Monday, 3 June 2013

WARNING! This Is What Happens When.............................

Ok so you might be wondering why on earth I am showing you my sunburnt arm?
Well, this is what happened to me yesterday afternoon.
OK but you didn't apply sun cream to yourself ~ right?
I am always vigilant about applying SPF 50 to my body as I am a redhead,  fair skinned and burn so easily and yesterday was no exception.
 The only difference was I found a bottle of Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 50 sun cream that had about a 1/4 left in it,  so 'waste not want not', I decided I might as well get it used up, so onto my arms and decolette it went, and out I went for a bit of a read in the garden.
I did notice my arms and decolette where slightly red when I came back inside a few hours later, but I didn't realise the extent of the burn until this morning when I woke up to them stinging and burning like the fires of hell!!!
As you can see they are extremely red and sore and you could light up the National Grid with the amount of heat my skin is giving off at the moment!!!
Luckily I use a different suncream on my face and neck and they are absolutely fine, so I am definitely putting this down to the suncream either going 'off', although it smelled fine, or it being too old to be effective.
I am 95% sure I only bought this cream last year, it could have been longer but certainly no longer than 2 years ago, and I know the shelf life once opened is 12mths but I am sure everyone of us has sun creams around the house that are from last year, and are more than happy to continue using them.
Now this could just be a one off thing with my particular bottle of cream, as I have never encountered this before, BUT let this serve you as a warning to be careful, especially if you have fair skin, about using sun creams that could be past their shelf life.
From now on I won't be taking any chances with my skin, I will be buying my sun creams fresh every year and then discarding them at the end it, even if there is some left in the bottle.
I did have a pretty epic fail yesterday with the sun, not only did this happen but I fell asleep,  during which time my sun hat managed to fall off, only for about an hour but that was enough to give my brain a good baking and give me a stonking headache!
The weather forecast is sunny and hot, hot, hot all this week so please be careful ladies, SPF up to the hilt with fresh sun cream ~ I don't want anyone else's skin to suffer like mine is at the moment!!!!
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Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. Poor you! That looks super painful :( I don't know if the Garnier is a chemical or physical sunscreen, but my understanding with chemical ones has always been that it's not how long it's open, just how old it is. So even with a new bottle, if it's been sitting in the store for a long time, you can have an issue! Pretty crazy. I think physical sunscreens do not degrade the same way, so they're good for longer.

    Hope it feels better soon!

    1. Thanks Chick interesting point will have to check in future :-) xxx

  2. Ouch that looks so sore! you poor thing, I like to buy fresh every year but sometimes you find some that you are just not sure about, I will definitely throw it all away now! xx

    1. Thanks huni xx yes me too from now on lol! X

  3. Looks so painful! Definitely think it's gone off & lost it's effectiveness. Plenty of aftersun for you today.

  4. Ouch! Hope it's gone down a bit now! I actually got burnt so badly a couple of weeks ago as well, and am just as pale...but silly me, I actually wasn't wearing any sunscreen! But after applying aloe vera a few times a day it went down quite quickly x

    1. aww hope yours goes down too huni xxx

  5. Hey its Kelly off Twitter :)

    Hope your arms are getting less sore now. Its so easy done even with sunscreen.

    I always worry about how long to keep them for.

    I use Ultrasun now and its amazing x

    1. Hi Huni xx yes Ive gone back to using Ultrasun not natural but works really well ! xxx