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Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream Review

The Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Night Cream is my favourite product at the moment and I really had to share it with you all as it is fantastic!
I have never been one for using creams at night simply because they tend to be formulated for dry skin and as I have combination skin still, they always brought me out in a spots - or just left my skin feeling really clogged up, and I couldn't wait to cleanse my face in the morning. 
Up to now I only used a oil at night - or just left my skin bare.
However over the last month or so my skin has been misbehaving,  and I've been suffering with quite a few spots especially on my neck area, and random places I never usually get hormonal spots, odd -but there you have it, I blame the change in seasons and I've also been on abit of a detox diet so my skin has gone through the mill abit!
Luckily my skin has now started to recover and clear up but as I have pale skin it does tend to scar very easily, so any spots I've had,   have left marks on my skin, and unfortunately they are very noticeable.
Thankfully these can easily be covered with concealer on my face,  but my neck is a different a matter, and although the scars will fade over time themselves I really wanted to look for something to speed up the process!
When TaDa!
 I came across the The Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Night Cream, I really couldn't believe it, a night cream not only formulated for combination/oily/blemished skin, which is rare in itself,  but it also detoxifies and balances, helps to heal acne/blemish scars and dark marks, correct sun damage and even out the complexion -
plus it's organic, packed full of beautiful botanical ingredients and is free from the usual nasties that I like to avoid if possible,  parabens, petrochemicals, PEGS, artificial fragrance,phthalates, etc and isn't tested on animals.
Full ingredient listing can be browsed here -
This cream really seemed to be ticking every box for sorting out my naughty skin!
So is it any good?.........
YES! it's quite simply amazing stuff, certainly the best night cream I've ever had the pleasure to use!
I have been using it on both my face and neck, just the cream by itself after cleansing & toning, I have cut out the oil at night for now.
On first inspection it seemed to be quite a thick cream, which rang alarm bells for me initially, however once applied to the skin it becomes a lighter lotion texture.
It also smells delicious, it has the delicate scent of Calendula, I find it a very comforting smell.
I use about a 5p piece sized amount and my skin simply absorbs every last drop of the cream leaving it feeling beautifully soft and hydrated - no residue at all - and my skin still felt soft in the morning.
I really feel this cream is helping to re balance my skin, it certainly seems less aggravated and my complexion is taking on a more even tone.
The scarring has definitely reduced in its appearance as well, certainly quicker than it would have if just left to fade naturally, sometimes I can have spot scars for months before they fade totally, this cream has reduced that to a few weeks, and hopefully over the course of the next couple of weeks they will have gone altogether, and with regular nightly use I'm sure this cream will keep on top of any spots scars that occur in the future.
I think this cream is a absolute must own for anyone with oily/combination spot prone skin, or just to keep as an emergency product for any skin type,  to pull out if your skin suddenly goes haywire.
I fully expect this cream to last me a good 6mths, but it has a 12 month shelf life, which is fab as usually organic/paraben free creams usually only go for 6mths, however with it being a pot open to the air, I am keeping it in a drawer out of daylight and only using a little clean spatula to extract the cream - never my fingers just to reduce the introduction of bacteria to the pot!
I must also mention the size and price, I was fully expecting this cream to have a £50 price tag so was very surprised to find it was £25.80 from,  and for a 60ml pot I think that is a absolute bargain!
Buy yours here -
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  1. I just recieved this from Love Lula, first impressions equals amaazing, skin is so supple

    1. It's a really great night cream hope you enjoy using it :-) xxx