Saturday, 25 May 2013

1940's/50's Vintage Inspired Hair

It was a very cold rainy Thursday afternoon last week and I was feeling in a creative mood after I got home from work, so I decided to have a proper attempt at doing a 1940's/50's inspired hairstyle.
I love the glamorous look of that era, which is all about curls, and wanted to try and recreate something vintage looking but still wearable today.
This was no mean feat for me as I am not terribly good at doing anything with my hair except straightening it!
I created this look with nothing more than some hair grips, curling irons and some heat defence spray!
My hair was already straightened and I started off by simply pinning, with hair grips, the top section of my hair from my ears upwards. I had to do this in three sections as my hair is so thick, and I made sure to push my hair forward alittle to give it some height at the front.
Once this was all secure, I used my curling iron to curl the bottom of my hair. I curled around 1 inch sections at a time until it was all done. I made sure to curl my hair in towards my face as I wanted it to fall that way once it was swept to the side.
Next I pulled my hair to the side and used hair grips again to keep it pinned in place.
Once in place, I used my fingers just to separate out the curls and blend them together more to fall into a longer curly style.
I didn't use any hairspray because my hair is naturally wavy if left to it's own devises so holds curl really well,  but if yours doesn't, then curl your sections and spray with a firm hold hairspray.
My make up was nothing special,  it was just my daily work face with the classic 1940's red lipstick applied to complete the vintage inspired look.
I was actually really pleased with the end result and I think it is a good style to try if you like the vintage look but can't quite master the very precise styles of day yet!
This could easily be worn for an evening out or wedding look if you dressed it up with flowers or crystal hair pins.
I would wear this to work ~ why not?? Add a bit of glamour to your day ladies!
As ever you are all welcome to leave your comments & blog links below
Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx


  1. You done a brilliant job Jenny, it looks fab!

  2. It looks gorgeous, it definitely suits you, would look great for a special occasion too xx

  3. Jane you look so glamorous and with the red lipstick you look gorgeous! :)

    Ila x

  4. As easy as you make this sounds, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do it haha! I looooooove the 'glamour' hair look, you look beautiful !!

  5. We love your 50's glam look! Please see for an outfit to match. x