Monday, 20 May 2013

Chain Bridge Honey Farm Honey & Beeswax Chamomile Ointment

After I got on my soap box about bee decline a few weeks ago (article here) I decided to try and support the British Beekeeping Industry further by incorporating more honey related beauty products into my regime.
One of my newly found favourite companies is Chain Bridge Honey Farm, they are a family run business based in Berwick ~ Upon ~ Tweed, they have around 2000 bee hives and not only produce honey,  but a vast number of honey related skincare and household products.
One of the products that caught my attention was their Honey & Beeswax Ointments, I personally have never seen a honey ointment before and was keen to try it out.
I opted for the chamomile version as I know it soothing and calming properties would be ideal for my sensitive skin.
The ointment is 100% natural and is a custom blend of 20 per cent honey, with beeswax, sweet almond oil, thistle oil, oat oil, vitamin E and essential oil of chamomile.
The ointment comes in a fairly substantial brown glass jar and is a solid balm.
Honey is naturally antiseptic and it's skin healing properties have been well known for many generations.
With this in mind I was wanting to use this ointment for minor scratches and burns that I always seem to have one or two of,  from gardening, my two naughty cats and burning myself on the oven when baking!
The ointment itself is rather like a lip balm consistency, however it is far more emollient, and less is definitely more, you just need a very small amount as it spreads along way!
It does have a faint scent, it smells quite botanical but with a medicinal edge to it,  and I actually find this quite comforting, it smells like it's going to do you some good !!
It has a fairly soft texture,  spreads out easily and absorbs into the skin well.  I especially like it as a hand balm when gardening, it does 'double duty' as a moisturiser and antiseptic hand cream, because you never know what you may encounter even in your own back garden!
I've also been enjoying it as a multi purpose moisturising balm and have found it very effective and soothing on any dry patches of skin or dry cuticles,  I have even used it as a lip balm too!
My most successful use for it so far though has been on a small baking tin burn on my finger, and although it was only small it was quite sore!!
As soon as I burnt my finger I smoothed this ointment over, it did smart a little initially,  but this was only from the process of application I think,  after that it really soothed it and took out the worst of that awful sting burns have.
I continued to apply the ointment daily and in a few days it was healed up and I've just got a small red mark where it was, which will fade eventually on it's own.
I was most impressed with this and I think that not only did the antiseptic properties help to heal the skin but also the moisturising benefits of the honey aided my skin to recover quicker.
So far I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of use I've got out of this ointment and it's effectiveness, it's certainly earnt it's place in my 'bag of tricks' as a good all round multi purpose product.
The balm comes in a 50g jar and is very economical, I've used it alot and I've still got well over 3/4 of the jar left!
It does have an use by date, mine is 10/13, but this is plenty of time to get it used up.
If you are looking for a reasonably priced versatile 100% natural balm then this is seriously worth a look.
Chain Bridge Honey Farm Honey & Beeswax Chamomile Ointment retails for £5.95, from Chain Bridge Honey Farm website directly here
Disclaimer ~ Please use your common sense when using this ointment, I am not suggesting that it should be used as a total replacement for conventional antiseptic creams,  on massive open wounds etc or instead of over the counter or prescription medicines, if you are in any doubt to it's suitability then please consult your own doctor for advice.
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. I love a good multi-purpose balm! I opened the hand cream I won from your competition and have been so impressed it's a lovely brand and great prices! :) x

    1. Ohh so glad you are pleased with it Chick xxx

  2. This sounds lovely, just like something I'd love x

    1. I'm sure you would like it Sandra xx

  3. Sounds like a great balm exactly the kind of thing I like to use as I like ones with chamomile in them :)

  4. It's certainly is I'm sure you would like it too xx