Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dr Hauschka Eye Shadow Palette ~ Stone Colours ~Review

This Dr Hauschka Eye Shadow Palette is the latest addition to my natural make up mission ~ a little experiment I've undertaken to see if I can find as natural as possible alternatives to my conventional make up, the only rule is, apart from their natural credential's -  they must perform as well if not better in every way as the not so natural make up I use every day.

All Dr Hauschka's eye shadows are 100% mineral based,  contain lovely quality botanical extracts, are free of synthetic preservatives and scents plus are not tested on animals.

One of the main reasons I opted for this palette was the fact that, although the shadows are 100% minerals, they are 'solid' and not a loose powder, which to be honest the majority of mineral based shadows are.
 Personally,  I don't like having little pots of loose eye shadows - I find them messy, time consuming to apply and generally a 'bit of a faff' to use!

It also had a good selection of my staple neutral colours in one palette ~ another box ticked!
I was really impressed with this palette,  the packaging is very sleek ~ glossy black with gold lettering, and is very slimline, this immediately pleased me before I'd even opened it up,  as it will be superb for travelling as it will fit inside a small make up bag easily.
The lid of the palette inside has a good full sized mirror and it also comes with a double ended sponge applicator ~ not really my cup of tea but handy all the same in an emergency I suppose!
It reminds me very much of Bobbi Brown's  glossy palette packaging - one of my favourite brands for eye shadows alongside Urban Decay.
I fell in love with this palette even more as soon as I opened it up, the colours are lovely - a quad of  classic nude shades, they are very generous in size too - each colour is 1.8g.
  You have everything you need here to create beautiful smokey eyes, both a softer daytime look to a more dramatic evening smokey eye.
The eye shadows are all matte and of extremely good quality.
I didn't use anything special to apply them,  just my normal eyeshadow brushes and created a lovely daytime smokey eye very quickly using the three lightest shades.

I did have a fear that shade 1 - the off white - would be a chalky, but not at all, infact none of them are,  they all go onto the eye beautifully and blend out easily, the pigmentation is great, and buildable you can go from a soft hint of a colour to a deeper shade more like it is in the pan.
These matte colours are also perfect for creating the base, background shape, depth and crease definition to a smokey eye, before going in with more shimmery lid colour - if you're that way inclined!
They are a slightly different texture to normal eye shadows as they are 100% mineral, they actually feel much more softer and smoother to the touch.
I applied them over the top of Urban Decays primer potion and they lasted all day long no problem, and essentially performed in exactly the same way a conventional eyeshadow would.

Shade 1 - a soft off white - great for highlight
 and brightening the inner corner of the eye.
Shade 2 - a light chocolate brown - the perfect lid colour.
Shade 3 - A medium taupe/brown - good for defining the crease and
giving shape to to the eye.
Shade 4 - A dark charcoal/brown - super for adding drama to a evening look.
As you can see from the swatches on my arm, the colours do look slightly different once applied, but are all perfectly co ordinated.
I would say the closest palette I have to this is the Urban Decays Naked Basics palette, they too are matte shades and pretty similar in colours to the Dr Hauschka.

The four shades that are the closest match are Venus, Naked 2, Faint & Crave.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Swatch
Venus, Naked 2, Faint & Crave.
Dr Hauschka Eye Shadow Palette Swatch~ Stone Colours
Shades 1-4
As you can see from both swatches they are along very similar lines to each other.
I still adore Urban Decay shadows, but I am delighted with the Dr Hauschka one too, and the fact it is 100% natural mineral based gets a huge thumbs up from me.
This is definitely going to have a permanent place in my natural make up bag.
Overall I can really recommend this palette to everyone, but especially if you are looking for a natural alternative that doesn't compromise on performance.

The colours are great, they will suit everyone - from a pale skinned redhead like myself, right through to the darker skinned beauties out there.

The only little niggle is the price -  £32.45 so it is at the expensive end of things, but it does contain top quality botanical extracts and minerals,  so this is why.

 It seems a tad unfair to compare it price wise to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette as they are not equal in terms of ingredients but I will ~ this retails for £20,  so is quite a bit cheaper.

However I feel the Dr Hauschka palette is worth investing in, especially if you are serious about having a good quality natural palette that you will get plenty of use out of.

The palette is available from

 What do you think?

Would you go for the Dr Hauschka or The Urban Decay ?
I'd be interested to know !

You are welcome to leave any comments, recommendations and blog links below or on RedHead Diaries Facebook Page.

Till next time my lovelies!
 Jenny xx



  1. What a lovely palette, I have to try Dr Hauschka makeup soon the bronzer looks beautiful too :) x

    1. It is gorgeous I'm really loving Dr Hauschkas make up its expensive but really lovely :-)
      I'd really recommend trying something from their range - the lipsticks are fab too xx :-)

  2. Never tried Dr Hauschka's cosmetics range but they look great! Love *Venus* :) I used to love Urban Decay but I got a bit miffed with them when they kept changing their decision on going into China and forgoing their leaping bunny symbol! x

  3. Hi Dana, yes me too I love UD ! Hopefully the new EU ruleing on cosmetic testing will put an end to the China issue :-) x
    I can really recommend dr Haushka make up everything I've tried so far had been fab - expensive lol but lovely :-)
    I'm on the look out for some cheaper alternatives too !
    Thanks for popping over :-)
    Jenny xxx

  4. Great review, I LOVE Dr.Hauschka!
    Thanks for sharing x

  5. Thankyou Kerry! xx
    I am really loveing Dr Hauschka now too :-) xx

  6. Thanks for the lovely swatches - very tempted to try this - and excited to find a fellow redhead's blog! :)


    1. Hi Nic, you re so welcome chic, and I agree it is fab to find another redhead blogger! I'll find you on twitter if I can xxxx