Saturday, 2 March 2013

Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Natural Mascara Review

 Beauty Without Cruelty is a British brand that has been around for 30 years and were one of the first companies to really promote not testing cosmetics on animals.
I have used some of their cosmetics before -  when I was a teenager so around 23 years ago ~ oh dear that is a long time!
I didn't realise the brand still existed until I started my 'natural make up mission' and came across them on's website.
For those of you reading my blog for the first time my 'natural make up mission' is a challenge I have set myself this year to see if I can find suitable natural alternatives to my current everyday conventional make up, without compromising on quality or performance.
I was particularly looking for a mascara to 'replace' my Clinque High Impact Mascara which I have used for years, and the Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara caught my attention.
Firstly I have to say how lovely the packaging is, it comes presented in a nice card box that has the same very pretty swans head heart design that is BWC logo, as is on the mascara tube.
 I think BWC have really gone out of their way to make the mascara tube, which they could have easily left plain,  into something that is a joy to pull out of your make up bag in the morning!

The mascara is of course not tested on animals and bears the 'leaping bunny' symbol, 100% suitable for vegans & vegetarians, only uses natural ingredients, is paraben free, PEG free, and fragrance free.

The mascara claims it's 'double depth' brush maximises extension & thickness for extra volume.

I have to agree the brush is fabulous it has a lot of bristles and is quite wide.
This does have a negative side though, because of the abundance of bristles it picks up too much mascara, far more than you need to coat your lashes. If you were to go straight from the tube to your lashes there would be clumps galore!
However, this is easily rectified by wiping the brush first to remove the excess - not ideal as it's wasting the product,  but once the brush has the right quantity of mascara on it, it works amazing well and is clump free!
 It did a great job of really gripping my lashes from their base and separating them out giving good definition and was a good deep shade of black. It didn't take any extra amount of time to dry either.
It stayed put all day long,  there was no flaking and it didn't leave any black grubby marks under my eyes at the end of the day, like some mascaras can.
I am lucky to have been blessed with naturally long lashes so they do look like they have a fair amount of volume just with one coat of ordinary mascara.
 To be honest this mascara did pretty much the same job. One coat and my lashes looked well defined and had good volume but I don't think they had any extra va va voom!
I usually only wear one coat of mascara in the day but I did add another coat just to experiment with it.
I did get a slightly more volumous look after the second coat but it's still not, in my opinion, going to give a 'false lash effect' if that's what you like.
So for me I don't think it really lives up to its claim of giving maximum length and volume.
 Also you do have to be a bit careful with the brush as it is quite wide and can transfer mascara onto your eye lids near the base of your lashes if you wiggle it about too much!
Overall though I am pleased with the mascara, it does have a couple of small negatives but
I think for a natural mascara it performs very well indeed and the only let down really is the lack of extra volume.
However this doesn't bother me as my lashes have enough volume on their own anyway, and I like the well defined separated look this mascara gives.
If you are in the market for a natural mascara, already have long lashes and like them to be just defined but natural looking, then I would totally recommend giving this a try,  but if you have shorter lashes and need big volume then I would give this a miss.
It retails for £11.99 and for a natural mascara I think that is very reasonable.
It comes in two shades, Black and Cocoa and can be purchased from or Beauty Without Cruelty direct
Have you tried any BWC products?
You are welcome to leave your comments, recommendations and blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Sounds like it's not too bad and a good price too, I have a new one to test after my Lavera experience which is from Natorigin, if I don't get on with that one would give this one a go. x

    1. I'm still on the look out for the perfect natural mascara so will be interested in your thoughts on the natorigins one :-) xx

  2. I was actually looking at this on Naturismo yesterday and in the end went for a Green People mascara instead. It sounds pretty decent and a good price too, love that they've been around for so long as well with such a great ethos and commitment to making natural products :) x

  3. It is pretty good I would re purchase again certainly good enough for day to day work etc - their heritage is excellent and fairly rare these days :-)
    I would be interested in your thoughts on the green people mascara :-) xx

  4. Mm, I'm still looking around at mascaras. I used to use a No7 one that was great, but I think they messed around with the formula... I like the look of the swans - very cute. :)