Sunday, 31 March 2013

Anastasia 'Want You To Want Me' Palette Review # Part 1

You will already be aware if you are a regular reader I am now going 'green' and slowly converting to natural make up where I can find suitable alternatives, however this is a work in progress and I do still have a vast collection of conventional make up.
Today I though I would share with you via two separate posts, the final two conventional make up palettes I purchased, as they are both lovely quality and so beautifully packaged I'm sure many of you out there who are not bothered these are not natural will enjoy having a look at them.
Anastasia is a very under rated brand in the UK I feel, maybe because it is not widely known, but in my humble opinion it rivals Urban Decay in terms of quality and uniqueness, and no brand does eyebrow products like Anastasia, they specialise in it and are certainly second to none when it comes to eyebrow powders & pencils for redheads.
The Anastasia Want You To Want Me palette is not what I would now call natural,  however it is paraben free, contains some botanical ingredients and is not tested on animals so it's not all bad news!

The palette is highly unusual, the card outer covers a velvet clad box, which contains a removable mini eyeshadow palette, velvet clad again, a shadow brush,  a black eyeliner and a clear eyebrow gel.
I personally have never seen anything quite like this, and I fell in love with it's design straight away.
The mini palette is a gorgeous mix of neutral matte, shimmers and sparkle with a couple of purples shades.
All the colours are wearable, good quality, have amazing pigmentation, blend out well and last all day on top of a eye primer.
This little palette has all the colours you need to create a plethora of different looks ~ soft daytime simplicity to sexy evening smokey.



Colours from the left ~
1. Platform Wedge ~ Matte Cream
2. Front Row Centre ~ Shimmer Neutral Cream
3. Ziggy ~ Lilac Shimmer
4. Members Only ~ Matte Medium Taupe
5. Power Ballard ~ Shimmer Light Taupe
6. Jellies ~ Shimmer Pinky Lilac
7. Graphic T's ~ Dark Chocolate Matte Base with Golden Brown Sparkles
8. Brass In Pocket ~ Golden Shimmer
9. Iron On ~ Deep Purple Matte Base with Lilac & Purple Sparkles.

Swatches Natural Daylight from left ~
Platform Wedge, Front Row Centre, Ziggy, Members Only, Power Ballard
Jellies, Graphic T's, Brass In Pocket & Iron On.

The Black liquid eyeliner is a mini tube and has a nice fine brush and dries to a matte black finish. It does take a while to try though and does have a tendency to smudge so this isn't the best liner I've ever used but it's OK and I hardly ever use liquid liner so I'm not too bothered.

The mini clear Eyebrow Gel is lovely really great to use straight onto natural brows or brows enhanced with powder/pencil, it really keeps them in shape and dries to a natural finish.
The shadow brush is the usual quality you find in palettes like these, not brilliant,  but could be used if you were desperate didn't have anything else to hand!
Anastasia 'Want You To Want Me' Palette is £26.00 and only available from Cult here
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx






  1. That packaging is stunning! I love when brands put a lot of effort into how their products look. The eyeshadows look fab, good to know they're as good as Urban Decay.

  2. What beautiful colours! Eyeshadows are the one thing I would be inclined to cheat on, for the colour selection if nothing else. x

  3. The colours are lovely, I agree so far natural alternatives don't seem to have a huge array of shades, I am determined to only buy natural shadows from now on though I really don't need any more non natural ones I've got a huge stash of palettes that need using up - I could Probebly manage a year or two without buying any eyeshadows at all lol! Xxxx

  4. I love these colours & the mascara actually gets a really good write up!! Well, on my foreign friends blogs anyway :)I love those colours!! It's maybe not all out 'green', but it's a lot better than some of the products on the market xxx

  5. I've been switching slowly from conventional to natural products, and it sure is a struggle! I feel so wishy washy... I review all natural products one day and back to my old faves the next. One day I'll be fully converted, I guess... :) Good post!

    Beauty & the Bibliophile

    1. Thanks Tara it isn't a easy switch I know lol! I'm just changing one product at a time - luckily though the more I search the more great natural brands I'm finding :-)
      Keep going chick you will get there :-) xxx