Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Droopy Roses? Not Any More......................

I love to have fresh flowers in the house, especially roses,
 last week when I was choosing a bunch in Sainsbury's a lady politely said to me
"those roses are so pretty, but I never buy them because they always droop!"
I told her the little tip I am about to share with you to stop this from happening and extend the life of your fresh roses.
 With Mother's Day on the horizon it might come in handy if you are thinking of buying her a bunch!
I use this method on shop bought roses and roses cut from my garden in the summer. I have done this for years and it has worked every time for me ~ no more droopy roses.
Obviously it won't make them last forever but it will extend their life span considerably!
Roses unfortunately are notorious for wilting after a couple of days and this is simply because they are thirsty flowers and need to be able to 'drink' a lot of water.
  The usual culprit stopping this happening is air in the stem, this happens as you cut the stem, the air prevents the proper uptake of water hence the wilting flower head.
Thankfully this is very easy to cure!
I bought a £3 bunch of Roses, not expensive but still I want to get at least 7 days out of them, maybe more if I'm lucky!
First you need to make sure that you cut the stem with either a very sharp knife or secateurs, it needs to be sharp so that you are not pressing on the stem too much and squashing it, this will hinder water uptake as well.
Raggedy stem straight out of packaging.
Clean cut 2cm off stem.
The cut needs to remove around 2cm of stem,  be a 'clean' cut no raggedy edges, and at a 45 degree angle if not more, this gives the rose as much surface area as possible to take up water from.
Once this is done,  strip the lower leaves from the stem, leaving two or three leaves near the flower,  the less leaves to keep watered the better!
Now put the kettle on!
The magic here is nothing more than boiling hot water!
Simply pop all the roses into a suitable container and fill with the boiling water so it covers the stems way past the cut.
I just use my Hello Kitty mug as it's the perfect shape!
Leave them in there for an hour ~
 During this time the boiling water will dispel any air from the stems.
When there's a few minutes left on the timer prepare your vase and water.
If the roses have come with a sachet of flower food, it is also necessary to get the correct dilution as on the packet, too concentrated a mix can also effect the life of the flower.
When the hour is up, the roses must be plunged deeply into COLD water straight from the hot water, so make sure your vase is sufficiently deep enough to hold a good amount of water and really cover the stems.
Arrange as you wish, with other flowers or alone but
 make sure that there are no leaves in the water from the roses or any other flowers,  this will just pollute the water,  as submerged leaves will start to rot very quickly.
Keeping fresh flowers cool will also extend their life so try not to put them above radiators if you can.
This method can also be applied to roses that have already started to wilt in a vase, and 9/10 times  it will revive them again and keep them going for another few days.
All that's left now is to enjoy them!
I hope you've found this useful!!
Any Thoughts?
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Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx




  1. I've always cut the stems but didn't know the trick with the hot water so I shall be trying that next time I get some flower :)

  2. I've always cut the stems like that; no idea where I heard it but I'm glad I'm doing it right. I will definitely be using the boiling water technique now - the same with the leaves in water...I never even thought of that but it makes sense!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're Welcome Kerry thanks for reading :-) x

  3. Thanks for the tip! I always cut the stems at an angle but never thought about the water temps. I guess it's like shock therapy for them? Revival of the fittest roses! :) xx

    1. Thanks! Not sure of the scientific reasons behind the hot/cold water lol! but it works! xx

  4. Great tips, I will start to this when I get flowers. x