Monday, 28 January 2013

Kindle Touch - Will You Ever Buy a Paperback Again?

Let me introduce you to my new electronic best friend...........The Kindle Touch!

I was always a avid reader of books right from being small.
I loved the whole experience of 'books',  the smell & feel of a crisp new paperback, the anticipation of a new story unfolding and the excitement of arriving at the bookstore, browsing it's shelves bursting with paperbacks all enticing you in with their titles and covers, then finally choosing the one I wanted.

I was then, quite appalled when Kindles first came onto the market - how could they be the same as a book ? I really didn't understand the concept of just reading an electronic version, it just somehow seemed wrong to me.

So how have I ended up with one you might ask?

Well, after sorting out huge collection of paperback books and sending them off to charity, I realised just how much space they were consuming in my little house.
I was really quite pleased with my newly organised and clutter free bookcase, and I didn't want to start re populating it with paperbacks that I would only read once, languishing there patiently waiting for the next cull!
 BUT I still wanted to buy & read books.

The solution to this dilemma ? A Kindle E-Reader!
Suddenly I realised just how fabulous this little thing could be -
 literally thousands of paperbacks could be bought and stored on something no bigger than an A5 envelope!

I decided to go for the Kindle Touch WiFi, as I liked the idea of just touching the screen to turn the page, it seemed more natural to me, rather than pressing a button every time.  It has 4GB of storage which means it can store around 3000 books - that's plenty enough for me!

It arrived very nicely packaged and was incredibly easy to set up and connect to my account, it took less than 5 minutes and I had already downloaded two books onto it!

The design is very sleek and stylish, it has a soft touch backing, that feels very tactile against your fingers and the front is a nice smooth grey finish, it feels very natural to hold and can easily be held in one hand for long periods of reading time as it's not too weighty and very slimline.

The screen is fabulous, it's not shiny so you can easily read this outside in full sun, and I find my eyes don't get tired reading it either, again because the screen has no glare.
The front size can also be adjusted so any book can be changed to a large letter book, great for the optically challenged !

The screen or case doesn't attract finger marks either, it stays looking nice and clean,  ipad owners will know exactly what I'm referring to!
The touch part of the devise works well, it is used for pretty much all of the readers functions, much the same as an ipad does, except the on/off button and there is one big button at the bottom of the Kindle that will take you back to the 'home' screen' quickly.

You can purchase books through directly via the Kindle or online and the books are downloaded 24/7 within seconds, provided you are connected to wifi, so you will never be without a book to read again!
Amazon's website is fantastic and totally Kindle orientated, almost every book is available as a Kindle version, usually considerably cheaper than the paperback version, unless it's a new release, and many books have the option of downloading a 'sample' free - essentially the first one or two chapters to give you a feel for the story before you decide to buy.

This is a great feature and it has given me the opportunity to try out books I wouldn't normally have considered.
I love the fact that it's so portable, and you have access to all your books not just one or two, perfect for holidays or weekends away, when I can get through several books but the weight of normal paperbacks sometimes limits the quantity you can travel with.

Another little thing I really like is when you turn off the Kindle the screen isn't blank it displays a different 'writing' related picture every time it's switched off - for example it might be a close up of old fashioned type writer keys or an ink well and fountain pen to name but two, there are alot of variations so you never get bored with the same picture. A really lovely and well thought out aspect - much nicer than just a blank screen.
I absolutely love my Kindle Touch now and wouldn't be without it. I read it every day and have certainly read even more books since having it - it has become quite addictive!
My only niggle is it doesn't have a back light so it is nigh on impossible to read it in low light - Kindle have since brought out the Kindle Paperwhite which is back lit and solves this problem entirely but as I've only had my Kindle a short while a couldn't justify replacing it with one - maybe next year!
I have resolved the issue though with a little e-light - simply a little LED lamp that clips to the Kindle giving direct light so you can read it better in lower lighting. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's doing the job for me perfectly well.

As for the experience of books?
The Kindle can never replace a physical book, but since having it I think I've discovered the most important thing about books is the reading of them, once you are engrossed in a story it doesn't matter whether it's a tactile paperback or a e-reader, all that is forgotten all you care about is turning the next page to discover what happens next.

So if you are like I was, thinking you could never take to a Kindle, go on have a try - I don't think you'll look back!
Unfortunately Amazon has discontinued the Kindle Touch Wifi, it is still available in the 3G version from Tesco Direct.

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Thanks for reading, I'll be back to beauty in the next review !

See you soon
Jenny x


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