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Liz Earle Signature Foundation Review

Liz Earle Signature Foundation 01 Porcelain
As I'm sure you are aware Liz Earle has released the long anticipated final selection of cosmetics to complete their range earlier this week.
This has certainly caused a buzz amongst Liz Earle fans everywhere, myself included, and I couldn't wait to get my little paws on some goodies!
If you are a regular reader you will know I took a trip to the Liz Earle store in London earlier this year and was disappointed that the loose powder (natural ivory) and light reflecting concealer (fair) were both far too yellow based for my pinky pale skin, so was really hoping that the new foundation and pressed powder would be pale enough for me to use.
( Pressed Powder Review will be coming up soon.)
Well I am delighted to say that yes they are indeed both gloriously pale and yes match my skin perfectly -
Hooray !- rejoice redheads and pale skinned beauties everywhere!!
The Liz Earle Signature Foundation I decided on was on 01 - Porcelain, the lightest shade that's currently available.
Foundation 01 Porcelain (bottom) 02 Ivory (top)
I made my purchase online and along with it I was sent two samples of Signature Foundation in 01 Porcelain and the next shade up 02 Ivory,  so I could try out my colour choice to make sure it was OK , thus enabling me to return the full size unopened if necessary if it wasn't.
I found this very reassuring as it could potentially be an expensive mistake otherwise!!
I would double check first with Liz Earle customer services, but I am pretty sure this is standard procedure with all new foundation orders, as I didn't request this myself.
I was glad I had the opportunity to try them both as you can see from the photo above there is quite a big difference in the two shades.
It comes in a elegant glass bottle with a pump dispenser so quick, mess free & economical to dispense.
What the brand says -
Our silky formula offers easy-to-build coverage and glides on easily to give a smooth, radiant finish and an even, natural-looking complexion. Beautifully buildable and blendable, with a special mix of spherical particles and coated pigments that offer long-lasting colour. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E.
My Thoughts -
Well I  have to say I am utterly blown away with this foundation,  firstly the colour is so perfect it has no yellow base to it at all and is just perfect for pinky based pale skin,  I think it would suit most pale  skinned redheads and even those who are really superduper fair this could potentially be a good match.
Secondly the consistency of the foundation is lovely, it is quite a thin liquid and very lightweight, its certainly a modern texture,  think sorbet compared to double cream!!
I applied it using my fingers and it glides over the skin so effortlessly,  and it is buildable.
One layer gives a 'second skin' appearance, and would be good if your skin is pretty perfect already and you just need evening out  and you can build up from there.
I personally needed four layers of this to give me the coverage I like for work, which I would say is a medium coveredge,  I probebly would go for two or three layers at the weekends.
I did have to go in with concealer under my eyes,  around my nose as it's abit red there,  and over alittle naughty spot that appeared this morning, as it didn't cover enough,  but I have to do this with all my foundations.
I have got pretty good clear skin (most of the time!), only the odd blemish, I'm not sure how it would perform if you had really problematic skin with a lot of blemishes, blotches and marks it may struggle to get to full on coverage, so if you like say the level of coverage that Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation gives then I would give this a miss.
Once on the skin, it feels incredible,  it seems to 'fuse' to the skin seamlessly and really looks just like 'skin' and feels like soft skin too, there is no stickiness or feeling that you have foundation on at all.
It left my skin feeling and looking fresh, but perfected.
The finish is neither matte or radiant, it's somewhere in between, it is more matte than Clinique Even Better Make Up but not as Radiant Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.
It is probebly best described a leaving a natural healthy sheen to the skin.
When I first applied it it reminded me alot of Diorskin Nude Foundation, although the Liz Earle is a thinner consistency but the finish is along similar lines, but I have to say I prefer the way the Liz Earle one feels and looks on the skin.
I applied it over Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and it lasted all day no problems, I would always recommend using some sort of foundation primer if you want your foundation to stay put all day, just get the right one for your skin type.
The Foundation is for all skin types, mine is normal/combination to normal/dry and I feel it suits my skin well, I'm not sure how it would fare with a really oily skin type though, maybe with the right primer underneath it would be OK.
This is the palest foundation I own now and I was quite surprised just how it compared colour wise to some other foundations in my collection, all of which are the lightest shades in their respective ranges, will be interesting I'm sure to all pale skinned girlie's out there!
The photo below illustrates just how pale this foundation is!
The Liz Earle Foundation in 01 Porcelain is the middle swatch, DiorSkin Nude in 010 Ivory is the bottom swatch and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51 Light Vanilla is the top swatch, I was alarmed just how yellow based they both look, especially the DiorSkin one compared to Liz Earle!!
So there we have it ladies, it is a super product and is going to be one of my firm favourites.
 I can thoroughly recommend at least getting hold of a couple of samples of this foundations to try - you've nothing to loose and potentially you could find your perfect match!!
Back To Basics
Liz Earle Signature Foundation 25ml available in 9 Shades.
Find it here -
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  2. Thankyou Evelyn, you are welcome- Let me know how you get on if you decide to purchase some! x