Thursday, 2 May 2013

BellaPierre Go Natural Eyeshadow Palette

We all know I love make up and skincare, but we all have something we are extra passionate about with some girls it's lipsticks, some nail lacquer, for me it's nude eyeshadow palettes, I can never have enough neutral eye shadows to choose from!

Prior to my natural conversion I was a Urban Decay & Bobbi Brown Palette devotee, as I love shimmery eye shadows, and although I have found a couple of fabulous 100% natural neutral palettes, I hadn't found any natural shimmery eye shadows that are in pressed format that really compare to Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown in terms of all out shimmer!

Until now..................
BellaPierre Eyeshadow palettes are available in 3 and 5 shadow compacts, the one I have is the 5 shadow in the 'Go Natural' colour way.
BellaPierre's Strap line ~
"The formula contains 100% minerals & natural ingredients including Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E to cool, soothe and moisturise the skin around the eye while providing vibrant long-lasting colour."
BellaPierre do not test on animals and bear the leaping bunny symbol.

The Bellapierre palette is a glossy black plastic and is really slimline, all the shades are shimmers and are the perfect neutral tones.  You have everything here you need to create a myriad of looks.
The shadows are well pigmented and blend out well, and have a nice soft consistency. I particularly like Snowflake, it is a really white shimmer, fab for brightening the inner corner of your eye, if like me you have quite a dark area there.
I have been wearing all of these for a couple of weeks now and have had no problem what so ever with them, they last all day over eye primer and don't 'drop' shimmer particles all over the place!
One thing I love in particular,  is they are buildable, you can have a thin wash of colour for more natural daytime looks but you can build up to the full colour as it is in the palette if you want a more dramatic seductive eye.
001 Snowflake ~ White Shimmer
003 Champagne ~ Soft Creamy Champagne Shimmer
009 Bronze ~ Light Golden Brown Shimmer

009 Lava ~ Lovely Coppery Gold Shimmer
055 Diligence ~ Unusual Bronze Shimmer


You can clearly see the shimmer of the shadows here under incandescent lighting.

From Left Natural Daylight ~ Snowflake, Champagne, Bronze, Lava & Diligence

From Left Natural Sunlight ~ Snowflake, Champagne, Bronze, Lava & Diligence

From Left Incandescent Light ~ Snowflake, Champagne, Bronze, Lava & Diligence

As you can see from the photos the shadows look totally different depending on the light source, I really like the 'foiled' look they have under incandescent lighting.
I am absolutely in love with these shadows and for me they rival anything Urban Decay has to offer, both in quality, pigmentation and colour choice.
The 5 shadow palettes comes in 6 colour ways so there is plenty of choice for everyone.
As you can see from the ingredients listing above these shadows do contain Dimethicone,  which is a chemical ingredient I like to avoid, however it's all about balance and for me these shadows are far better in terms of natural ingredients than conventional ones so I am happy to use them.
My palette cost £30 from here,  however it is slightly cheaper at £27 from Bellapierre directly here

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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. I really like Bellapierre shadows but the loose pigments are too messy. Glad they do pressed palettes now and the colours are really lovely!

    1. Ohhh gosh yes I agree the loose ones are a nightmare and wasteful more gets spilt than used lol! Xxx

  2. Very pretty colours, I can see why you like this palette. Were you aware that tocopheryl acetate is the synthetic form of Vitamin E? I believe it is a possible skin irritant.

    1. Hit the button too soon :) I know every ingredient has the potential to irritate but I consider these things given my skin type. Vitamin E is a really interesting topic sometimes it's hard to know the true source. I plan on blogging about it at some point.

    2. Thanks for pointing that out Sarah, its good to know if you have a very reactive skin and you need to be more strict with ingredients.
      Luckily my skin hasn't had any adverse reaction to this :-) x

  3. Diligence is a gorgeous shade! I like the look of these I need some new pressed eyeshadow's as I had a bit of a clear out and tossed a lot of my makeup as it was a few years old, your swatches are always really helpful so thank you lovely lady :) xx

    1. I really like diligence too! I'm having a good old clear out too lol! So pleased you found it helpful huni xx

  4. I've recently bought one of their 3 eyeshadow palettes in Brown Eyed Girl and it's just so lovely! I'd love to get my hands on the one you have too. Definitely great for everyday wear.

    Gem x

    1. Ohh sounds nice too, will have to check that one out as well :-) I'm sure you'd like Go natural as well chick xxx

  5. Damn you, now I NEED this!!! My wallet is not gonna be happy with me.