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Dr Hauschka Translucent Make Up Shade 00 Review

If like me you are blessed with pale skin, then you will know what a nuisance it can be finding foundations,  never mind tinted moisturisers as they are almost always far too dark even in the 'light' options.
Well I've certainly found one in Dr Hauschka's Translucent Make up !
Hooray! Thank you Dr Hauschka!

I love natural and organic skincare and it is pretty easy to find fabulous products for every aspect of your skin care routine, so with this in mind I am trying to be more 'green and clean' with make up this year and I am on a bit of a mission to find  natural & or organic replacements for some of my make up regime.
This however is proving to be more difficult as many of the natural alternatives simply don't perform well,  and that just won't do for me, it needs to do the job equally as well as conventional make up or what's the point even if it is natural & organic?
I am pleased to say I have discovered Dr Hauschka Make up, which so far is performing pretty well!
The first product I tried was  Dr Hauschka's Translucent Make up in shade 00, this is a pretty recent introduction I think, as I remember trying a sample of this early last year in shade 01 which at that time was for the lightest shade available, but sadly too dark for my skin.
Shade 00 Natural Daylight - Swatch to fully blended

You may be familiar with Dr Hauschka from their skincare products, and the make up is along similar lines in terms of skincare ingredients.
Dr Hauschka's range promises to be free from synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives and are not tested on animals.
The cream is a light lotion texture and smells lovely, very 'botanical' I can't really put my finger on what it is exactly, but the cream is packed full of beautiful botanical oils and extracts that its just a blend of all those together!
I would describe this as more of a tinted moisturiser than a proper foundation, as the coverage is minimal to light, I would say it's buildable to a degree but it's never going to give full on foundation cover.
It does have a slightly yellow edge to it which at first I didn't think would suit me, but it does blend out well and tones in with my skin. As you can see from my hand (bottom photo) it has knocked out the redness on my hand and bluish hues to my veins, and given a more even appearance to my skin, which is pretty much what I would expect from a tinted moisturiser.
It can be a ever so slightly sticky after immediately after application, so I've found it's best to leave it for 5 minutes to settle and dust over a tiny bit of powder in the T-Zone, I then go on to add blush, a wash of eyeshadow and a coat of mascara - just keeping it really natural.
I feel that's what this cream is best suited to,  a really natural day look - you only a bit better!
I apply it after my regular Pai moisturiser, and it stays put pretty well,  although I do find it's fading by teatime ish so reapplication would be needed if you are going out in evening, but that's pretty standard for a tinted moisturiser really.
I have been using this on weekends/days off when my skin has no blemishes at all and is looking pretty good but just needs evening out, as it's not going to provide any coverage for spots.
 So unless you are prepared to do quite a fair amount of concealer work I'd opt for something else on those days!
I will just add it does contain Beeswax, which some feel can cause blocked pores if you have a skin prone to acne or spotty areas, so this may be something for you to think about if you have that type of skin.
 Personally I haven't had any issues with this, although my skin is combination I only tend to get a few monthly hormonal spots and I am a big advocate of thorough proper double cleansing in the evenings which I feel really makes a difference too.
Overall I really like this tinted moisturiser, it performs well, smells great and is considerably more natural than many tinted moisturiser out there.
I seriously think it's worth a look if you are wanting something naturally based with lighter coverage for spring/summer this year. 
Just as a little shade guide to help you compare, I thought I'd show you the Dr Hauschka Make up against some of my other tinted moisturisers that you may have already as well.


From the top down as follows - Natural Daylight
Dr Hauschka Translucent Make Up Shade 00
Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint Shade Bare 01
Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser Shade Fair
Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Shade 01 

Interesting isn't it?
How different they all look against one another!
Dr Hauschka Translucent Make Up comes in a 30ml tube and has 5 shades to choose from.
RRP £20.95 at Amarya.co.uk
As always,  I hope you enjoyed reading.
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  1. It is tough to come up with more natural makeup alternatives, I am in the process of doing this too. I tried 01 and it was too dark so I am intrigued to give this a go. x

  2. It's certainly worth getting hold of a sample or two, I think Amarya might do them or Naturismo - I can't remember where I got my sample from lol!
    Thanks for reading :-) xx
    Jenny @redheadbeautydiaries

  3. Glad to hear they have a lighter shade of the Translucent Make Up for us redheads! I will have to see if they have it in the USA. I had tried 01 when they first came out with their make-up line, but switched to Tinted Rose Cream (now called Tinted Day Cream) because it was lighter. You may want to try the Tinted Day Cream and see how it compares. I have been using all Dr. Hauschka on my face since 1998. Glad to find your blog.