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Liz Earle Signature Lipsticks Review

Liz Earle Lipsticks (Cherry Blossom Left & Peony Right)
Well what a exciting week this has been so far!! -
Why? pray tell??.......
The long awaited final instalment of the Liz Earle Colour Collection was released on Monday!
I was straight on the case placing my order, and have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival.
The Collection now includes a proper Foundation, liquid & powder format, Pressed Powder, Eye shadows, Lipsticks, Brow Pencils, Lip Liner, Tweezers, Pencil Sharpener & Eyeshadow Brushes.
I was really keen to try out the new lipsticks as traditionally I am a gloss girl,  and haven't had any proper lipsticks in my collection for years now as I just didn't get on with them and found they could look harsh against a paler skin tone.
However, modern formulations and sheerer textures have persuaded me to give them a try again - and I am so pleased I did!
What the brand says -
Achieve beautiful-looking lips. A collection of easy-to-wear shades in a sheer, comfortable formula. Enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter.
My Thoughts - 
It was difficult to choose a colour on line as there are 19 to choose from, but as each colour has a pretty good description I decided to plump for a couple of Pinks, I thought these would be a pretty safe option without actually seeing them myself!
The colours I went for are Cherry Blossom & Peony.
Cherry Blossom (Top) Peony (Bottom)
Firstly they are both absolutely gorgeous colours!
They apply beautifully to the lips straight from the bullet and are incredibly soft & moisturising, 
 just gliding on effortlessly,  and if you like a soft feminine look to the lips, rather than a full pigment 'painted on' lip then these are the lipsticks for you!
  Both are quite sheer, but give enough colour to make a difference without shouting 'HELLO PINK LIPS'!!
Both could easily be worn day or night,  and would be great to give a 'neutral' lip if you are doing a heavy smokey eye for the evening.
The Cherry Blossom is the more neutral pink of the two, and is also the most sheer, it is a softer muted pink with gold undertones, these are not really too noticeable but do give a nice shimmery look when the sun catches the lip.
The Peony, although it looks quite a dense pink in the bullet, goes on only a touch darker than the Cherry Blossom but is more of a classic pink - if you like your pink lipsticks then this would be a better choice for you.
However both are incredibly flattering, especially on a paler skin.
I really love both these lipsticks the quality is superb, I love the natural element to them, although not totally natural, something is better than nothing in  my opinion!
Ingredient listing can be found here if it is of concern to you
The only slight negative is the packaging, as I've said before,  although perfectly acceptable, I personally feel it's quite dull and expected something abit more stylish & modern with a unique design showing it's botanical heritage
 - a silver tube with teal flower tendrils perhaps??
Hey Ho! Never mind the lipsticks are superb and that's what counts!

Will you be adding any to your lipstick Collection?

I know I will certainly be adding a few more!!!
Back To Basics
Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour 3.5g  - Available in 19 Shades so something to please everyone!
Great Value for money for the quality & botanical ingredients.
Get Yours Here -
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