Sunday, 24 March 2013

Green Beauty Collab #1 ~ Products I'd Repurchase!

Todays post is a 'green' collaboration with the lovely Brianna over on iluvjesse444 Beauty Blog.
All the bloggers taking part choose 10-15 natural products that they would re purchase or like to have back ups of.
Choosing my 15 products was more difficult than I anticipated as I have many more natural products I could list than the 15 here!!
 My choices are a mix of my regular everyday staples and some new discoveries that I never want to be without!

~ Facial Skincare ~
1. REN Hydra Calm Cleansing Milk ~ Gorgeous lotion cleanser, formulated for sensitive skin it is gentle but removes every scrap of make up quickly and my face feels calm and refreshed after using it. Packed full of  beautiful botanical ingredients to treat the skin and free from all the usual nasties.
The pump makes it economical to use and the packaging is great, as you can see when your cleanser is about to run out and it's reasonably priced at £18 for 150ml.
Bottle is plastic & recyclable.
2. OV Naturals 'Coming Up Roses' Hydrating Toner ~ Perfect Toner for me, I adore Rosey products and this toner is fabulous!. It's a simple product, just using 100% natural Damask Rose Hydrolat (flower water) and that is it.

It smells lovely and my skin feels soft, hydrated and looks brighter after using it and I love it's cooling effect.
The packaging is great, it's a spritzer so no cotton wool needed and this also makes it economical to use.
Very well priced at £8.45 for 100ml.
Bottle is aluminium & plastic so recyclable.
3. Pai Rosehip Oil ~ Amazing all round oil. Rosehip is well known for it's hydrating, healing and anti ageing properties. It can be used on scar tissue, dry patches, to balance oily skin/hydrate dry skin and skin conditioning any where on the body.
I use it mostly as a facial oil and it is superb, my skin loves it,  it is helping to keep my skin soft, supple and rejuvenated.
Pai's Rosehip Oil is top quality and 100% natural but at a affordable price ~ £20 for 30ml.
Bottle is glass & plastic so 100% recyclable.
4. Pai Echium Eye Cream  ~ My most repurchased eye cream EVER! This cream simply works! It is suitable for sensitive skin and is gentle around the eye area but really works at, soothing, hydrating and plumping out wrinkles.  Since using it I have seen a significant reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. I use it all over my orbital bone and on the eye lids and my skin never looks or feels dry anymore.
Packed full of amazing high quality botanicals and Omegas 3 & 6 this is a must own for anyone who has eyes!!
Pai Echium Anti Ageing Eye Cream is £24 for 10ml ~ not cheap but so worth it.
Bottle is plastic & recyclable.
5. REN 'Keep Young & Beautiful' Anti Ageing Eye Cream  ~ This is a recent discovery, I have just waxed lyrical about Pai's eye cream and it is amazing, but REN's Eye cream is also a really effective product.
It has different ingredients to Pai's eye cream and I'm all for targeting my fine lines with everything I can,  to get them plumped up and stave off any more developing for as long as possible!
I have been using this cream instead of Pai for a while now and it is lovely,  it has also really kept my eye area hydrated,  my fine lines are plumped out and seem reduced and my eye area does look  firmer since using it.
Once this tube is used up, I will repurchase it and use the REN in the morning and Pai in the evenings to get the benefits from both these creams.
REN Anti Ageing Eye Cream is £26 for 15ml ~ again not cheap but worth it for me.
Bottle is plastic & recyclable.
6.Pai Geranium & Thistle Combination Moisturiser ~ I use this moisturiser 80% of the time, my skin just loves it!
It is my ideal combination skin moisturiser, it hydrates my skin without being sticky,  great as a make up base, mildly anti bacterial so helps to reduce spot forming bacteria, smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking fresh.
Pump dispenser makes it very economical to use.
Well priced at £24 for 30ml
Bottle is glass & plastic so recyclable.
7. OV Naturals Happy Days Organic Moisturiser ~ Another recent discovery, this is a lovely moisturiser for when my skin is feeling more dehydrated,  it is full of quality botanicals and my skin laps this up!
It makes a good base for make up, smells divine, and leaves a soft velvety finish on the skin.
This moisturiser is high quality at a low price ~ £12.99 for 60ml!
Pot is glass & aluminium so recyclable.
8. Apples & Pears Wild Rose Lip Balm ~ 100% natural lip balm made from beeswax & rosehip seed oil. I use this every morning to moisturise my lips while applying my make up.  It is a really good product, really hydrates my lips.
The pot is so sweet with it's little bee embossed lid.
Apples & Pears are a Beekeeping business and that get a big thumbs up from me as we need to champion companies that are helping to support our declining Bee population.

