Friday, 8 February 2013

UNE 100% Natural Make up ~ My New Natural Discovery

Those of you who have been reading my last few posts will know I am trying a little experiment, to see if I can go 'green & clean' with my make up, can it be done successfully without compromising on quality and performance?
Well, that is the million dollar question isn't it, I'm not totally convinced it can for everything,  but we'll find out together over the next few months.

My aim is to gather together a 'second' make up bag containing only as natural/organic cosmetics as possible ~ but they must be as good as or better in every way, than the current conventional ones I use daily.
I'm very excited to share with you my latest discovery UNE 100% Natural Make up.
I only came across this by sheer chance whilst chatting with a Boots Assistant, I was waxing lyrical about my 'natural mission' and she casually said had I not tried UNE cosmetics?
errr Noooooo, where can I get some?
Well right there in Boots as it happens!!
Once I was shown the counter I had seen it before but had never taken any notice of it as it is, well without being rude, quite a plain looking stand - totally white and not very appealing - Sorry UNE !
It always looks as if a heard of frenzied beautyaholics has raged through it,  it's usually half empty and always looks a mess - so consequently I have never really ventured too near it!
That will teach me to not judge a book......................
Today was no exception to the stands condition, however I was far more excited to find a stand of 100% natural cosmetics right in front of me so I could actually see them in the flesh, that I overlooked it's unkempt appearance!
It was quite difficult to make a choice as lots of the testers were either missing, dried up or nearly used up so I decided to go for three 'safe' products a eye shadow trio, a lip gloss & a lipstick.
The two lip products I have are the 'Lip toned colour' lipstick ~ shade L02, and the 'Glimmer Lips' Lip Gloss ~ shade G01.

The quality of the lipstick and lip gloss is the first thing that struck me about them.
The lipstick is beautiful, not only is it the most perfect pinky nude shade for me, the texture is simply lovely, very soft and buttery and it glides over the lips effortlessly, a quick swoosh over both lips gave a good colour.

 It feels very comfortable, smooth and moisturising on the lip and has a nice healthy glow to it rather than a glittery or glossy finish ~ the lip gloss will do that!
The pigmentation is fabulous, it really leaves a good colour on your lips ~ like your own lips but better!
It has reasonable staying power, I had to re apply it several times over the course of my working day, through normal talking, tea drinking and eating but this is no more or less than any other lipstick I have, natural or otherwise.
I was fairly giddy when I saw the 'Glimmer Lips' lip gloss as I am partial to abit of sparkle & like a good old shimmery lip gloss!
The first thing I am ecstatic to say about this lip gloss is it isn't sticky!
Thank goodness I really can't be 'doing' with sticky 'fly paper' lip glosses ~ girls - you know the ones where your hair gets stuck to them within a second of application ~ ohhhh that drives me dotty!
It is a gorgeous soft pinky nude, perfect for my pale skin tone, and I feel this shade would suit pretty much all skin tones.
It has just the right amount of shimmery particles for daytime sparkle ~ it catches the light beautifully without screaming 'glitterball'!
It goes on easily and smoothly,  has a nice fruity smell and taste and feels great on the lips, very comfortable.
On it's own it just gives a very soft hint of pink which is very pretty a great 'just popping out to the shops' colour.
 On top of the lipstick it really looks superb ~ it just takes the lipstick up a notch from a everyday nude to something abit more flirty!
It comes with a brush applicator which I prefer to the sponge ones as I find you can be more precise with it's application.
I have the lip stick & gloss on here.
Photos Above
Left - lipstick & gloss
Right gloss over lipstick
It will require several applications - perhaps a few more times than a normal lip gloss but this is due to it's lack of stickiness, not its quality which is superb.  
Personally I'd rather apply a little more often, than have my lips stuck together!

Both the lipstick and Gloss are 100% natural, with 21.8% coming from organic farming for the lipstick and 11.4% for the gloss, so that's a big thumbs up from me!
The Top 3 Eye Palette in shade P01 is a nice selection of a shimmery pale pink 'Glimmer Eye Shadow' in G03 and a soft sheen purple and taupe grey in 'Sfumato Eyes' Shadow shades S15 & S23.

I really like the palette for this, the whole of the front of it is a mirror, which is very handy and I've been using it everyday since I've had it as a mirror.

The tester for this was empty so I didn't try it out before hand, so I was a little surprised to find these were cream eye shadows as I expected a powder.
Well, I say cream! - the shimmery pink is definitely a cream but the purple & taupe are quite a unusual texture, they look like powders in the palette but they are some sort of semi/cream powder
I really like the colours of these in the pan especially the shimmery pink but I have to say I've only had limited success applying them.
The cream shimmery pink went on fairly easily with my finger and gave a nice light wash of colour, it can be built up to give more of a saturated look, more like it is in the palette, by pushing & patting on more colour, but it did take quite a bit of work to get this simple look.
In the end this single colour look did look very pretty and brightened the eye - a nice daytime look.
The other two colours I found very difficult to get on with - I found them hard to apply and quite 'bitty' and it took me quite a while to even get a good swatch on my hand to show you!
I tried them with my fingers, the little brush applicator supplied and my normal make up brushes.
The colour was very difficult to get to show up on the eyelid and it couldn't be applied very precisely so I just ended up with a 'dirty' looking eye which wasn't very flattering!
I certainly couldn't get any sort of 3 colour smokey look with these at all, I just couldn't apply and blend them properly without it just ending up in a total mess!
I do like the pink eye colour on me however it only lasted a couple of hours, and considering the amount of faffing it took to get a good colour from it, for me it simply isn't worth the bother.
Needless to say this palette isn't for me, so I'll chalk it up to experience and  my search goes on for a natural eyeshadow.
Although UNE describe themselves as a EcoCert 100% Natural brand, the Sfumato shadows in this palette are  99.5% natural with 12.6% being from organic farming, the Glimmer shadow is 100% natural with 14.4% from organic farming ~ still great though !
Overall I'm pleased though - the lipstick and lip gloss are lovely and I will
 be purchasing a few more of them and I'll  hang onto the eye palette as I am getting the use out of it from the mirror!
The only little niggle about the lipstick & gloss and UNE as a whole,  is the packaging is fairly basic, but as we know beauty is only skin deep - it's what's inside that really counts!
At the moment UNE at Boots is on offer -
sadly this is because UNE is exiting Boots & Superdrug by March this year,  they will still be available instore at Wholefoods & Harvey Nichols, London.
or online at &

So girls now is a good time to try UNE for the first time and make a note of shade choices etc, while you still can - it will make online purchasing easier.

Boots Reduced Prices ~
The Eye Palette was £5.99 instead of £11.99
The Lipstick & Lip gloss were £3.99 each instead of £7.99

UNE's Cosmetics Website
Have you tried UNE?
Have you got any recommendations for me?
You are welcome to comment below or on RedHead Beauty Diaries Facebook Page.
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny x


  1. I have that lipstick and I love it I will be picking up a backup, I reccomend the breezy cheeks blush I have swatches and a review called my favourite natural cheek products. It's sad they will not be in boots anymore. The eyeshadows allways look awful whenever I swatch them so I steer clear great review! x

  2. Thanks Ana, I'll check out your review :-), again the testers for the blusher were gone too :-( so it will be helpful to see some!
    I'll be grabbing a few more lippies tomorrow from boots, so might pick up a blush and see what else is available while they are cheaper! xxx