Sunday, 31 March 2013

Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit Review # Part 2

This is the second part of the Anastasia Palette review, the first part is here if you haven't read it yet!
Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit is simply the most beautiful and ornately decorated palette I have ever laid eyes on, every time I see it I always think 'Egyptian artifact' although the design is alittle bit Art Deco ~ bizarre I know but I just do!
The kit consists of a very sturdy outer card box, which contains two palettes, 'Beautiful Eyes'  eyeshadow palette and 'Bold Brows' eyebrow grooming palette.

Each card palette is just as beautifully decorated as the outer box.

Beautiful Eyes has four neutral shadows and a double ended brush.
The shadows are Anastasia's usual good quality, have good pigmentation and blend well.
I use them over Urban Decays eye primer potion and they last all day no problem.
The brush is not fantastic quality but could be used if necessary.
Matte Light Taupe ~ Great all over base colour
Shimmer Golden Peach ~ Good lid Colour
Matte Medium Brown base with light golden sparkles
Good Crease Colour

Matte Black base with lots of coppery sparkle ~ good for smoking outer corner of eye for a more intense evening look.
Eyeshadow Swatches Natural Daylight.
Bold Brows Palettes contains a eyebrow powder, a eyebrow gel, a mini pair of tweezers and a double ended eyebrow brush.

The eyebrow brush and tweezers are actually really nice quality in this palette.  I have used the eyebrow brush successfully with my other eyebrow powders and I like it's small spoolie end for grooming through my brows as it is quite small and my brows are not that big so it's ideal for me.
The mini tweezers are very handy, the tips meet precisely and their small size is ideal to getting to those annoying fine hairs that larger tweezers sometimes can't get.
I have used them alot since having this kit and actually live in my make up bag as they are such a ideal size!
Unfortunately the brow powder and gel are completely the wrong colour for me as I am a redhead, so I haven't used them but I have used Anastasia's other brow powders/gels and they are superb so I have no reason to suspect these are any different.
These colours would be pretty universal for anyone other than a redhead and perhaps someone with truly black brows.
My only improvement to this palette would be to make it in a selection of brow colours rather than just the one, but other than that it is all good!
Anastasia do not test on animals and have the USA cruelty free bunny symbol
Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit is £26 and only available from Cult here
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  1. Love the colours of the eyeshadow palette, such a gorgeous design too x

  2. Thanks chick :-) it is a fabulous design! xx