Wednesday, 24 April 2013

OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil Review

I was first introduced to OV Naturals Skincare back in February.  I placed a small order of goodies, which included a 10ml bottle of the Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil.
I have been using it pretty much every day since it arrived and as I am now on the last dregs of the bottle I feel that I can safely say I've given it a thorough test and would like to share my thoughts on it with you.
I am a firm believer in facial oils, no matter what your age or skin type if you find the right one for you, this simple extra step to your routine will benefit your skin no end.
My first experience of facial oils was many years ago,  when my skin was terribly oily!  Decleor's Ylang Ylang Oil worked literally, what I thought was a miracle, my skin was transformed from oil slick to balanced and yes still had oily tendencies, but it was way more manageable.
This is when I discovered the power of facial oils and have incorporated them into my routine ever since.
Many years later at 38, my skin has of course aged and has become drier, although I do still have a slightly oily forehead, my main concerns now are keeping my skin in as youthful a condition, for as long as I possibly can, and that is all about high SPF's, good moisturisation and feeding my skin with as many different anti ageing quality botanical extracts as I can get on it!
Rosehip Seed Oil is well documented for it's healing and anti ageing properties, and I like to apply this to my skin in it's oil form directly.
I was a avid user of Pai's Rosehip Oil for a good few years and I do still love this too, but my new adoration is for OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil, it really is the most luxurious and potent oil I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my skin!
The oil comes in quite a unassuming little blue bottle with a pipette dropper,  this is a very economical way of dispensing the oil.
It is over 99% organic and 100% natural and not tested on animals.
~ Ingredients ~
 **Rosa canina, **Amygdalis dulcis **Prunus armeniaca, **Cympopogon martini, **Rosa Damascena, **Pelargonium x aspernum , **Lavandula angustifolia, 100% natural tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E). Natural constituents of essential oils: Citral, citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Methyl Eugenol, Neral. **Certified organic. Vegan.
The shelf life of my oil was well over a year so plenty of time to use it up - good to know if you don't intend to use this every day.
The oil is a beautiful golden colour and has a really nice texture, it feels quite silky.  It smells delicious,  you can detect the rosehips but also the lavender oil and other essential oils too.  I love it but scent is so personal you really need to smell for yourself, however it doesn't linger very long on the skin after application.
I have been using it twice a day every day,  I apply 2-3 drops warmed in my fingers first, to my face & neck after cleansing & toning then apply my moisturiser in the mornings and at night I just apply the oil only no creams.
My skin feels so velvety smooth and soft and super hydrated after applying this oil, and over the months it has improved not only in softness but in texture, clarity and tone too.
Another added bonus I've noticed is any spots I get, which are usually hormonal and only a few,  come and go more quickly and are healing up faster, also as I have very pale skin spots did tend to leave a red scar mark for a while even after they had long since healed up, this has definitely improved and the 'scar' is still there yes, but fades in a few days now rather than weeks.
This is not something I'd noticed when using any other Rosehip type oil.
I'm no expert but I have to assume it is down to the blend and quality of the raw oils that are really working with my skin to aid it's recovery.
I simply couldn't be without this oil now and although nothing can turn back the clock, we are all going to age no matter what we do, it's part of life, but I firmly believe that this oil, in conjunction with healthy eating, exercise and a good natural skincare regime,  is keeping my skin soft,  plump and supple and a soft, plump, supple skin is a youthful looking one!
If you don't use a facial oil in your routine I would seriously have a think about adding one in, and if you are of the dry and/or mature skin type then look no further than OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil!
OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil is available in a mini 10ml bottle for £9.50 & full size 50ml bottle for £32.99 from OV Naturals directly here
Orchard View (OV) Naturals is a small rural skincare & aromatherapy business based in Somerset, UK, it is owned and run by Lucy Stevens who is a fully qualified professional aromatherapist.
Read more about OV Naturals here
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Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx



  1. I am really glad that they are keeping this in the range, I have two other oils I am trialling at the moment and then I will be buying this. Fab review, I am an oil believer too :) x

    1. ohh I think you will like it chick :-) Glsd you are a oil believer too yay! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely, personal review Jen! I am so delighted that you have enjoyed using the Triple Rose. Thank you. Lucy, OV naturals

    1. Thankyou lucy!you re so welcome I Love your products! xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love facial oils, they are great in the winter to give my skin a boost or as a pamper treatment :) Great review

    1. Yay! Another oil believer, I think once you discover them you never look back thanks flower x

  4. I came across OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil on twitter over a year ago through a twitter competition, which I did not win! I ordered the oil because I was curious, now I wouldn't be without it!