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Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash & Radiance Face Mask Review

Hello Everyone!
I'm back from my month's sabbatical,  re energised and ready to go!
I've been using some amazing products and can't wait to tell you all about them in the coming weeks!

Let's start off with two of my all time favourite products from Balance Me -

The Pure Skin Face Wash & Radiance Face Mask.

I use the Pure Skin Face Wash as an alternative cleanser to my regulalr daily Liz Earle & Pai Hot Cloth Cleansers,  on days when I am either short on time or just feel that my combination skin needs a bit more of a fresh 'washed' feeling, either after excersising, when my face feels abit, well let's say 'glowing',  or if it's been particularly oily or sometimes I just prefer to use a wash in the shower.

It did take me a while to find one that was of course as natural as possible and that I really liked and didn't dry out my skin, as I like my face to feel really clean & fresh - not stripped!
This wasn't as easy as it sounds - believe me!
However the Balance Me Pure Skin Wash ticked all my boxes!

The Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is 98.8% natural origin, and is free from sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol, artificial fragrence & colour's.
This is standard policy across the whole Balance Me range and is marketed as 'The Balance Me Promise'.

It's also a British Company and the products are made here in the UK, so a big thumbs up from me for that too!
OK so why is it so fabulous I hear you ask?

It's jam packed full of beautiful essential oils - grapefruit, pettigrain, frankincense, known for their balancing properties, and spruce knot extract to help with any congested areas and also has antioxident rice bran & moringa essential oils - a good blend of oils for combination skin.

The thing that impressed me on my very first use, was it's ability to remove all my make up, including eye make up & mascara, within a few seconds (literally) of applying it - this really amazed me,  it took me around 10 seconds to cleanse my face and neck and rinse off with warm water!
Pretty darn good - and it did all this without causing any stinging or irritation to my eyes at all and without leaving my skin feeling taut at all - amazing!
My skin just felt lovely and soft and had a really nice fresh glow to it, and there was absolutly no make up residue on my toner 'pad'.

The products itself is a gel/serum consisitancy and smells lovely, very fresh and uplifting.
You only need a small 5p piece sized amount for cleansing and it foams up beautifully.
 I like to rub the cleanser between damp fingers first, to get it going,  then apply to my dry face. I then just simply massage all over my eyes, face and neck for a few seconds then rinse off- you don't even need a face cloth !
Couldn't be simpler!

It's been a real skin saviour over christmas for me, as I've had more than one late evening where I've been sooo tired and perhaps alittle tipsy, that I've been REALLY tempted to flop into bed without cleansing my face - you know the type of evenings I'm talking about girls!- but I've manage to get my face cleansed with this wash as I know it's only going to be super quick - I might not have got to the rest of my routine but at least my skin was clean!

Finally it is good value for money, it comes in a 125ml tube and retails for £16.00.
I've had mine for about 6 months now and its still going strong - of course I don't use it every day but even if you used this as your twice daily cleanser it would last you at least 3 months, I'm sure, as you need so little of it.

I will just point out is shelf life after opening is 6months according to the packaging.

The only negative I will say is you do need to be abit careful when squeezing the tube as you can easily dispense alot more product than you need - especially when the tube is new.
 I've had a couple of occasions where a weeks worth has blobbed out before I knew what was happening - so gently does it girls!

Back To Basics

Balance Me Pure Skin Facial Wash 125ml - Normal to Combination
 RRP £16.00

Balance Me also do smaller sized tubes of 15ml & 30ml retailing for £3.50 & £11.00 respectivly -
perfect for testing out & travelling.

Purchase from Balance Me Directly here

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

This is a very unusual multi tasking product, and I have to say abit of a weird (but in a good way!) concept!!

It's a mask that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and brightens !

errrrr OK?  all that from one little mask ? -
I just had to give this a try as it sounded - well to be quite frank too good to be true.

I am pleased to report however, it is indeed as good as it claims to be and is now one of my favourite masks and use it at least once a week!

The mask is 98% natural origin and is free of all the chemical nasties I prefer to avoid,
(see balance Me 'Promise' here

It's bursting with lovely fruit acids and botanicals - rosemary, palma rosa, roman chamomile, lavender & ylang ylang oils to name but a few. The base of the mask is kaolin clay and ground walnut chells provide the exfoliating element.
I have to admit I did pull a bit of a face when I read 'walnut shells' as I have always found them far too harsh and sometimes even painful on the skin when in other exfoliators, but I needen't have worried, they are ground very very finely in this mask and although you can feel the particles on the skin they are very soft and just gently buff away any dead skin cells.

I use it in two ways, as the full 'mask' at night on dry skin after cleansing or in the morning replacing my normal cleanser with this using it just as a exfoliating cleanser without the 'mask' part,  if my skin feels particularly in need of a miracle!

The mask has a two stages, firstly you use it as you would a normal exfoliator, simply pop a generous amount onto your skin and massage your face and neck, then you leave the cream on for 5 minutes as you would as normal mask, then rinse off.

After using this for the first time  and every time since, my skin felt just like glass, so incredibly soft and smooth and certainly looked brighter and more alive,  I just kept touching my face it was so smooth!

I also noticed straight after using the mask the oils, serums and moisturisers I use absorbed into my skin better and I have found I needed to use less of them, I put this down not only to the fact all the dead cells have been removed but the hydrating properties of the mask as well, have made a significant difference.

After that I was hooked of course - but be warned -  that soft skin feeling can get addictive, so I've had to limit myself to maximum twice a week use!

The mask comes in a 75ml tube and I am curently on my second one, my first tube lasted me for about 4  week but I 
was using it ALOT, now I'm strictly rationing myself  I'm expecting it to last a more economical 2-3 months.

I can really recommend giving this a go - I love it!

Back to Basics

Balance Me Radiance Mask

75ml RRP £18.00
15ml RRP £4.50

Purchase from Balance Me Directly Here -

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Jenny xx

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