Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Floral Feminine Fragrance for Summer

Well summer really seems to have arrived this week, and with temperatures soaring I prefer to wear a lighter fragrance!
I love floral feminine fragrances and the three I have to share with you today are my current favourites, two old faithfuls and one is a new discovery.
L'occitane's Pivoine Flora has to be my absolute favourite L'occitane fragrance, this one is the eau de toilette version. It comes in an eau de parfume as well, which I love too, but I prefer the eau de toilette for summer as it's less heady.
It has a very distinctive scent, and is definitely a floral. 
 It's top notes are Bergamot, Grapefruit and green notes, so you get a really fresh burst of fruitiness at first, the heart notes are Peony and Rose, and the base notes are Sandlewood and White Musks.
Once the fragrance has settled on your skin for a few minutes you can just smell the heavenly blended scent of the Peony & Rose, but it is a light floral and won't ever be overpowering - unless you use the whole bottle!
I been in love with this scent ever since L'occitane launched it two maybe three years ago now, and I wear it often.  I always get complimented on it by both men and women, always a sign you've chosen well!
It does have good staying power for a eau de toilette, several hours in fact,  and I can always still smell it on my clothes at the end of the day.
L'occitane always please me with their packaging and I love the slightly vintage style of bottle and card box, oh so pretty and individual.
This to me has to be the epitome of a feminine floral scent, it reminds me of pretty floral dresses, cottage gardens and long hot summer days.
If you want to show the soft pretty feminine side to you're nature than this is the scent to go for.
L'occitane also have provided me with another firm favourite, Eau Ravissante -Fresh Cologne.
Yes this is an eau de cologne ~ but before you run for the hills - it's nothing like the old fashioned headachy eau de colognes our Grandads wore that announced their presence a good 15 mins before you'd even laid eyes on them! 
As you might expect from L'occitane this is a totally different kettle of fish entirely!
L'occitane describe it as 'floral & sparkling' and a 'whirlwind of freshness'.
Well I'm note sure about a whirlwind,  but I totally agree with floral sparkling and freshness!
This cologne is very fresh and uplifting , and again has a totally unique scent that I cannot liken it to anything else out there.
It is a floral but has sherbety edge to it, it doesn't smell anything like lemons but it just reminds me of the fizzy quality sherbet lemons have! Bizarre I know,  but there you are!
It's top notes are Bergamot & Pink Pepper, heart notes are Damascenta Rose & Fressia and base notes are Musk & Amber notes.
You definatly get a hit of Pink Pepper at first then it does settle down and you can smell the Rose and Freesia, but with a fruity undertone making it lighter and fresher and very unusual.
This is certainly a good one if you really don't like wearing perfumes as it isn't overpowering at all, I can smell it on myself but you would really need to get up close and personal with the wearer to really get a good smell of this!
I find this is best sprayed onto bare skin to get the best scent from it and I like to spray my bare arms and decollete with it before dressing.
Of course I love L'occitane's vintage Art Deco inspired glass bottle design for this, I am never dissapointed with anything vintage looking and this is no exception. The cologne does come in a similarly designed outer box but I've thrown this away so can't share it with you.
This to me is very much a Summer scent and ever since I first discovered this last year when L'occitane released their eau de cologne selection it's had a place in my heart.
If you like Rose scents but with a twist then I think you will like this too.
Fianlly my most recent find was while browsing M&S Beauty Hall of all places!
It's the Roger & Gallet Rose Gentle Fragrant Water. 
I would describe this as a fruity floral, but still very fresh and light.
It's top notes are Nepalese Rose, Mandarin & White Floral, heart notes of Rose, Peony & Green Rosebuds
and base notes of Amber & Almond milk.

Interestingly this floral water is paraben free so slightly greener than most fragrances.
 Another very unusual fragrance, it is quite sharp and citrussy at first then it settles down to a very soft delicate floral rose scent, that does linger on the skin for a good few hours.
I've only had this a short while but I've already had lots of compliments when wearing it!

The packaging on this isn't as nice as my L'occitane fragrances it has to be said, its quite plain really but it's still nice enough, and the rose design on the label and outer box is very pretty still.
This is perfect for Summer,  it will never be overpowering and is for me another soft pretty very feminine fragrance.
If you are looking for a new floral scent this summer then go and give these a spritz in store !
L'occitane Pivoine Flora EDT 75ml £37 here
L'occitane Eau Ravissante Fresh Cologne 50ml £21 & 300ml £37 here
Roger & Gallet Rose Fragrant Water 100ml £32 here
Jenny xx


  1. I'm always reluctant to stray from my favourites but these sound lovely. x

    1. I know me too huni :-)these are lovely though xxx