Friday, 8 March 2013

Leighton Denny 'Best Of British' Crystal Nail Files

If you are not the proud owner of a crystal nail file yet, then may I present for your consideration Leighton Denny's latest very patriotic version of his award winning crystal files!

I have been using a crystal nail file for years now, and it lives happily in my handbag, however I only  have the one so it has to come out when I do a proper manicure and I have sometimes forgotten to put it back in my handbag, and you know girls, you always break a nail when you haven't got a nail file with you!
This has happened once too often now so I decided to treat myself to a nice new crystal file to keep at home with all my other manicure paraphernalia!

I had had my eye on Leighton Denny's standard duo crystal nail file set for a while, but then I spotted these little beauties,  their Union Jack flag design is just so gloriously British that I had to have them instead!

They arrived in a very swish black glossy box, and the files themselves come in a very chic and sturdy Leighton Denny branded white pouch. Not only does this look very stylish it also provides very good protection for the crystal files.

The crystal files are superb quality and very easy to use, they just glide across the nail, turning the nail filings to dust and sealing the end of your nails properly, rather than ripping at your nails like emery boards do and can help prevent splitting and peeling nails.

Crystal nail files will last you a lifetime, as log as you don't drop and smash them, I just give mine a wash every now and then to remove the nail dust from them and they are as good as new!

These are a exclusive design to QVC and are under item number 203070 for £22.92 - the RRP is £28 though.

I know this is a expensive price for a nail file, when emery boards are only a pound or two, but they are worth every penny as they last a lifetime,  100 times better quality than emery boards, so much better for your nails and look so much more sophisticated!

So if you haven't invested in a crystal nail file yet, then my advise is do, you won't regret it!

The plain version of this duo is available from Beauty Bay and is on sale at the moment reduced from £28 to £22.40

My other Crystal file was purchased from ebay years ago but the same file is available from LucyRose for £9.99 this is a more budget friendly option but still works perfectly well, and has pretty sparkly swarovski crystal on it - and who doesn't like a bit of sparkle!

Have you converted to a crystal nail file yet?
You are welcome to leave your comments & blog links below,
Till next time my lovelies xx
Jenny x


  1. These look fantastic, I especially love the union jack design and the fact that they have a box, I need to invest in a new file too I only have the onw and always seem to break a nail at work. I hope these stay on the website until next month. x

  2. I absolutely love these crystal files! Pampered Prince did a review on them a while back and I just loved it. They are slightly expensive but I imagine, unlike sandscraper files, they last much longer and are worth the money. I like the one from Lucy Rose too, might consider purchasing! xx