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'Our Tiny Bees' Honey Whipped Skin Cream & Scrubee Honey Body Scrub

Today I want to introduce you to a skincare company that is local to me, 'Our Tiny Bees'.
As you all know I am a passionate gardener and just as passionate about doing my bit for saving our declining Honey Bees ( read my recent article about this here ) and that means I like to support Bee Keeping businesses where ever I can. I also feel it is equally important to buy British and buy local if possible. 
Our Tiny Bees tick all of these boxes so that's a big thumbs up from me already!
I have only just discovered Our Tiny Bees and was quite shocked that I had not heard of them before despite them being local to me in Sheffield, although I now live in Derbyshire, but am originally from Sheffield so that counts as local in my book!
Our Tiny Bees is a small family run bee keeping business, making natural skincare from 100% British Beeswax and Honey and work with other British Beekeepers to supply the quantities of Honey & Wax needed to produce their products.
They have also recently formed a new partnership with Sheffield Honey Co, their honey is being used in their skincare now so it's even more of a local 'affair'!
Our Tiny Bees also believe in educating adults and children about the fascinating world of bees, you can read more about this here
The two products I want to share with you today are the Honey Whipped Skin Cream and the Scrubee Honey Body Scrub.

The Honey Whipped Skin Cream is a 100% natural blend of shea & cocoa butters and of course honey, it has no additives, preservatives or synthetics and comes in a little aluminium tub which can be recycled.
This cream is absolutely lovely, I've only had it a few days but as you can see I've used quite a bit of it!! and although it is primarily an air whipped body cream, I have been using it as a hand cream as well as my hands are always dry.
The first thing I noticed about this cream is it's scent - oh my gosh does this smell good! I can't quite put my finger on what it is but it reminds me of baking, like some sort of delicious pudding!!
It does have a hint of vanilla in it but I've not found it overpowering at all, and I'm not a huge fan of vanilla scents as a rule, to me it's just a very warm comforting smell.
 It is quite a solid butter texture in the tub but as it's 'air whipped' it does have a lightness to it and once you start to rub it into your skin,  it melts down very easily,  almost to an oil and then quickly absorbs into your skin leaving it super soft and hydrated.  It's not sticky and I've had no irritation at all from it, especially on my legs and thighs, which are prone to reacting to body creams.

You only need a small amount, the amount I have on my hand would do my whole arm!!
I've really enjoyed using this in the evenings straight after a warm bath then slipping into bed and letting it really absorb in overnight and in the morning super soft hydrated skin - perfect!
~ Ingredients ~ 
Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkaii), Cocoa Butter (Thebroma Cacao) Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil), Olive Oil ( Olea Europaea Oil),  White Clay (Kaolin), British Honey. 

The Honey Whipped Skin Cream is £9.95 for 100ml tub - 12mth shelf life once opened.

 My second purchase from Our Tiny Bees was their Scrubee Honey Body Scrub. 
 I was really keen to try this as it is a sugar based scrub so would be gentle on my skin.  You may recall my very badly sun burnt arms a couple of weeks ago and although my arms are no longer painful the skin is still rather sensitive and my normal body scrub is just a bit too vigorous for them at the moment!
Again this scrub is 100% all natural and free from additives, preservative and synthetics, and is full of natural antioxidants and vitamins.
The scrub is basically muscavado sugar, almond oil, honey and vanilla and that's it!
It comes beautifully packaged in a heavy glass Kilner jar, and I love the fact this can be re used for jam or chutneys once the scrub has gone - the ultimate in recycling!
Once again the scent of this scrub is amazing - it really does smell good enough to eat! It reminds me of fruit cake and seriously got me craving a huge slice of moist fruit cake with a cup of tea when I used it, luckily I didn't have any in the house or it would have been too much to resist it!
This is very much a 'double duty' product - exfoliator and moisturiser in one.

I really found this scrub to be very effective at exfoliating, even though it is gentle on the skin. My upper arms hadn't been exfoliated properly since the sunburn - I usually exfoliate them twice a week.  I like to keep them soft and smooth as they are pretty much always 'out' as I don't like wearing clothes with sleeves in unless it's really bitterly cold!  So they were in dire need of a good scrub!
I gave the jar a good mix first to to redistribute the honey mixture and I found a couple of dessert spoons full was plenty to do my whole body with.
I used it in the bath and it really was a pleasure to use! 
 The sugar melts slowly onto your skin as you are massaging it in and the honey and almond oil really give the product a good 'slip' so you can really spread it around and give everything a good scrub! 
It does feel very gentle on your skin and I was really pleased with how soft and super smooth my skin felt after rinsing it off, even my neglected upper arms felt lovely and smooth!!
My skin did feel moisturised after I'd dried it off and I didn't feel the need to put any body cream onto my skin - the honey within the scrub took care of that for me!
Needless to say I am impressed with this scrub, it uses simple ingredients that simply do a good job!
~ Ingredients~
Muscavado Sugar, Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), British Honey (Mel), Vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia Glucose)
You get 500ml of product for £14.95, with a shelf life of 24 mths once opened. 
This will last for a good while and I think it's worth every penny for a 100% natural product!
So far Our Tiny Bees products and company ethics have thoroughly impressed me and I can't put it into any better words than their own strap line ~
'Good For You Good For British Bees'
Our Tiny Bees do sell online so don't worry you can still purchase their goodies even if you don't live near Sheffield!
Browse their online shop and website here
All the photos of the products were taken in my garden today and I was lucky enough to catch a few Bees visiting my flowers so I thought it was fitting that I share a couple with you!
Remember planting some Bee friendly flowers this year and not using any pesticides really will help your local bee population.

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Jenny xx


  1. What a lovely little company sounds absolutely lovely! xx

  2. These look lovely products! I just came across the company the other day and I'll be placing an order soon x

    1. you will love them chick, just your type of thing! xxx

  3. Lovely products Jen, they look amazing! What a lovely company to find xxx Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen they are really lovely - you would love too xxx

  4. I haven't heard of these before either. I've just run out of Burt's Bees body scrub which I absolutely love, so I may give these a try. They are certainly less expensive.


  5. Great discovery, products look lovely from your pictures, I shall have to browse the website when I get a spare minute :)

  6. These look gorgeous - nice to see the ingredients are completely natural too. A lot more reasonably priced than other body creams/scrubs as well! x