Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes..... Palette Review

I have something very exciting to review for you all today the much awaited
Dr Hauschka 'Dear Eyes' Palette
All Dr Hauschka products, including the make up, are free from synthetic preservatives and scents, and are not tested on animals.
The eye shadows are 100% mineral based blended with botanical extracts to care for the delicate eye area.

If you are a regular reader you will know I am a new but avid fan of Dr Hauschka's make up, especially the eye shadows.
I first discovered them after I set myself a challenge this year ~ my natural make up mission ~ to see if I could successfully find as natural as possible alternatives to my conventional make up without compromising on performance and quality.
Dr Hauschka's make up has certainly stepped up to the challenge so far and exceeded my expectations!
Dr Hauschka has really created something distinctive with this palette it is simply stunning ~ the packaging alone is beautiful,  it is a very sophisticated glossy rose gold with black lettering.
It really sets it apart from the usual black glossy packaging and to me says this is something extra special. The palette also comes with a sponge applicator.
I was of course just as pleased with the contents as I was with the exterior!
The palette has a trio of gorgeous eye shadows, 1.8g each so a good size.
 They are the most perfect spring/summer neutrals, a shimmery cream,  a soft pearly petal pink and a matte chocolate brown.
I really adore neutrals and nudes on my eyes and wear them every day, however I tend to stick to the brown spectrum of nudes, so I have found this palette a really refreshing change, without straying too far from my usual look.
 It is really easy to create a lovely soft smokey eye for daytime, the colours are so soft and flattering for everyone no matter what age or skin tone, although I feel these look particularly good on a fairer skin.
The pink and cream neutral shades really lift and brighten the eye area giving a more youthful appearance.
Dr Hauschka have included helpful pictorial instructions on how to create a smokey look on it's reverse, this is excellent for beginners to make up or if you are just used to wearing a single sweep of eyeshadow.
All the eye shadows are very high quality, they are very soft in texture, apply and blend out effortlessly. There are no chalky elements to any of them either.
The pigmentation is good, you can have a light application of barely there colour or build the colour up to a deeper shade as it is in the pan but either way it will always be a soft look as this palette,  for me,  is all about creating a fresh spring time eye.
I got a full days wear out of the shadows used over a eye primer ~ Urban Decays Eye Primer Potion, I would strongly recommend you use a eye primer if you want these or any other shadows to last on your eyes.
Shade 1 Shimmery Cream Neutral - Good for all over base to help blending,  highlight and inner corner eye brightening.
Shade 2 ~ Pearly sheen Soft Petal Pink perfect lid colour
Shade 3 ~ Matte Chocolate Brown perfect crease colour to create shape and definition.

From Left ~ Shades 1-3 Natural Daylight
From Left ~ Shades 1-3 in Natural Sunlight
From Left ~ Shades 1-3 Incandescent Lighting.
As you can see they do look quite different in different light sources, the shimmery cream and pearly pink really look stunning on the eye and for me are a modern sophisticated 'grown up' take on shimmer.
I love shimmer eye shadows,  but even if you normally steer clear of them for fear of them being too sparkly or 'dropping'  shimmery particles all over your face, then fear not,  these shadows are so smooth and soft that this simply does not happen and the shimmer is really more of a glow, 
Dr Hauschkas has really got it right with these.
I have had a rummage through my collection, to see what I could compare this palette to in terms of conventional make up which you might already own, just for reference.
I have decided that Cliniques Colour Surge Quad is the closest in terms of colours.
Clinique Strawberry Fudge Duo (top 2) and Little Mink Duo (bottom 2)
Both the Clinique Strawberry Fudge Duo and Little Mink duo are all shimmery shadows, whereas the Dr Hauschka shade 3 is a matte brown.  
 As you can see from the swatches below they are similar in colour but not exactly the same, the Dr Hauschka is much more of a softer look.
Clinique Eyeshadow Quad (except top right colour - not swatched) Natural Daylight
Dr Hauschkas Dear Eyes Palette Shades 1-3 Natural Daylight
Clinique Eyeshadow Quad (except top right colour - not swatched) Natural Sunlight
Dr Haushkas Dear Eyes Palette Shades 1-3 Natural Sunlight.
I am absolutly over the moon with this palette it has ticked every box for me, beautiful packaging, stunning easy to wear flattering colours, 100% natural and performs just as well as any of my other not so natural eye shadows.
I cannot recommend Dr Hauschka Eye shadows enough if you are looking for a natural alternative and even if your not they are still a excellent brand.
The Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Palette retails for £27.00 ~
  It is expensive but worth it for the quality and natural ingredients.
Buy Your Here ~
This is part of the Spring/Summer 2013 limited edition release from the brand, as well as this palette, there is a newly formulated volume black mascara, a newly formulated kajal black eye liner and two eye shadow brushes to complete the 'Dear Eyes' collection.
Browse the full collection here
What do you think to this palette? Do you like it?
I'd be interested to know!
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Till Next Time My Lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. This is a fab review, I can't wait to get my hands on this when I have the money. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Thankyou Kerry xx :-) You are so welcome x
    I hope I've done it justice lol! it really is sublime!

  3. This looks beautiful, I am really tempted by all the Dr Haushcka palletes you have reviewed, but I have some Nvey eco shadows in a Z-pallete that are very similar so am finding it hard to justify a new purchase. That pink is such a pretty peachy pink, very femenine. x

  4. The pinky shade is so very pretty :-) I haven't heard of the Nvey Eco shadows - have you reviewed them ? They sound interesting!
    Jenny xx

    1. No haven't reviewed them yet, will do when I get a decent camera, my iphone wouldn't do the swatches any justice. x

  5. Oh wow, these eyeshadows look wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for! I have been trying to find neutral eyeshadow looks, and here it is! I would love to try them! Hope they ship to Canada! Great review!

  6. Thanks lonelykiwee! Hopefully they will be able to post to Canada, they are gorgeous arn't they :-) xxx