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Pai Skincare - Simply The Best 'Clean' Organic Skincare

Ohhhh dear, dear Pai Skincare -
 What would I do without your scrumptious skin saving moisturisers?
I shudder to think!
My skin would no doubt return to it's sorry sensitive old self!
I first discovered Pai Skincare about a 18 months ago, when my skin took a turn for the worst after a severe allergic reaction to tea tree oil, thankfully my skin recovered,  but sadly became very sensitive in the months following to the skincare ( Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare) I was using prior to the reaction.
This unhappy incident turned out to be a positive in the end, as it brought Pai Skincare into my life.
Pai is a marvellous British made brand, jam packed full of gorgeous botanical ingredients,  is formulated for sensitive skins, it is free from all the chemical nasties that I prefer to avoid if I can, is soil association certified organic, suitable for Vegans and cruelty free and has the 'leaping bunny' seal of approval by Cruelty Free International which guarantees that neither Pai's finished products or raw materials are tested on animals.
I use practically all of Pai's products but I particularly love their moisturisers - and I believe, teamed up with the equally amazing Camellia & Rose Cleanser, single handedly brought my skin back from the brink.
 So much so that my skin has been behaving normally for well over a year and a half and I have been able to not only enjoy Pai's lovely products but can also use my previous skincare brand again as well.
The moisturiser I started out with was the Chamomile & Rosehip for sensitive skin, this is a beautiful cream that really soothes and calms irritated skin,  it also smells absolutely divine!
I haven't used this in a long time now so haven't got one to show you, but if you've got really sensitive skin then this I can really recommend giving this one a try first.
Once my skin had returned back to 'normal' I moved onto my current two favourite moisturisers, The Geranium & Thistle for combination skin and a more recent discovery The Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream for dry/dry/sensitive/normal skin.

The Geranium & Thistle Moisturiser is just divine, it is full to the brim of botanical oils & extracts specifically for combating combination skin that is prone to breakouts.
It is a light lotion texture which sinks into the skin straight away leaving no residue, it doesn't leave the skin shiny either and makes a perfect base for make up.
It smells lovely, very botanical and is is nice and moisturising on the skin without being greasy and leaves my skin feeling very soft and supple.
This is my daily moisturiser for 80% of the time on days/weeks when my skin is feeling abit more oily or has one or two hormonal spots brewing as it's formulated to be mildly anti-bacterial so will hopefully keep any spot forming bacteria under control under my make up!                                               
Geranium & Thistle Moisturiser.

Pai's Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream has become another firm favourite of mine, I have only been using this one for a couple of months now but I am really enjoying using it and find I'm turning more to this on days when I feel my skin needs that little bit 'extra' in terms of soothing and moisturising, especially as the winter weather seems to be taking hold more now and my skin is being blasted with hot dry air at home, at work and in the car,  then out into freezing cold air outside - no wonder it feels parched at times!
The Avocado & Jojoba Day Cream is of course bursting with botanical oils & extracts, but as this is for a dry/sensitive/normal skin these are all about nourishing and softening the skin.
It is still a light lotion texture but still absorbs well into my combination skin, it leaves a lovely silky finish and makes the skin feel very soft and 'plumptious'.  My skin feels and looks really well conditioned after using this one.
I have had no problem using this as a make up base either, in fact my foundation goes on better after using it, because it leaves such a soft smooth finish to the skin.
This cream smells absolutely amazing - of Jasmine & May Chang, it reminds me of a warm summers day in a beautiful cottage garden, it's so uplifting at 5am on a cold dark winters morning!
If Pai ever did a perfume then I would want it to smell just like this!
This is a really good 'all round' staple day cream.
Both creams are 30ml and come in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump, which I love !
The only slight negative thing I could possibly say about the creams is the pump dispenser doesn't get all the cream out of the bottom of the jar so you are left with probably a weeks worth in the bottom that is difficult to extract - however I have found a way around this with a long handled 'Latte' spoon!
It is perfect for getting right to the bottom and scooping up the last remnants of cream!
So if you are looking for a new genuinely all natural & organic moisturiser then I thoroughly recommend giving Pai a whirl.
Buy Pai Moisturisers direct from Pai Skincare here
Pai Geranium & thistle Moisturiser 30ml - £24
Pai Avocado & Jojoba Day Cream 30ml - £19
Both extremely good value for money considering the quality of the ingredients.
As always I hope you've enjoyed reading !
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  1. I adore Pai moisturisers they are lovely, I haven't tried the advocado and Jojoba yet but I might try it as a change from the chamomile and rosehip. Great review!

  2. They are fab aren't they ! The avocado one is lovely, let me k ow how you get on if you do try it :-) x
    Jenny @redheadbeautydiaries x