Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bloom Remedies & Naturismo Haul ~ My First Impressions!

My much awaited parcels from Bloom Remedies and Naturismo arrived this morning and I thought I would share them with you and give my very first impressions of everything!
I have been eyeing up Bloom Remedies products for quite a while but was having a hard time deciding which products to buy as everything looks gorgeous on their website!
After much deliberation I decided to order just three products to give me a flavour of their range.
Strawberry Lip Balm  ~ £4.00
This 100% organic balm is soil association certified and smells ridiculously good, seriously the strawberry smells so mouth watering that I want to just eat it up!

It's a really soft balm too, which makes application easy and feel nice on the lips.
First Impressions ~ Gorgeous I want more of these!
Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Nourishing Body Butter 50g  ~ £7.99
Again this butter is 100% natural and certified organic by the soil association.
I did really dither over this one as I don't like the smell of geranium in products, it can be quite over powering.
 However I am very pleased to say this butter smells absolutely divine, no one botanical extract seems to dominate, it just has a lovely fragrance of the entire blend.
I have to admit though I was rather surprised when I opened the tub.  As this is described as a body butter, I was expecting a thick cream, however it isn't it is a balm, rather like a lip balm texture.
I don't mind as such but I did really want a body cream.
Other than that though the butter is lovely and very soft in texture and will be ideal for me to use on my cuticles and Mr RHBD will be testing this out on his very dry elbows!
First Impressions ~ Not exactly what I expected a body butter to be,  but I still think it's a beautiful product.
Gentle Toner with Chamomile & Rose Sensitive Skin 100ml ~ £8.99
Natural & Organic Soil Association certified flower waters make up this toner.
Smells beautiful, and feels nice and cooling on the back of my hand.
First Impressions ~ I think I'm going to really like this one.
Overall I am pleased with everything so far from Bloom Remedies, they are reasonably priced and beautifully packaged.
All Bloom Remedies products are cruelty free, 90% Soil Association Approved Organic and made right here in Cornwall, UK.
Visit their website here
I treated myself to a little haul from  I could seriously go crazy on this website they have too many gorgeous natural brands to choose from!
Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Polish 113g ~ £7.95
It will be flip flop weather soon, yes it will really!! I have faith in the British weather!
So was looking for a good foot scrub and this took my fancy, I wanted the foot cream too but it was out of stock!
This really is lovely, it smells just like peppermint creams ! It feels nice and gritty so should be good for tackling my neglected winter feet!
First Impressions ~ Smells good enough to eat and so far has made the back of my hand really soft!
I like it and if the foot cream smells the same I must have it!
Deep Steep Honeydew & Spearmint Foaming Handwash 237ml ~ £6.95
I wanted to try this out as it was a foaming wash, and yes it does come out of the bottle as a foam!
Smells lovely and fresh and left my hands nice and soft and delicately scented.
First Impressions ~ Lovely product, does the job and will be great in my kitchen, want to try the other handwash varieties now too!
All Deep Steep products are not tested on animals and free of chemical ingredients and preservatives.
Bellapierre 5 Shadow Go Natural Palette in shade Go Natural ~ £30
This was on my Wish list Wednesday post a couple of weeks ago and I've finally got my little paws on it!
Stunning 100% mineral eyeshadows in neutral nude colours - all shimmery and gorgeous!
First Impressions ~ WOW! is all I can say love the colours and the compact packaging!
So pleased with my colour choice so far and can't wait to try these out properly on the eye!
Trevarno Calendula Soap ~ £3.50
This soap just took my fancy and I wanted it to give my hands and nails really good scrub when I've been gardening. I will be getting 'down & dirty' pretty soon as I am already behind in the garden because of the foul weather we have been experiencing!
First Impressions ~ Smells lovely and looks nice too, it has little pieces of Calendula flower dispersed within it.  Lathers up well and leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth.
Really pleased with it,  does the job and is affordable too.
Juice Beauty CC Cream Sample Natural Glow ~ £3.95
I wanted to give this a try but needed a sample first as I am so pale usually even the Light options in these type of creams are too dark!
First Impressions ~ Pleased it is pale enough for me, doesn't give much cover on the back of my hand but will reserve judgement till I've actually tried it on my face.
I'm not too keen on the smell and feel it was abit expensive for a 5ml sample but still cheaper than risking a potential mistake with the full sized version.
TSI-LA Perfume Samples Selection ~ £7.50 for 5 3.25ml Samples
I'd seen these certified organic natural perfumes talked about alot on different 'green' blogs and wanted to give them a try, however the full sized perfumes are £75 each so a sample is all I'm going to get !
First Impressions ~ I was impressed with all but one of these, Kesu didn't really float my boat, but the other 4 are all lovely.
My favourites are Fiori D'Arancio and Kizes, but Fleur Sauvage & Ilang Ilang are lovely too.
My only complaint is the bottles are not labelled up,  they are stuck in the card next to where their names are printed so you could easily get them mixed up if you weren't careful.
Overall though they do come in a lovely card packet and are worth the money if you are wanting to try out natural perfumes.
Vapour Organic Siren Lipstick Sample in Tryst £1.00
Fabulous 100% natural lipstick.
First Impressions ~ Lovely flattering pinky red shade, good pigmentation.
I like it and will buy the full size at some point!
Beginning Hydrating Lip & Cheek Balm 15ml ~ Free Gift
This was my free gift from Naturismo, and although Beginning is actually a natural baby range this balm will be perfectly fine for me to use as a lip balm!
First Impressions ~ The balm is nice and smells faintly of lavender. It is however extremely difficult to get out of the tube, it really takes some squeezing to even get a tiny amount out!
As a freebie it's OK but I wouldn't purchase it myself.
You can browse Natursimo.coms website here
So that's it! my little spending spree for this month ~ up to now anyway!
Has anything taken your fancy from my goodies?
As ever you are all welcome to leave your comments & blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx




  1. I'm feeling the need to order the Peppermint Foot Polish & Handwash, I love peppermint!

  2. Looks like you got some great stuff! The Candy Mint is my favorite scent from Deep Steep :)

    1. I've never tried deep steep before but I am really loving the candy mint as well :-) xx

  3. Great haul! I love Deep Steep and have just recently received a Bloom Remedies order too x

    1. Ohhh I will keep an eye out for your reviews on bloom remedies too xxx

  4. Love hauls & seeing other peoples hauls! See you snuck another Vapour product in there ;) I love Bellapierre eyeshadows and it's so good you got your wish!! I'd love to try the Deep Steep!! xxx

    1. Lol! The vapour recovery just had to be done ! I seem to be drawn to more daring colours of lipstick at the moment for some reason !

  5. Wow all the products you've bought have made me want to go on a massive spending splurge now! The Bloom Remedy products sound like they have the most amazing scents! And Deep Steep is one of my favourites brands, I've really loved everything I've tried from them so far. Juice beauty is also on my wish list - so many things i want to try from them! I'd love to see reviews on any of the items you bought :) Might just pop over to Naturismo now...

    1. Lol! I take no responsibility for a spending spree hahahaha! Naturismo is a dangerous site to browse ! :-) xxxx
      Reviews will be coming :-) xxxxxx

  6. Everything looks great! I am loving the product that I got from bloom so I am looking forward to seeing how you get on :) x

  7. I'm really loving them all too :-) xxxxx

  8. So pleased to hear you are loving Deep Steep, we are so pleased we brought it into the uk :). We've got the new fragrances of Passion Fruit Guava (smells divine and pink!) and Brown Sugar Vanilla on their way to us, so please do let us know if you want any more information on this lovely brand.