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ByTerry Rose de Rose Liquid Blush - Fresh Rose Gorgeous!

Those of you who are regular readers will know I went quite a long way to purchase this liquid blush - all the way to Space NK in London in fact!  If you haven't read it yet check out  'RedHead Beauty Diaries goes to London' post.

It had been on my 'luxury wish list' for quite some time along with the ByTerry Cover Expert Foundation. (review coming soon for this!).

It has been a few months since I got my little paws on this, but as it is definitly at the luxury expensive end of things I really wanted to give it a thorough go,  in different situations to really test whether it's worth £40 of our hard earned pennies!

OK let me just say up front this liquid blush is simply the most gorgeous with a capital 'G' item of make up I currently own,  I really adore everything about it - from it's sleek glass bottle to the amazing glow on the cheeks it leaves and everything in between! -
Am I getting across to you I like it ?

I am? 

 OK- I think I've got that covered that now!

I will however perhaps shock you now and admit I didn't fall in love with this blush straight away,  it took a little bit of time and practise to get the application of it spot on - once I'd mastered that then there was no stopping me!

The liquid blush comes in 3 different colours I purchased the Fresh Rose, which is the pinkest shade and the one I felt was the most suited to my pale skin.
 Beautifully packaged in a very girly pink outer box, the blush itself comes in a very sophisticated glass bottle with a pump dispenser, it feels very luxurious and sits perfectly in one hand so you can hold it and gently press the pump at the same time, this may sound strange,  but it's important as you only need a tiny drop as it spreads along way and you certainly don't want to be wasting it by pumping out too much.

It smells absolutely divine - of fresh cut roses - but please don't think old fashioned granny 'rose' - not abit of it, this is modern, fresh, uplifting,  a true rose scent, and more like a sophisticated perfume - in fact I wish ByTerry did a perfume like this!
However, if you really can't stand Roses then you may want to avoid it or go to a Space NK store and smell it first!

The rose scent doesn't really last on the skin, which is a shame for me as I'd be happy to get little wafts of this all day long!

As I said previously, I did struggle with the application of this and to be honest I expected it to go on pretty much as you would a cream blusher, however it didn't!
Two thin layers of Liquid Blush
The main difference I found was in the consistency and blendability on the skin, cream blusher obviously is a cream, and is quite spreadable and although you have to still be aware of how much and where you are applying it is quite forgiving and fairly easy to apply for first time user.

This liquid blush, I've found has less blending time, if your too slow then it can go streaky or just look odd and un even - and for a while I ended up with this streaky look,  also finding the right amount to apply was difficult and it was quite disheartening.

However I am pleased to say I came across a tutorial video from Lisa Eldridge, an amazing professional make up artist who is kind enough to film many tutorial videos for us including one on Liquid Blush Application -

After studying this closely I began to understand where I was going wrong, namely taking too long to blend on top of powdered foundation, and trying to get the same look as a powder blush.

It's still taken practise to get the technique right but now I'm a dab hand at it!

 It goes on best straight on top of foundation that hasn't been powdered down and it needs just a tiny tiny drop on the apple of your cheek then really blend out quickly, think natural bloom to the cheek and build up slowly if you need extra.
I personally use my fingers rather than a brush.

This blush gives a really nice gentle glow to the skin, and can be very subtle and flattering on pale skin but will give enough pink blush to enliven your face.
It does have a shimmer to it so it will be a dewy on the cheek and you do need to be abit careful as it's a fine line between a dewy glow and looking like you have two big rosy ridiculously beaming cheeks!
One tiny dot for each cheek!
I have used it successfully as a base to a powder blush, it just gives a subtle boost to a more matte blusher - just apply one thin layer and allow to settle for a minute or two then sweep over a small amount of your powder blush - I would stick to using a pink toned blush though so it all blends together.
It can also be used as a highlighter to the upper cheekbones, just a very thin wisp of it to catch the light, especially candlelight,  looks really pretty.

It also lasts really well, I haven't had to re apply it at all during the day, it's lasted form 5am right through to teatime on top of primer and foundation, it doesn't last as long on just tinted moisturiser as you might expect, I have had to re apply after a few hours.

If you can master the application of it I think the ByTerry Liquid Blush is a marvellous product, it feels and looks luxurious and gives a lovely finish to the cheeks, unlike anything else I have in my collection,  and although it is a eye watering £40 for 15ml, which is expensive I know,  I feel it's worth it as it will last a very long time as you need such a miniscule amount.

I have been useing mine 2 or 3 times a week and since July 2012 and have used about a quarter of it - bearing in mind I've made quite a few mistakes with it in terms of how much to use, so it's pretty much on course to be lasting at least a year but I think I will get two out of it.

Soooo ladies,  if you divide £40 by 24 that's about £1.66 a month - that's less than a latte at Costa Coffee - well that's how I justify it anyway!

ByTerry is a fairly 'niche' French brand and is as far as I'm aware is only currently stocked in the UK by SPACE NK in store or online - be warned though browsing ByTerry Make Up and Skincare can be very dangerous for the bank balance!

Back to Basics

ByTerry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush 15ml
RRP £40.

Purchase yours from SPACE NK here -

and finally.................

Many of you may already be following Lisa Eldridge's video's, but until I found her liquid blush tutorial I'd never heard of her, so if you haven't either and you love make up, then I'd throughly recommend taking a look at Lisa Eldridge's website,  loads of well filmed tutorials from the basics of make up application to more complex 'look' based tutorials.

Have a browse here

Lisa uses luxury brands but also alot of affordable high street make up in her 'looks'.
Lisa mainly films the looks on herself and I love the way she is so chatty & normal, and happy to appear on film without any make up on, sometimes with her skin not looking at it's best - although shes's always beautiful- to show us how make up applied in the right way can transform us.
For this alone I salute you Lisa!

There is a really fab tutorial by guest make up artist, Mary Greenwell,  particularly for redheads using a gorgeous very fair skined redhead model - its very interesting,  a must watch for any redheads.

Watch it here -

As always thankyou for taking the time to read and if you have any thoughts or commets please either leave them below or on RedHead Beauty Diaries Facebook page.

See you all soon

Jenny x

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