Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I won a Dr Hauschka Competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I'd share a little bit of good luck I had recently with you all.
 I entered a competition on Dr Hauschkas facebook page to win a years supply of their famous Rose Day Cream,  and yes you've guessed it I actually won!
I was flabbergasted to say the least, I really couldn't believe it!
It is such a fabulous prize as well, every 45 days for a year I will be sent a new full sized Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream!
My first cream arrived early last week and I was really touched to find a lovey hand written note inside the box too,  I know this is only a small thing but I think it was lovely someone from Dr Hauschka took the time to write it rather than just sending a typed invoice and it made it feel really personal.
So I must say a very big thankyou to Dr Hauschka!
I have used Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream before, it came one month in the Amarya Beauty Box last year when they were still doing full sized products and it really is a lovely moisturiser.
Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Mini Review
It is a rich day cream and is fantastic for dry, sensitive or mature skin. I have sensitive skin which is still a bit combination but heading more towards dry these days and I have had no problem with my skin absorbing the cream,  I just won't use it on the dreaded 'hormonal'week when my skin is likely to be misbehaving and being more combination again!
I find a small pea sized amount is more than enough to do my whole face as it is so concentrated.
With it being such a rich texture, I've found that 'dotting' it around my face first made it easier to smooth in and allowed me to use the 'pea size' more efficiently.
Even after only a few days of use my skin feels very soft, smooth and looks very conditioned after using it.  It also made a good base for make up.
The cream is full of a potent mix of beautiful botanicals including rose oil and rose hip extract and has the extract of over 1075 organic rose petals in every tube.
It is, I think, quite highly fragranced.  It does smell of roses but it's not a fresh rose it's more of a herby botanical rose. There is nothing synthetic in here so you are just smelling the natural fragrances of the plant based ingredients.
I don't mind the smell and it does dissipate after a few minutes anyway, but if you are sensitive to smells I would try and pick up a sample first.
I'm really pleased with this cream and although I won't use it continuously 24/7 as I have my staple Pai moisturisers and other pots and tubes of moisturisers I'm trying out it as well, I will be reaching for it on those days when I feel my skin needs a extra boost of moisture and soothing protection.
It's certainly one I'd recommend to have in your moisturiser 'armoury' if you have any sort of dry/sensitive skin.
All Dr Hauschka products are not tested on animals, only use natural ingredients and are free from synthetic preservatives and scents.
Have you tired Dr Hauschkas Rose Day Cream?
You are welcome to leave your comments, recommendations & blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx



  1. What an awesome prize, I found a tube of this to last forever so you will never run out with a years supply! I love the smell of this too. x

    1. lol! I know! I might have to give one away in a competition or something - share my good fortune !xxx

  2. Wow! So fab, well done you! Love the fact its a whole years supply and the little note to go with it is such a lovely touch. Well I love rose and sensitive skin = check. This is one to try :) xx

  3. Sure! :) Thanks for coming by my blog and following. :D

  4. Best prize EVER! :D
    Well done x

    1. It it pretty fab isn't it! thanks Kerry xx

  5. Wow what a great win! Looks like such a lovely product, guess you're set for the next year then! :p x

    1. Thanks ! I think I'll be set for two years as one tube lasts eons and I won't be using it every day either lol! xxx