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Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eye Shadow Sticks Review

I have been using Vapour Organic Cosmetics for well over a year now, it might even be two,  long before I started my natural make up mission in earnest this year, as I have always been interested in natural make up.

These cream eye shadow sticks have been on my 'to review' list for a long time but after having requests from a few of my lovely readers for my views on them,  I thought it was high time I did a proper post on them!
Vapour Organic describe their Mesmerize Eye Colour Sticks as ~
Containing NO chemical adhesives. Chemical adhesives are designed to achieve longer wear time, but can irritate and prematurely age the delicate eye area. Mesmerize may be worn alone or as a nourishing base-coat topped with a powdered mineral shadow for more dramatic effects and extended wear.
Made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments & vitamins. Nourishes with Vapour’s Eye Specific Infusion of anti-inflammatory Chrysanthemum, anti-inflammatory Eyebright herb and circulatory enhancing Horsetail herb.

Ingredients ~

 Organic/Bio Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Organic/Bio Cera Alba (Beeswax), Silica, Castor Isostearate Beeswax Succinate, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Organic/Bio Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Chrysanthemum Flowers), Organic/Bio Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright), Organic/Bio Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) [+/-: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499), Mica (CI 77019), Carmine (CI 75470)]
I have had these shadow sticks for around a year and they are a mixture of the Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eye Shimmer and Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eye Colour.
I actually didn't realise I had 8 of these sticks and one duplicate colour! So it's a probably no bad thing I've collected them all together,  perhaps I'd better do a 'stocktake' of all my other cosmetics one day!!!
All Vapour Organic products come beautifully packaged and these eye shadows are no exception.
I have two types of Mesmerize packaging here.  The eye shadows usually come in the very sleek and modern dark blue glossy metal tubes, but I have three that are in paler blue plastic tubes, I ordered these directly from Vapour Organic in the USA as a special offer set, I can't remember the exact offer but it was something like three for the price of one so I assume this is why they are in,  what is probably slightly cheaper packaging to allow the price reduction.
Either way they are exactly the same quality product inside.
The eye shadows are dispensed like a lipstick, you simply twist the base of the tube and they 'push up'.
All the Mesmerize Eye Sticks are cream shadows, they are designed to be used either direct from the stick or onto your finger first and then blended out using your fingers, so nice and easy application needing very little skill or precise make up application technique.
The quality of them is superb, they are soft,  blendable and well pigmented.  They do need warming up on the back of your hand first to get them 'going' but it only takes a couple of swirls and they are good to go. I haven't used any of these shadows in months and after a quick swirl on my hand they were ready to apply!
They last fairly well on the lid for a cream shadow and are the longest lasting cream shadows I have tried but I do always use a eye primer first.
They do crease after three or four hours,  but this should come as no surprise, as all cream shadows crease no matter what, it's the nature of the beast I'm afraid!
  A quick pat and blend again and they are perfect again for another few hours.
I feel they are best suited to 'casual days' where a more polished or defined eye look is not required.
I like to wear them as either as single sweep of colour or I wear 'Sugar' as an all over base and then apply say Cinder and Ember over the top, but you could create numerous combinations with all these colours as they compliment each other so well.

All these colours are nice and neutral.
The above photo from the left the colours are as follows
1. Ember 608 ~ Mesmerize Eye Shimmer
2.  Charm 601 ~ Mesmerize Eye Colour
3. Flash 602 ~ Mesmerize Eye Colour
4. Cinder 609 ~ Mesmerize Eye Shimmer
5. Sugar 611 ~ Mesmerize Eye Shimmer

Natural Daylight the swatched colours from the left are
1. Sugar 611 ~ Shimmery pale pink
2.Charm 601 ~ Peachy Pink
3.Cinder 609 ~ Shimmery Nude
4. Ember 608 ~ Shimmery Dark Metallic Brown
5. Flash 602  ~ Rustic Brown

Same colours as above from left under incandescent light

The above photo from the left colours are
1. Firefly 607 ~ Mesmerize Eye Shimmer
2. Smoulder 605 ~ Mesmerize Eye Colour
3. Ember 608 ~ Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Duplicate!)

Natural Daylight the swatched colours from left are ~
1. Ember 608 ~ Shimmery Dark Metallic Brown
2. Smoulder 605 ~ Chocolate Brown
3. Firefly 607 ~ Metallic Copper
Same colours as above in incandescent lighting
I really love all these shimmery shades, you can really see them in their full glory under incandescent lighting!
 They all look good against a pale skin but would be flattering on any skin tone.
If you are looking for a really good quality cream eyeshadow then look no further,
Vapour Organic has got it covered!
All Vapour Organic products are 100% natural, and contain 70% certified organic ingredients & 30% minerals & vitamins. There are no toxic chemicals, parabens, phalates, no gluten, no nano particles and they do not test on animals.
Vapour Organic is also committed to only using certified organic beeswax,  this helps support dwindling bee colonies,  protecting their natural environment by not using pesticides that are a major contributory factor in their decline, enabling them to thrive.
For more information on Vapour Organic please click here
Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eye Shadow Sticks are £15.00 each
I purchased mine from
Have you tried any Vapour Organic Products ?
You are welcome to leave your comments & blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx







  1. They sound great! I think I need Sugar...and maybe Ember too :)

    1. Ohhhh yes I think so lol! Sugar and ember are both fab! Xxx

  2. Ooooh, they're available at Naturismo? Fantastic, I've only found USA links... excited! Love the Sugar colour, fab for a daytime look. Tempted by many others as well haha. Have you tried any other Vapour products? xxx

    1. Yes chick I've got blush, lipsticks, lipgloss, lip balms, highlighters, lol! All lovely!
      Naturismo do good samples of VO they are slices of the sticks so last quite a while I've got a blush sample that's still going from last year! They are £1 each so good value too, have a browse of their make up samples section :-) xxxx

    2. Thanks Jenny, will do! :D xxx

  3. I haven't tried anything from Vapour but they look great! I never have trouble with shadow creasing (wish the same could be said for concealer!) so will definitely try a few shades at some point. I love shimmery shadow, I look half dead without it.

    1. Ohhh you are soo lucky my shadows always crease especially cream ones lol!
      UD eye primer sorts it out though lol! Xxxx

  4. OMG OMG! I'm so sorry for spamming the OMG, but I really can't stop saying it through my whole reading! Those colors....THEY ARE GORGEOUS! Oh I really love them! I feel like purchasing them noooowww! But they are quite expensive =(. I have tried VO before. Wasn't very impressed with their foundation. I'm not too sure if it's because of the shipping...and the weather it went through, but the smell of the foundation was just unbearable. Love their lipsticks + concealers though. So sad that the foundation did not work out for me....had high expectations from them =( Now you just added another makeup product in my wish list U.U Great post! ^.^

    1. Hahahaha ! Hilarious ! I think you like?!
      I've tried their foundation and primer and it was terrible really oily and hardly any coverage for foundation !
      If you can get hold of samples where you are it's worth it especially of the blush and shadows as they are slices of the sticks (well the ones I've had have been anyway) and are quite long lasting xxxx

  5. Oh dear, I am so jealous of your Vapour Organics collection. All the colours look so natural for everyday wear and they're beautiful. The Firefly and Ember are really nice. Thanks for showing us your haul!

    1. LOL! bless you xxx
      It is quite a collection but it did take me a while to accumilate it though!
      They are all really great shades - would suit almost anyone ;-)