Sunday, 3 March 2013

How To Avoid A Soggy Bottom..........................

........and other cookery books!
I had been thinking about up dating my cookery books for a while, in particular books solely about baking cakes which I haven't got. 
 I'd been browsing on Amazon but I like to have a look at recipe books in the flesh and flick through them before buying and you can't do that on line!
Last week I finally found three lovely baking books from Tesco of all strange places! I don't normally go down the book isle anymore since having my Kindle Touch but I decided to have a browse for cookery books not expecting to find anything !

I simply had to have 'How To Avoid a Soggy Bottom a BBC 'Great British Bake Off' book by Gerard Baker,  not only is the name quite hilarious it is actually a really good book.
It has mountains of information on how to avoid common baking disasters like sunken cakes etc plus how to techniques, ingredient explanations and the history of baking plus a few recipes thrown in for good measure.
It's really easy to read and understand, ideal for the beginner baker but I still feel a more experienced one would find something in here to interest them.
  I really love it's vintage style cover and this style is carried on inside, it definitely has a 1940's feel about it which pleases me immensely!
Best of all though it was £7 (RRP £12.99) which I think was a very good price, a fab addition to any cookery book collection.

The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook by Lynn Hill is exactly what I was looking for ~ nothing but gorgeous cake recipe's!
I love the title it makes baking sound soooo naughty and I like that!
Lynn Hill is the founder of the famous, although I'd never heard of it before, Clandestine Cake Club ~ across the UK members of the club meet up, bake, eat and talk about cake and no doubt drink gallons of tea as well!
Sounds like my kind of club ~ I'm all for drinking tea and consuming cake over a good natter!
The book is full to the brim of cake recipe's from it's members, 120 in total so there's going to be a cake recipe for any and every occasion in here.
There are the good old classics, Victoria Sponge, Carrot Cake etc but there are also many unusual recipes  ~  Chocolate Beetroot Cake sounds intriguing!
The book has a beautiful but quirky design and is illustrated throughout with some stunning photography of luscious cakes!
The recipes are well laid out with easy to follow step by step instructions - even a total novice could follow this and produce something good!

There is a small section 'Cake Wrecks' which does cover the most common cake emergencies such as a how to rescue a burnt cake, uncooked middles etc which is handy to have to hand in the same book.
This book set me back all of £9 (RRP £20) ~ again a fab price for a fairly hefty hard backed cook book!

The last book I picked up was ' Entertaining at Home' by Rachel Allen.
This is more of a general cook book, still full of great recipes but centred around, as you might expect, entertaining guests.
The recipes are quite varied, laid out well and easy to follow, with step by step instructions again, although I feel some of them would be more suitable for a experienced cook but there are plenty that a novice could have a go at.

This book is so delightfully presented, it's full of beautiful photography of the dishes themselves, flower arrangements, table designs and of Rachel herself.

I didn't really need this book but fell in love with it's presentation and the fact is was a silly £4.85 (RRP £25) sealed the deal and it went into the trolley!
So if you are looking to expand your cookery book collection I can thoroughly recommend all of these books, especially The Clandestine Cake Club!
What do you think to these books ?
Have you got any favourite cook books you could recommend?
You are welcome to leave your comments,recommendations and blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx

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