Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Choc On Choc Easter Goodies !

Easter will be upon us this weekend and I was looking for something a little bit different to give this year than the standard Easter Eggs when I came across Choc On Choc Easter Treats in my local Tesco.

There was only a small display of their products in Tesco's Easter isle but I was immediately drawn to their quirky Easter designs, handmade look and chic packaging and decided to buy a selection.

I chose a small selection gift box of nine piggy and daisy 'blocks' and three individually packaged Easter animals, a duck, a sheep and a piggy.

The selection gift box was £6.00 and the individual animals were £2.00 each.

All the chocolates are handmade so are all slightly different which I really like, and although these are a little pricey compared to an ordinary Easter Egg,  I like their individuality and I was happy to pay a bit extra as they are all handcrafted from the finest Belgian chocolate.

The selection gift box is perfect for giving to friends and family and the oh so cute individual animals would put a smile on your little ones faces, and the not so little as well! I'm a big girl now but I would love to receive any of these for Easter!

My local Tesco is a really big store so I'm not sure if all of them will be stocking these but it's worth a look.
If not then you can still buy them direct from Choconchoc's website in time for Easter if you are quick, although they are a little more expensive on there.

Choc On Choc is a British company based in Somerset.  They handmake a wide selection of unusual chocolate treats and gifts for all occasions, if you like to give something a bit different then they are worth a look.

Browse their website here

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  1. These look gorgeous, I love supporting British companies! x

  2. These look lovely! I know what you mean about 'standard' Easter eggs, it's lovely to see something different! xx

  3. Thanks they are so cute - love the little piggies lol! Xxxx