Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Get Kissable! ~ Pure Thoughts Sweet Honey Natural Lip Scrub

The Sweet Honey Lip Scrub is the latest product to be launched from Pure Thoughts. 
Pure Thoughts is a handmade 100% Natural Skincare Company, local to me being also based in Derbyshire. 
 I think it's important to support local small business where ever possible and if I can do that by incorporating their products into my skincare routine then I will!

I had been wanting to place and order with Pure Thoughts for a while and as soon as I saw this scrub I knew this was my cue to get on with it!

I was instantly attracted to it, firstly I don't own one already and secondly it contains honey, and I am always in love with anything honey or bee related, so I was doubly keen to get my hands on this!

I love the packaging, it comes in a little glass jar with a card outer, so both are recyclable.

The scrub is 100% natural and has a short simple but effective list of ingredients.

Castor Sugar, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, Beeswax, Honey.

The sugar gently exfoliates the lips and the butters and oils provide a good lubricating base as well as adding moisture anti oxidants and Vitamin E and  Honey naturally helps the skin retain it's moisture as well as keeping it soft and smooth.

For me it's important that I don't use anything on my lips other than 100% natural, after all we are ingesting some of what we put on our lips into our bodies and I would rather I swallow something natural than not!

The scrub is quite a thick sugary paste.  You only need a very small amount about half a pea, then simply massage over dry lips and the wipe off with a tissue or damp cloth.

Although I  use lip balms every day the recent hot weather had begun to take it's toll on them and they were feeling a little bit dry but not after using this!

The scrub glides across the lips easily and although you can feel the sugar crystals working, it isn't uncomfortable, any areas of dryness are instantly moisturised and although I didn't have any flaky areas of skin, I would imagine this scrub would remove them pretty efficiently if you did.

Once the scrub was removed my lips felt absolutely incredible,  they looked in better condition and felt so soft and smooth and moisturised.

I did use as small amount of lip balm just to add more moisture then I applied some red lipstick after using the scrub, and as you know this is not a colour to wear on anything other than lips in good condition.  It applied beautifully and looked great.

Everyone, and that includes men too,  wants soft smooth kissable lips, not dry sore flaky ones and with regular use this scrub teamed up with a good 100% natural lip balm will get yours there!!

Pure Thoughts Sweet Honey Natural Lip Scrub is the type of product that you didn't know you needed until you try it - then you will wonder how you managed without it!
Pure Thoughts Sweet Honey Natural Lip Scrub is £6.95 for 25ml here

If you need a 100% natural Lip Balm too then Pure Thoughts have two choices £3.95 for 10g here

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Keep you eyes out for more Pure Thoughts product reviews coming soon!

Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx



  1. Pure Thoughts is a lovely brand, I found them ages ago long before I started my blog. It's nice to see the range expanding, the lip scrub sounds lovely.

  2. I need to order some more stuff from pure thoughts, this has gone straight on the list, thank you petal :) xx

  3. I need some of this! cant believe I didn't even know you could get a scrub for the lips...

  4. I really like the pure thoughts soap so this will definitely be another one to add to the wish list! Lovely review as always Jenny Xx

  5. This product sounds amazing. I've only tried one lip scrub (Venus and Mars) from the Philippines and I liked it so much I almost ate it, haha.

  6. I never use a lip scrub but the name of this alone makes me want to order it.

  7. Anything with honey in always looks tempting to me, and this sounds so good too! I love the Pure Thoughts products I've already tried, so I think this might be next on the list :) x

  8. I really like the look of this - I am so tempted after trying the Mint and Avocado foot balm. Okay, I give in...where's my purse? :) Lovely review xx

  9. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  10. I like the idea of organic lip care as it is something I have not yet come across until now! Loving the sound of the honey flavour!

  11. Ooo this sounds like a gorgeous product, I bet it smells and tastes pretty amazing. Loved your review, very informative :D

    Now following x


  12. I am actually dying for this, it sounds so lovely! Great review.