Saturday, 2 March 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition Fragrance Review

Marc Jacobs original Daisy and Daisy eau so Fresh are two of my favourite 'every day' fragrances.
 They are both soft, fresh and very feminine and the bottle's are just so adorable with their pretty 'daisies' on the lid.
When I discovered a new Daisy fragrance 'Sunshine' had been released I knew I had to see what it was like.
Luckily there was a sample of it to smell on a page in this months Marie Claire (April 2013)  magazine along with Daisy eau so Fresh.
I fell in love with it straight away, it is lovely!
The 'Sunshine' element is obvious, the colour of the liquid fragrance is sunshine personified, a bright sunny orange and the daisies on the lid are very vibrantly coloured in pink, green & orange.
The packaging is so very pretty too, white with lots of little embossed pink, green and orange daisies, this immediatly 'ticked my fancy' ~  I am a flower-a-holic I'm afraid!
Daisy Sunshine is described as a 'fresh fruity floral' so if you like this category of fragrance then you may well like this too.
Fragrance is such a personal thing that it will be difficult for me to try and describe this but I will do my best!
 The top notes of the fragrance are mandarin, guava and red currant. The heart is composed of lily of the valley, lychee and violet,  and the base of blonde woods and musk.
You can really smell the mandarin and citrus notes when you first smell the fragrance, it is so uplifting and fresh and immediately made me feel 'summery'!
  It gives a real fruity hit but it's not sharp on the nose, the guava and red current balance the fruitiness making it sweeter.
 The guava came through next for me and mixed with the mandarin really made a mouth watering combination!
After a while the fragrance did settle down to a light but warmer scent, and the floral elements came through more, I could detect the lily of the valley and lychee but not so much the violet.  I didn't really notice the base notes of blonde woods and musk, which to be honest I was pleased about as I'm not a big fan of musk, the fragrance just stayed in the middle notes for me.
Although this is a eau de toilette it does have pretty good staying power, I could still smell it on my wrists several hours after spraying it.
I would say to me,  this is definitely more on the fruity side of fruity floral and quite different to the original Daisy and Daisy eau So Fresh.
It reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, it doesn't smell like it at all,  but it just has that same fresh fruity floral element to it. I always wear Sunflowers in the spring and summer as well, so perhaps that's what it is!
This to me is the perfect summer time fragrance.
 The sun was out today it felt so good to wear something lighter and fresher reminding me spring is around the corner and warmer days will be coming - fingers crossed!
Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine is a limited edition release and retails for £45 for 50ml, I purchased mine in store from Debenhams.
I had £15 on my Debenhams beauty card and this weekend they are offering £5 off any fragrance purchase over £40 so I managed to get this for quite a good reduction.
I also was given a complimentary Marc Jacobs umbrella with my purchase, I wasn't too fussed about this at first until I got it home and opened it up!
Then I was very pleased with it, it is just sooooo pretty and feminine!
It features the Marc Jacobs Fragrance 'symbols' Daisy, Dot, and Oh Lola!, and its a fairly big size too!
Even Mr RHBD was impressed with it for a freebie!
I'm not sure if this umbrella is going to be given away free with purchase at every Debenhams Store but it's worth asking if you are thinking of buying this fragrance.
What do you think to Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine?
You are welcome to leave your comments and blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Marc Jacobs does amazing perfumes. There are so many from this brand that I like. Love the packaging. The little flowers on top is so cute.But most of all, LOVE THE UMBRELLA! I WANT IT!Lovely review! Have a nice weekend!

    1. Lol! the umbrella is fab isn't it? for once a freebie that's actually really nice!
      Hae agreat weekend too x

  2. This sounds lovely (I also tried the wee sample in Marie Claire!). I used to love Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers :) Love the free umbrella too very pretty x

    1. Cant wait to get my sunflowers out again too xx this umbrella has caused more fuss and interest than the perfume hahaha! It is fab though :-)

  3. is it sweeter than Daisy eau so fresh?

  4. Hi M R it's certainly totally different to eau so fresh, which to me is very floral. I'd say yes it is sweeter but in a fruity way rather than all out floral. Xxxx

  5. I hope this smells as good as it looks! I love daisy and daisy eau so fesh so i'll definitely have to give this a try!

  6. hi Charlotte :-) x I really love it, I hope you like it too - don't forget you can have a smell in this months Marie Claire magazine xxx