Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Naturismo Haul ~ # No 2!!!

I know I've already had a order from Naturismo already this month, but I had to place another little one!
My excuses are ~
(a) Mr RHBD has been drafted in to test out some natural men's products and give his opinion. I did mention this to him a few weeks ago to see if he would be willing, luckily he was receptive and he has been pestering me as to where his products are! 
 (b) Naturismo has just started selling Studio 78 Paris natural make up, and their opening offer was spend over £25 and get a FREE Studio78 Paris mascara. I am sooo in love with their baked mineral blush that I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to try out a couple more products especially as the mascara is worth £21!!
This offer is still live I think, just enter STUDIO at checkout.
OK, so here's what I received and my first impressions.
Studio 78 Paris Baked Mineral Blush Shade 03 We Walk in the Woods ~ £21
This looks to be a really great neutral brown, and the swatch I tried on my hand seems to have a really nice glow to it so I'm hoping this will be really flattering on my cheeks and make me look 'alive'!
Love the packaging ~ a little bit retro and oh so sweet!
Studio 78 Paris We Love Each Other Moisturising  Lip Balm Shade 01 A Little ~ £16.95
I know I know, how many more lip balms does this woman need????
I have an issue I can't help it ~ I just love lip balms, and tinted ones are even more exciting ~ yes?
I am so pleased so far with this little one, the pot it comes in is just so cute, it is a very soft neutral browny pink, is incredibly soft in texture and feels great on!
This one will have pride of place on my dressing table tonight!
Studio 78 Paris We Flirt Around Mascara Black ~ FREE (RRP£21)
Highly unusual packaging for this mascara, you will just have to wait for my full review though to see it.
From the quick inspection I've had of it, the mascara brush is quite thin and the bristles are short but plentiful, and yes it's black! other than that I will reserve judgement until I've actually got it on my lashes!
Jason Shave Therapy Pure Natural Shaving Lotion 277g ~ £5.59
This has quite a fresh but still masculine scent and looks rather peculiar in texture as it has jojoba beads for exfoliating the beard before shaving.   Not too sure what MR RHBD is going to make of this one!
Maybe exfoliation will be a step too far into 'ladies' territory for him!
Lavera Men Care Shaving Cream 75ml ~ £6.30
This too has a really fresh uplifting scent, it is a creamy texture and looks like it will whip up well for shaving.
 The packaging is nice and masculine looking and it made me smile the way it has MEN CARE written across it in big letters, just so there's no misunderstanding who this is for !!
Traverno Natural Shaving Soap ~ £2.80
I just added this in at the last minute really as it was only £2.80. I am really pleased with the Traverno Calendula soap I got last time so though why not give it a try as a budget option?
It is a solid bar of soap so made from natural oils & butters so sounds like it will produce a good lather, however I'll let MR RHBD be the judge of that!
Personally I'm not overly keen on the smell of this one, but I'll see what MR RHBD thinks to it!
So that's it and now I must sit on my hands till next pay day!
I will of course be reviewing everything in due coarse and I hope I've whetted your appetite with MR RHBD reviews of the Men's products to come!
All these goodies can be bought from Naturismo.com here
Have any of my goodies caught your eye?
You are welcome to leave your comments & blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx



  1. I will be interested to find out how your other half likes the shaving products. I've had my eye on the one from Jason & Lavera. I use Men's shaving products as I usually prefer them to the ones for women. Also, I've noticed that there is a lack of lady shaving gels in the natural beauty world :)

  2. Yes you are quite right Sarah, I've not really thought about it before as I just use shower gel to shave my legs and other 'areas' but I have never seen a natural ladies shaving gel!
    I will be interested myself on what exactly he's going to say about them, whatever it is it will be honest & frank lol!:-)

  3. Looks like you got some great stuff! I was so tempted to place an order for the free mascara, but I really don't need anything, so I'm holding off for now. Naturisimo is like a constant temptation though, and they always have some kind of deal going on!

  4. Thanks Caitie ! Xx I know exactly what you mean I could easily spend ALOT of money on Naturismo there are just too many lovely products ! Xxx

  5. I've never heard of studio 78 Paris makeup - I'll definitely be checking them out now, love the design of the packaging :) x


  6. I'm loving the packaging too, I've only just discovered them a few weeks ago as well, always exciting when you find a great new brand :-) xxx