Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Range ~ Mini Reviews!

If you have read my 'Beauty & The Bee' post (article here) you will know I am passionate about saving our bees!
So I was of course thrilled to discover that Neal's Yard also share my passion and have created a range called 'Bee Lovely'.
 25p from each product sold is donated to bee charities ~ £40,000 has been raised so far!
Neal's Yard are also actively involved in raising awareness of bee decline and have even taken a petition directly to Downing Street to ban harmful Neonics pesticides.
All the products from the Bee Lovely Range are a blend of Organic Honey, Organic Orange & Mandarin Essential Oils.
I treated myself to four of the products from the range.
Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Wash 295ml ~ £12.00
This is a lovely hand wash and smell gorgeous! It lathers up really well to say it is sulphate free. My hands feel really clean and moisturised after I've used this.
I love it's uplifting fragrance, it has a zingy orange freshness but with a hint of honey, sadly this scent doesn't linger long on your hands, which is a shame, but you can always apply some Bee Lovely Hand cream if you want the same delicious orange scent and super soft moisturised hands!
This is my favourite hand wash,  for me it makes the mundane task of washing your hands a pleasure and I am rather partial to the packaging too!  I like the blue slimline bottle and the yellow label with it's honeycomb & bee design.
I will definitely be repurchasing this when it's gone!
The handwash is 91% organic, Soil Association approved,  cruelty free, paraben & petrochemical free and SLS free.
Neal's Yard Bath & Shower Gel 295ml ~ £14.00
This has the same lovely packaging as the hand wash but I was a tad disappointed with this bath & shower gel,  simply because I was expecting it to have the same zingy fresh scent as the hand wash, however it isn't quite the same.
For me it has a slightly bitter edge to it, it still smells of oranges but you can detect more of the honey coming through and something else that I can't quite place that is giving this bitterness, perhaps it is the mandarin that is more evident?
It's not awful by any means and performance wise as a bath & shower gel it is perfectly fine, it lathers up well on a bath scrunchie, and my skin felt nice and soft after using it, it's just I am not thrilled with it's scent.
Don't be put off by this though as fragrance is such a personal thing ~ you may absolutely love it!
This is currently in my downstairs loo as a hand wash so it will get used up eventually but I won't be repurchasing it.
The bath & shower gel contains organic ingredients, cruelty free, paraben & petrochemical free and SLS free.
Neal's Yard Busy Bee Balm 15g ~ £6.50
I am really loving this little balm at the moment, it has been all over the place, in my pocket, make up bag, handbag, bedside table ~ I think I may have to invest in a couple more!
Not only is is just the sweetest little pot and label design, it is a really good product too.
This multi purpose balm is super moisturising on any dry areas of skin, lips and fabulous on dry bitty cuticles.
It is also lovely and soft, this is down to the beeswax being blended with coca butter, sunflower seed oil and castor seed oil, this makes it easy to apply and absorb into the skin.
It has a very faint scent of oranges which I like too.
It is 99% organic, soil association approved, paraben & petroleum free and cruelty free.
Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Soap 35g ~ £3.00
If you like solid soaps then you are sure to love this handy little sized one!
It lathers up beautifully under hot water, it's not so great with cold water though, and the lather feels 'soft' and moisturising on the skin, I always feel my hands have been 'properly' cleaned with a bar of soap so generally save using them for after gardening or washing off foundation from them in the mornings.
It does have the same faint scent of oranges but again this doesn't linger on the skin.
I am really enjoying using this solid soap and it will go on my repurchase list when it's gone!
I do also have the Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand cream which I love and have reviewed separately here
Overall I am pleased with my Bee Lovely products and even more happy in the knowledge that I have made a small contribution to help save the bees!
Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Range can be found here
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx




  1. I love the ethos behind NYR bee friendly range! It's a shame the shower product didn't work for you, but like you say, each to their own on that one. I love the look of the balm, but then I have an addiction to balms lol :) xx

  2. Thanks chick ! I have a lip balm issue too hahaha! Xx

  3. I am going to have to get some of this range, I love the look of the balm and the hand wash :) x

    1. The are my favs too and the hand cream ! Thanks huni xxx