Monday, 15 April 2013

Suti Organic Rose Water Facial Toner

I am always searching out new natural products and I am especially keen to add more skincare items that contain rose extracts to my routine.

 I love the scent of roses and the hydrating, anti ageing and healing benefits of rose extracts are well known, and just what my skin needs in abundance at my age now!

I currently have one excellent rose water toner, the OV Naturals 'Coming up Roses' hydrating one, but I like to have choice and decided to give the Suti Organic Rose Water Facial Toner a go.

The Toner is a very simple product and it has only one ingredient, Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water,  and it was nice to see a product without a long list of ingredients to read through for a change!

Suti have described the toner as having Rose Moon Essence, which I found interesting as I hadn't heard of this before.  It is actually Suti's own 'name' for their rose water, as it has been extracted from the red rose Tess of the D'urbervilles which has been cultivated and prepared under a full moon.

Suti describe their techinique as ~

The principles of our Moon Essences take into account the powerful influences of lunar gravity on botanicals. In much the same way that common flower based‘rescue remedies’ are prepared under the sun to harness these natural earthly energies within the elixir, Suti’s Rose Water Facial Toner with Rose Moon Essence harnesses the more feminine energies of the moon to create a toner that heals and protects the body and mind. Our perception of the Rose Moon Essence is that it is perfect for the heart as it encourages joy and happiness, relieves sadness and grief and opens the heart to receive love.
 I know I'm a roseaholic,  so I'm already halfway to liking any rose orientated product, but this one really is utterly beautiful!
 The rose scent is so true to life, it really is like putting your nose into a open rose bloom, fresh and sweet, and the reason for this is the quality of the rose extraction used.
I had to stop myself from spritzing this all day everyday, otherwise I would have used this bottle up in no time!
Anyone who loves rose scents will adore this!
 My skin is sensitive, slightly combination still but heading towards dry now and I have had no problems with this toner at all, infact quite the opposite, my skin has really absorbed it well.
 I use just a couple of sprays, enough to dampen my face & neck and then pat in if I'm in a hurry or leave to absorb naturally if I'm not!
The toner makes my skin feel refreshed,  hydrated and the tone of my skin always looks better after I have used this product, and I feel uplifted from it's heavenly scent!
I will also mention the pump dispenser is excellent, it sprays evenly and efficiantly in a nice fine spray, I know this is only a small detail but it can be very frustrating to have a bottle with a dodgy pump!
What more could you ask from a toner? Nothing in my opinion!
I am really pleased with everything about this product, I love the simple but chic packaging, both the box and the glass pump dispenser it comes in, it's delicious scent,  it's cooling but moisturising properties, and it's simplistic nature,  the only thing I'm less enamoured with is it's price ~ £18.50 for 100ml!
There are less expensive rosewaters, of good quality on the market, but if roses are your 'thing' and you fancy an indulgent treat then this would fit the bill nicely.
You can purchase Suti Organic Rose Water Toner from here
Suti is a British Brand, that uses the holistic propeties of aromatherapy in all it's skincare products.  They only use the purest and best quality botanical ingredients and do not test on animals.
Have you tried any Suti products?
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Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx



  1. I love the Suti Facial Cleanser and Foot Balm. I'm a huge fan for Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist so I'm sure I'd love the Suti one too. x

    1. I'm sure you would Sandra :-) the jurliques rose spay is lovely one of my favs too ! Xxx

  2. This sounds so nice. I love rose and have been thinking about just using rose water as my toner once I've used up the ones I have open.

    1. I'm sure you would like it chick :-) xxx

  3. I've tried their balm cleanser and it's a beautiful product. I personally not a fan of Rose but it's still nice to hear your thoughts on this product :)

    1. I definitely want to try more of their products, I love blogs for that very reason everyone has different tastes :-)

  4. I love the sound of this, I always have rosewater in the house, I buy the cheaper stuff for using for heat rash etc.. but it's nice to have a quality rosewater for the face. xx

  5. You would love it huni and the ethos behind the brand too as I know it's just as important to you too :-) xx