Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bee -autiful Competition ~

How Exciting is this ! My very first blog competition !!
It has been quite a while in the making as I wanted to make it a good one!
My main aim for this competition is to raise awareness of our declining Honey Bee's ~ I recently wrote a post on this subject 'Beauty & The Bee', and I would really like to encourage you all to do a little something to help and to try and incorporate bee friendly beauty products in your skincare regimes.
All the prizes are from companies I have mentioned in my Beauty & The Bee post, as they are all either bee keepers directly or supporters of the bee keeping industry, via their use of honey and bee related ingredients such as propolis.
There are 5 prizes up for grabs as follows ~
1st Prize
Neals' Yard

 Bee Lovely Hand Wash 295ml & Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm 15g
2nd Prize
Chain Bridge Honey Farm Lavender Gift Box
Contains ~
Lavender Hand Balm 50g
Lavender Hand Cream 50g
Lavender Lip Balm 18g

3rd Prize
Bee Fruitful Small Gift Basket
Contains ~
Honey Beeswax Soap
Bath bombs x2
Bee Hive Skep Candle
Small Jar of Honey & Wooden Honey Spoon
Mandarin Lip Balm
4th Prize

London Honey Company Selection
Contains ~
'By Appointment to the Queen Bee' Tote Bag
Lavender Lip Balm
Jar of British Summer Honey
5th Prize
Apples & Pears
Wild Rose Lip Balm

Prizes 2 - 4 will also have a sample of Unbeelievable Bee Prepared Immune Support Capsules included.
These were kindly donated free of charge by Unbeelievable Health ~ Thankyou.
Competition Rules
Entering is simple!
1. You must be a follower of my blog via Blogluvin' or GFC (google friend connect).
2. Leave a comment in the comment box below telling me how you are going to help bees this summer.
 It doesn't have to be something big, it could be planting a bee friendly plant in your garden, incorporating bee friendly beauty products into your regime etc.
3. Along with your comment please let me know how you are following me (blogluvin' or GFC) and your email address where I can contact you if you are a winner.
 If you have a Twitter account then you can leave your twitter name as well if you prefer me to contact you via Twitter DM (direct message)
The competition will run for 3 weeks so everyone has time to enter, ending at midnight on Saturday 5th May, winners will be announced in a blog post Sunday 5th May.
The 5 winners will be picked at random and contacted for their address details, if I receive no reply after 1 week of contacting a winner, another one will be picked at random.
My decision will be final in all cases.
Good Luck everyone, I'm looking foreword to reading your entries!


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Wow what an amazing competition.

    I would love to enter. To help bees this summer I am going to continue to buy organic food such as vegetables and fruits. I am going to try and make people more aware that people are in decline and what they can do to help.

    I am following you on both GFC, twitter and bloglovin'. My email address is

    Twitter name @dannistokes

    Good luck to everyone else that enters :) xx

  2. Brilliant prizes and brilliant idea behind the competition. I must admit, I don't know much about the bee decline. I use propolis gel from SBC but should really think about switching to a brand that donates something towards it.

    I follow via GFC & Twitter: @lippybblogger
    Email: lippybblogger@hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  3. I love how you're supporting the cause :) I support this cause by stop using pesticides and making some handmade wild bee houses :)
    I follow via Bloglovin' as Noor Unnahar

    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. What a fantastic giveaway with such gorgeous prizes. x
    I'm going to be planting lavender bushes this year in my herb plot. I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin and Twitter.
    @Beauty_Balm x

  5. I love this idea Jenny and the ethos behind the bees :) Also loving the bag! I'm already very careful with the products I buy but I'm also going to be considering adding more to the herb garden this year, plus some more flowers. Although, I might need another pot!! xx

    Follow you on GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook, SSB, G+ & Twitter (LOL!!) :D

    Tweet @organiclassie

  6. Such lovely goodies :) I am going to plant Bee friendly plants in my new garden and I am going to buy from bee friendly companies. I follow on Bloglovin, GFC and Twitter my twitter handle is @Anagoesgreen and my email is xxx

  7. This is such a fantastic giveaway and promoting such a good cause too! I wrote an essay a little while ago for my ES degree about the decline of bees and the disasters which will happen if people and companies don't change their ways, it's terrifying :(

    I will be planting more bee friendly flowers this Spring and continuing to garden using only organic and natural methods . I follow you via GFC and Twitter - @beautywolfgirl / beautywolfgirl(at)gmail(dot)com

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  8. Hi Jenny, second time lucky! Hopefully I can get it to publish. I loved your written piece documenting the concerns regarding our precious bees, it's a subject I had no knowledge on. I'd like to thank you for beginning it to our attention, and by following it up with this outstanding giveaway. I'm planning to Di something with my garden to help, like a area for wildlife including inviting bees to thrive. I need to research more into this. Thank you again xxx Jen

  9. This is such a fun giveaway and your bee article was really eye opening, thank you for it. I'm going to TRY to be more bee friendly by not killing them when they attack me. They terrify me and I generally get to my Portuguese roots by grabbing a slipper to chase them instead of praying they go Xo
    Following on BL, twitter & gfc - ecochicbeautydiva/ ecochicbeautyd

  10. I absolutely love your attitude towards bee-friendly products! I love Burt's Bees products and love seeing the bumbles buzzing around my flower-filled back garden. So i'll definitely be using bee-friendly products and me and my mom have been thinking about buying a 'solitary bee-house' which i have only just recently hear dof but i think the idea is brilliant!
    Following on both Bloglovin and GFC - Angie McDonald
    Twitter: Angiereviews

  11. What a fantastic comp - very generous of you hun...and all for a good cause too.
    I will make sure I plant many many pretty flowers and plants to attract the bees (and other wildlife which I'm in love with).
    When I get my own place I want to get some lovely little bee houses that I've seen online :)

    I'm following on GFC: Kerry Seery
    Twitter: @kezzaseery
    My email:

  12. What a beautiful contest!

    As I shared with you previously, I will be planting lots and lots of chemical-free flowers! Water and that's all there will be! Oh and of course, the dear dear sun. I have a huge huge garden! Will love to see bunch of little bees coming and picking in the flowers.

    I'm following you on almost anywhere possible. Bloglovin, SheSaidBeauty, blablabla.
    Twitter: @lonelykiwee

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity!As well as thinking about these little cute bees~~~

  13. This is a fab competition - well done for raising awareness of the decline of bees.

    I'm a Neal's Yard consultant so I use the Bee Lovely range almost everyday and sell it onto my customers as 5% gets donated to bee friendly causes.

    I'm following you on BlogLovin!

    Twitter: @amber_felce

    Thank you for holding such a lovely competition!


  14. This is a fab giveaway! I will be helping bee's by trying out the Neal's Yard range of bee products.

    I follow you via Bloglovin' My name is Charlotte Hosking/jazzypebble

    Twitter: @charhosking

  15. This is such a lovely giveaway!
    This summer I will be using more products with organic honey & beeswax because they're so beneficial to the skin and they smell delicious. I love honey in everything, it smells great, tastes great and does good!
    I am following you on both bloglovin' and google friend connect. My twitter name is @LittleTea1 and I will come up as 'Lucy Lou'.
    Good luck everyone! x

  16. Wow, what a cool first competition!

    I've been trying to help the bees by looking into sites like: Supporting skincare companies that support the bees, and by signing various petitions to stop the use of certain pesticides - like this:

    I'm following you on Bloglovin and on Twitter as @GFMGFY

    Good luck all! x