Friday, 31 May 2013

Dress Of the Day ~ Black Peplum Dress

Today's Dress of the Day today is the ever popular Peplum Dress.
I really like this slightly different interpretation of the 'little black dress'.  Always looks good with my favourite open toe heels and is my 'go to' dress when I really don't know what to wear!
It's so versatile can easily be worn to work or out in the evening and the figure hugging shape is always flattering on many different body shapes.
Every girl needs a few classic 'little black dresses' to choose from and this is one of my favourites!

Today I've got my old faithful Fiorelli Black Patent handbag, I've had it for a few years now but it's still going strong, holds all my paraphernalia and always looks good.

I had to go to work with my hair in it's natural state again! twice in a week now is two times too many in my book ~  I must start getting up when the alarm goes off and stop hitting the snooze button!!
Photo's are still a work in progress girls - hopefully my technique will be improving soon!
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. Lovely dress, and what long legs Jenny! I love the peplum design, it's sooo smart xxx Jen xxx

  2. Lol! Thanks huni - I'm only 5'2 though so they aren't long at all mores the pity lol! That's why I wear heels lol! Creates a good illusion though lol! Xxx

  3. Oh gosh, if you hadn't said your height I would have thought you were around 5'7! I'm a fan of the peplum but haven't been shopping for clothes in forever - something to look out for in the future. Lovely look xx

    1. lol! no chick I'm only little :-) but to be fair I nearly am in those heels though xxx
      You would look fabulous in a peplum dress xxxx