~ Body Care ~
9. Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Wash ~ Really fabulous all round hand wash, great in the kitchen or bathroom.
This is the nicest smelling natural hand wash I've come across, it smells of oranges and is so zingy and fresh.
It is sulphate free and lathers up well and leaves hands feeling soft & clean.
It's not the cheapest hand wash at £12 for 295ml but I love it and 25p from every bottle sold is donated to charities supporting Bee Preservation.
 Bottle is plastic & recyclable.
10. Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream ~ Another beautiful product from Neal's yard Bee Lovely range. This hand cream has the same lovely soft orange fragrance as the hand wash and is really moisturising on dry hands but without being sticky, you can apply this quickly and just get on with what you are doing.
For me this is the perfect every day all day hand cream! Great handbag size tube too.
This hand cream is £10 for 50ml, again not the cheapest natural hand cream out there but I feel it's worth it for the quality of ingredients and of course the 25p donation by Neal's Yard to Bee related charities & projects aimed at saving our declining bee populations, gets my seal of approval.
Tube is plastic & recyclable.
11. Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Hand Therapy Cream ~ If I could only have one hand cream to use in my lifetime, then this would be it!
This cream is simply amazing if you have any sort of chapped sore dry crispy hands!
 This cream alone saved my horribly chapped knuckles earlier this year and returned them back to normal soft skin in a matter of a couple of weeks!
It is super moisturising without leaving any sort of residue ~ which is rare for such a deeply hydrating hand cream!
I use this as a nightly treatment now as it is fairly expensive to use several times a day,  but I would never be without a pot of it in the house just in case my chapped hands ever return!
This hand cream is £16 for 50ml.
Pot is plastic & recyclable.
12. Lavera All Round Cream ~  As the name suggests this is a fab multi purpose moisturising cream. Can be used as a body cream, hand cream, foot cream and face cream.
Great for travelling where space is limited.
Smells gorgeous and does the job, simple as that and all at an affordable price ~ £6.95 for 150ml.

~ Make Up ~
13. Studio 78 Mineral Blush Shade We Walk in the Fields ~ This is my favourite blush and my most recent discovery, I've had it just over a week but it is so perfect that I never want to be without it.
It is a baked mineral blush and the most perfect soft pink for my pale skin, it blends onto the skin so well and give a gentle dewy bloom to the cheeks that makes the skin look so healthy.
It is fairly expensive at £21 for 2.5g but what price can you put on perfection?
14. Dr Hauschka Lipstick in shade 07 ~ This is my most used pink lipstick, it is the perfect shade of pink for me, not to bright but not pale and insipid either.
Dr Hauschka lipsticks are all natural and are so moisturising on the lips, and this one has really good pigmentation and lasts well too.
 I've had mine for around a year and it's still going strong!

Dr Hauschka Lipsticks are £19.95 so not cheap but superb quality.

15. Living Nature Luminous Powder Shade Light ~ My search for a natural luminous powder has been extensive but I finally found this one and it is an amazing product.
This powder is superb it doesn't look like powder on the skin, blends well and give a lovely soft luminosity that makes your skin look alive.
It is also a fab match to for my pale skin.

This powder is around £25 but well worth it as it was such a find for me!

So there we have it 15 gems of the natural product world!

What are your favorites?

You are welcome to leave your comments & blog links below
Jenny xx




  1. The Coming Up Roses Toner sounds lovely. Haven't tried anything from OV Naturals yet.

    1. It's a great toner sometimes the simple products are the best :-) x

  2. You have some lovely products here, lots that I haven't tried. I like Pai :)

    1. Pai is fabulous ! There is only one product I don't like out of their whole range which is rare for a Skincare brand !

  3. Pai Echium Eye Cream Sounds amazing! Actually...the whole Pai brand looks wonderful! I've heard so much about them....I think it's time for me to try some of their products xD. Studio 78 Mineral Blush Shade We Walk in the Fields looks gorgeous! Love that pinkish shade! Wonderful list!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Pai is truely a great brand they do a good sample kit too ! I'm after the brown blush from studio 78 as well lol! Xxxx

  5. We have a few products that are the same :) I adore the Pai eye cream, where did you get the studio 78 blush looks lovely, I swatched them when i was wholefoods and thought they were great. x

  6. Lol! We do :-) great minds think alike xxx
    The studio 78 blush is from
    I'm wearing it in my face of the day post last week (not the vapour organic one the one before that) :-)

  7. Ooh, these look fab! But I knew I was going to love your choice of products having read all your recent reviews :) I'm a big fan of Pai, NYR & Lavera. Must get my Vapour samples ordered! There was a few sample items missing from what I would like to order on Naturismo, so waiting for them to make a reappearance :)xx

    1. Thanks huni x xxx! Loving your list too xx I noticed they were out of stock of most of the samples must be popular lol! Hopefully they will be back in stock soon :-) xx

  8. Love the Pai collection you've got going on. The living nature luminous powder looks amazing. Love your list!

    1. Thanks chick ! Xx ahhhh Pai so very popular it is such a good brand though :-) love the powder too x

  9. Great picks! Seems like Studio 78 is getting a lot of love from bloggers recently and that blush look lovely :) I'm definitely curious to try them out!

    1. Thanks Caitie! I've not seen any reviews for studio 78 so far but I'm glad other bloggers are liking the brand too! xxx

  10. Great post! Neal's Yard is a brand I keep seeing again and again on British beauty blogs, I'd really like to try them at some point. I think there are sellers in the US as well anyways! Interesting read because I don't think I've tried any of these!

    1. Thanks Mary, yes I'm pretty sure Neals Yards in sold in the US, it's a great brand!
      It is really interesting when I read/saw the bloggers choices from outside the UK they were so different and mostly brands I'd not seen before either that's what makes it such a great colaboration though :-) xx

  11. I should probably check out Ren's Cleansing Milk because I'm looking for a good yet mild cream cleanser and light make-up remover. I used to use Living Nature which was good but too expensive then I switched to Akin (not sure whether you've heard of this brand before) which was better but unfortunately triggered my eyelid eczema.

    1. REN is a great brand, and the hydra calm range is really good on sensitive skin, Pai chamomile & rosehip cleanser is devine as well and I would have listed this too but I don't currently have a bottle so didn't!
      I used to use A'kin all the time especially their cleanser but did find it maade my eyes sting a little bit so moved on eventually to other brands. xxxxx

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