Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Gardening For Wildlife ~ Rustic Bee Box

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or are regular readers,  will probably have noticed I am an avid gardener and really feel at home when I'm getting 'down & dirty' in the garden with my plants!
I am a organic gardener and never use any sort of pesticides and totally believe that a natural balance of pest and predator will build up over time, if you let it, and things will take care of themselves.
 You just need a little patience and help things along by encouraging beneficial insects and other wildlife into your garden with your planting and other methods.
I am also quite passionate about honey bee decline, I have written a article about it here if you haven't read it yet.
 Unfortunately this is all too evident in my own garden as I hardly see any honeybees at all now, and so far this year, only a few bumble bees and solitary bees have payed me a visit.
This really makes me quite sad,  as to me a garden only comes alive when it is full of wildlife,  yes you can have a beautiful flower filled patch but without bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering and birds singing it all seems quite lifeless.
Never the less, I am doing my best to help and encourage the bees back, my garden is already full of plants that bees love, but I decided this year to put up a 'Rustic Bee Box', this is specifically designed to provide a home for solitary bees, such as the Mason Bee.
Solitary bees like to nest in holes, and this type of box is perfect for attracting them.
Solitary bees are pretty benign, don't sting unless seriously provoked and will just happily buzz around your flowers all day long, collecting pollen & nectar without bothering anybody.
A box or two like this is so worth putting up in your garden,  you will be playing a small part in bee conservation and it will benefit your garden immensely, especially if you grow fruit which relies on pollination to product its crop.
I picked this little box up for £12.99 at my local garden centre, most garden centres sell them so they are easy to find.
The box needs to be placed around 1m off the ground with no vegetation around it. I've placed mine right at the top of my garden on a fence post.
I am a little late in putting this up as ideally it needs to be in place before Spring when the bees start to emerge from being dormant, however I am hopeful a bee might come along and decide to make the box and my garden it's home this year.
I will keep you updated on any 'bee action' in the box!
If you have a garden why not consider putting one of these boxes up and do your bit for our native wildlife.
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. What a brilliant idea!
    Me and my mom have been looking at getting one of these as we're both passionate about bees too! :) x

  2. Excellent Angie really pleased to hear it! I hope you manage to find a good box - let me know Huni or tweet me a picci xxxx

  3. Oh this is fab! I have been looking online at something similar for our garden :) xx

    1. lovely Ana will be fab in your new garden xxxx

  4. These are such a cool idea for getting wildlife into the garden, I have been eyeing these for a while, but I finally have a garden to put one in :) x

    1. yay! and it's such a lovely big garden too huni xxx