Saturday, 8 June 2013

I know I'm taking a Sabbatical but.........

I just felt I had to write about this beautifully wrapped parcel that was waiting for me when I got home today.
It was sent to me by fellow beauty blogger and friend Ana Green of Ana Goes Green blog.
I had no idea what the parcel was and was totally overwhelmed by what was inside.
A gorgeous little make up bag from Honey Bee Beautiful, carefully embroidered with their logo and of course a honey bee. The inside is also lined with a very pretty daisy fabric ~ I absolutely love it.

This lovely bag will be perfect for keeping all my natural beeswax lip balms in.

Ana sent me this for no other reason than genuine kindness.
This meant so much to me not only because Ana took the time to even think about me, but that she knows how I feel about bees and bee preservation and supporting British companies that are bee keepers,  and that made the gift even more thoughtful and personal.
As you know I am actually taking a sabbatical from blogging for a short time and with this in mind, Ana also wrote a beautiful personal note that actually made me cry, it just touched my heart that someone cared enough to let me know they were thinking of me and were eager for my return to the blogging world.
I met Ana solely through blogging, she found my blog and we got chatting and she introduced me to the world of Twitter, which I had been previously rather reluctant to get involved with.
Since then we have become good friends and it is really down to Ana that I have met and become friends with so many other bloggers on Twitter, and without her influence this wouldn't have happened. So Thank you Ana you are a true and genuine friend.
I must also just mention Jen from Daisy Rose Beauty Blog who has also become a true and genuine friend solely through us finding each other on Twitter too.
This has given me a gentle reminder that genuine kind people do still exist and I am fortunate enough to have found them through an unexpected medium such as Twitter.
Jenny xxx


  1. Aww Jenny, I have tears in my eyes. What a lovely thing Ana has done for you. I must add a beautiful pouch, so cute and perfectly suited for you. Thank you for adding me at the end, we are friends Jenny, you can always call on me. I am so happy to have you xxx Jen xxx

    1. aww bless you huni xxx me too :-) xxx

  2. That is such a lovely gift. I just wanted to say another thank you for your giveaway. I'm loving using my goodies! x x

    1. Aww you are so welcome Charlotte I'm so pleased you liked it :-) xxxxx

  3. Ha ha my cunning plan to make you sure come back is working ;) SO glad you love it hunny xx

    1. LOL! so that was your plan eh? lol! Thankyou again chick hugs as ever xxx

  4. Awh, that's really sweet. I must admit when I see anything with a bee on it I instantly think of you, you're the bee girl now! haha