'love/ hate' relationship with powders - they can be your best friend or your enemy - especially if your over 30, which I am by a fair way !!
IF, and this is a big IF,  you find the right one it can make your skin look perfected, luminous and as if its in soft focus,  get the wrong one and you will look caked and powdery and it will sit in and highlight  any small line, wrinkle or fine hair on your face, making you look not only years older but old fashioned.
I think its only fair to point out that I adore and have used for years Cliniques Gentle Light Powder,  it was perfection, fused to the skin seamlessly, never looked like powder or indeed anything on the skin and gave a very flattering illuminating glow
- annoyingly it is now discontinued -
So the Clinique Gentle Light has set the standard by which all powders  have to compare now.
Down to Business - What's it actually like?
OK, I'll start with the things I like about the powder, firstly the colour is perfect for my pale skin, I decided on 01 Sheer Porcelain, the palest shade currently available, it would suit most pale skinned beauties out there but I still think it is alittle dark if you have a really alabaster skin.
The texture of it is very fine and soft, and it makes you skin feel very silky once its applied.
I have used both the puff and a large powder brush to apply it with and found it equally as easy with both, although Liz Earle recommend using the puff to apply it with.
Unfortunately this is where it ends for me - I really wanted to like this powder but I have to be honest and say I really don't.
So whats the problem with it?
Well firstly it has a very peculiar smell, it reminds me of the smell of the old  Max Factor Pressed Powder compacts my Mother used to use years ago, this doesn't really transfer to the skin but it is slightly off putting.
Secondly it really made my skin look dull and lifeless,  and very powdery, although the texture is fine, it seemed to stick to every little hair on my face, and made me look just awful.
I tried it every which way, over the new Liz Earle Signature Foundation, which I do love, and my regular Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation,  both rolling on with the puff lightly, then dusting over with a big powder brush to try and blend it in and also with just a big powder brush with barely any on it, the results were the same - dead looking totally matte powdery skin.
I didn't want this powder to fill the gap of a illuminating powder, but something that I could use at the weekend and days off when I have more of a softer natural look on the skin.
From the online details,  I expected it to give a natural finish as described, so the skin wouldn't be totally mattified, but have a modern fresh slight sheen to it,  sadly it just made my skin look older, as it blotted out any radiance and life my skin had before putting it on.
Needless to say it doesn't compare to the Clinique Gentle Light Powder, just incase you were wondering,  but yes I admit, it isn't the same proposition and it's not claiming to be illuminating, however I did expect it to be a better formulation and have more of a modern finish,  rather than a old fashioned powdery one.
In conclusion, I wouldn't purchase this again as it just doesn't give my skin the modern look I like,  however I can see this appealing to certain ladies and if you get on with pressed powders generally and don't find they make you look powdery and like the totally matte look, then this could be perfect for you.
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