Friday, 19 April 2013

Bloom Remedies Strawberry Organic Lip Balm & Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Body Butter

Bloom Remedies is a company that I have been wanting to try for some time, they encompass everything I look for in a skincare company.
 They are British, based in my favourite place Cornwall. They make all their products fresh and by hand in small batches, using the best organic ingredients and minimise the use of natural preservatives. Their products are soil association approved and they do not test on animals.
After much deliberating I decided to order three products, the Strawberry Organic Lip Balm, Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Body Butter and Gentle Toner for sensitive skin.
Today I want to share my thoughts on the Strawberry Organic Lip Balm and Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Body Butter.

My parcel from Bloom Remedies came beautifully wrapped in tissue and was obviously packaged up with care, it really was a joy to receive!

The Strawberry Organic
 Lip Balm is absolutely gorgeous! I am loving the cute little aluminium tin and the balm itself is what can only be described as strawberry heaven! It smells exactly like strawberries, so juicy and fresh, it really makes my mouth water and I just want to eat it! ( please don't though!)
I have really become addicted to this little balm, not only because of the amazing scent, but it also because it leaves my lips so soft and supple, and is lovey and soft so it is easy to apply and feels comfortable on.

The balm is 100% natural,  no nasty petrochemicals that are usually found in normal lip balms here, just beautiful botanicals.
If you only try just one product from Bloom Remedies, then I am seriously recommending this lip balm!
~Full Ingredients ~
Sweet almond oil*, Shea butter*, Beeswax*, Sunflower seed oil*, Coconut oil*, Cocoa butter*, Castor oil*, Organic strawberry aroma extract*. *Organic ingredient
Bloom Remedies Strawberry Organic Lip Balm is a very affordable £4 for 15ml.
There are two other varieties to choose from ~ Citrus Organic and Peppermint & Cardamom which both sound equally as lovely and I will be buying once my spending ban is over!
Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Organic Body Butter is another fabulous product, I really love it now, although when it first arrived I was slightly disappointed, not because there was anything wrong with it in essence, but as it was a 'body butter' I expected it to be a thick whipped cream, however this is definitely a balm texture.
It comes in the same type of Aluminium tin as the lip balm, just bigger!
The first thing that struck me was the amazing scent coming from this little pot! It has a lovely botanical aroma, really fresh, I can smell the orange essential oil but it is blended with all the other botanical ingredients to make a very uplifting scent.
This balm is super moisturising and would be perfect for anyone with dry skin on their body, I really love to use it on my hands as a overnight treatment, I wake up with super, super soft moisturised hands!

My main use for this though at the moment is as a cuticle balm.
My cuticles have been is a shocking state for a few months now and although I do use hand creams in abundance, nothing was really improving my cuticles!
They are dry, bitty and not looking all that appealing, and I have been suffering from a few peeling nails as well so have had to keep them very short until the issue is resolved!
I can hands down say just after one overnight application of this to my cuticles were looking 100 times better, moisturised and alot more healthy. My nails were also gleaming, they had such a lovely sheen!
The difference is this moisturisation carried on into the day as well, although I do apply some more to my nails in the afternoon, just to keep everything really moisturised!
They still have a long way to go but I am confident this butter is going to transform my cuticles and nails back to their previous beauty!
I put this down to the quality of the organic oils and of course the expert blend.
The balm is very very soft, which makes it easy to apply, there is nothing worse than a hard as nails balm that you are having to scrape out of a pot!
Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Organic Body Butter is 100% natural and has some really effective botanical ingredients such as shea butter, organic rosehip oil, meadowfoam oil and is rich in naturally occurring vitamins A, C & E
~ Full Ingredients ~
Sweet almond oil*, Sunflower seed oil*, Shea butter*, Cold pressed olive oil*, Beeswax*, Meadowfoam oil*, Rosehip oil*, Sweet orange essential oil*, Vitamin E, Geranium essential oil*, Cardamom essentail oil*. *Organic ingredient
Orange, Cardamom & Geranium Organic Body Butter is £7.99 for 50g
In my opinion the cost of Bloom Remedies products does no in way reflect their quality, they are incredibly affordable,  but have the performance of a product with a much higher price tag.
Personally I am very thankful for this, not only for myself,  but I am aware I am quite often reviewing products that are good but expensive, so it's nice to be able to share something that hopefully will be within the budget of most of you lovelies!
All of these products are available from Bloom Remedies here
At the moment Bloom Remedies has teamed up with the adorable Ana over on Ana Goes Green blog to give a 15% discount to all of Ana's readers.
Ana has done a very informative review of Bloom Remedies Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange Organic Moisturiser, which you can read here, you will also be able to get the 15% discount code from Ana's blog.
Ana not only has a fabulous green blog, which I thoroughly enjoy reading,  but is a genuinely lovely person too and I totally recommend heading on over and checking her blog out!
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Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx



  1. Great post! I also love Bloom Remedies products having picked up a couple recently x

    1. Yay! I thought they would be your cup of tea :-) xxxx

  2. I was looking at the strawberry lipbalm last week but another lip balm is the last thing I need so talked myself out of it. This post has made me want it even more now though.

    1. Lol! I'm sure you would love it Fran - might only lead on to more purchases though lol! Xx

  3. I have added both of these on to my wishlist, you know I am loving Bloom! And thank you for the lovely mention, it has really made my day! I feel really lucky to have met some wonderful people through blogging :) x

  4. What a great way to start the day.... reading fabulous reviews makes me think that my job is even more lovely and rewarding, and especially when the review is followed with great comments. Thanks all, you've made my day :)

  5. Awwww thanks for the lovely comment, easy to review fab products though :-) xxxx