Friday, 1 March 2013

Madara Moonkissed Rose Tinted Lip Gloss Review

Madara Moonkissed Rose Tinted Lip Gloss is described as
" a super shiny natural lip gloss with volume boosting plant lipids and northern rose hip. Enchants & seduces"
"Lips look like a glistening rose hip blossom in the moonlight"
Well who wouldn't want their lips to look like glistening rose hips in the moonlight?
 I certainly would - I think Mr RHBD would probebly appreciate it too!
The lip gloss comes very nicely packaged in a smart white box and is made from 100% natural ingredients,  5% of which are from organic farming.

 The lip gloss itself is just gorgeous and is my favourite at the moment.  It comes in a plastic tube with a slanted end so you simply dispense the gloss straight from this onto your lips, couldn't be simpler you don't even need a mirror !
It is the most perfect rosy nude colour with a hint of golden shimmer, this isn't really 'sparkly' it just catches the light and give a glow to the lips which is really pretty.
It is the more 'browny' side of pink though, rather than a 'pinky' pink.
On my lips it just enhances their natural colour by one shade so looks very natural.
 It is ideal for 'no make up' make up looks or on tinted moisturiser days, although I have worn it with full make up and it still looks flattering.

I find it moisturising on my lips and I haven't experienced any stinging from the 'volume boosting plant lipids' which can happen with other plumping type lip glosses.
I have thin lips so would appreciate them being plumed up, but I can't say that this gloss has added any volume to them in my opinion, but to be honest can any lip gloss really plump up your lips to any noticable degree?
I'm not convinced it can,  but I live in hope!
It is a tiny bit sticky though, not fly paper sticky, but you can certainly feel you have it on your lips, however it still feels comfortable on,  and believe me I'm the first to have a paddy at 'sticky' lip glosses!
The wear time is pretty good, a couple of hours or so before re application is required. It did come off faster when drinking and eating but this is normal for any lip gloss.
It is quite sweetly scented, it smells just like the Vapour Organic elixr lip glosses, it's very difficult to describe ~ fruity sweet is the best I can come up with,  I really like it,  but fragrance is such a personal thing that you really need to smell it yourself to make a judgement!
If you are looking for a new lip gloss or a little gift for someone, then I can thoroughly recommend considering this as a option and at £9.00 for 15ml I think its a bargin for a 100% natural product.
It is also available in 'Sunkissed Bronze' which I imagine would be amazing for summer with a tan.
Both shades are available from
Have you tried any other Madara products?
You are welcome to leave your comments, recommendations & blog links below.
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. This looks lovely, I had this lipgloss ages ago when they were packaged in a pot, I liked it but accidently put it through the washing machine, the new packaging is much better. x

  2. Oh no ! I've put a few lip balms in pockets through the washing machine too lol! Xxx