Friday, 6 September 2013

Pure Thoughts Yogurt & Green Clay Mask

I've had a cold now for nearly 2 weeks and it's really starting to have an effect on my skin,  it has become quite unbalanced and has taken on that very dull and grey look that happens when you have been ill.
Today I decided to have a good old pamper as I felt my skin needed some TLC and I felt a face mask was needed to try and draw out some of the toxins from my skin to help restore balance and brighten me up!
I've had this little sample sachet from Pure Thoughts of their Yogurt & Green Clay Mask for a while now, and today it was just what my skin needed! 
The Yogurt & Green Clay Mask is 100% natural and has only 4 ingredients ~
White Clay, Honey, Yogurt Powder & Green Clay
I like the combination of Green Clay for deep detoxification, Yogurt which is soothing and helps to soften the skin but is still anti bacterial and of course my favourite, Honey for keeping skin soft, smooth and retaining moisture.
The mask comes as a dry powder which you mix with a few drops of water.  I decided to use Rose Water instead, which works just as well and has more skin care benefits than just plain water.
Then simply mix together to form a paste and apply in a thin layer and allow to dry.
Within 5 mins the mask was dry and was quick to remove with a flannel soaked in hot water.
I always hold the flannel over my face for a few seconds with masks that dry,  just to rehydrate them so they come off with one easy wipe otherwise you can be there scrubbing them off for a while! 
I could certainly see the difference in my skin, it looked so much brighter and fresher and felt lovely and soft, I had exfoliated prior to using the mask, but still my skin felt softer than it had before I applied it.
Even a few hours after using it my skin still looked much better, and although I don't look 100% well still, its certainly an improvement in terms of skin tone and clarity.
I was really impressed with the effectiveness of this mask,  and although it is primarily for oily/spot prone congested skins,  I think every skin type could benefit from having a sachet or two of this as an emergency product, all of us have those times when our skin goes a bit potty and it needs a good deep down detoxifying clean!!
This sachet was £1.25 which is a really good budget buy if you only intend to use this occasionally and was enough for one application..
The mask is available to buy in a 30ml jar for £8.00.
Pure Thoughts is one of my favourite natural skincare companies, everything is made from 100% natural ingredients - nothing chemical or synthetic.
They are a British company based right here in my home county of Derbyshire,  so that pleases me even more!!
Have a browse of Pure Thoughts website  here
The face mask sachet I purchased can be found here
Till next time my lovelies
Jenny xx


  1. Hope your starting to feel better. Two weeks with a cold is awful. The mask sounds nice, but I tend to stay away from clay based since I find them really drying on my skin. Good suggestion to use a hydrosol rather than plain water to mix it.


  2. One of my favourite companies and products. I like the banana & yellow clay as my milk allergy stops me from using the yoghurt based ones :)

    1. I've not tried the Banana one as yet will give it a go :-) Thanks Sarah xxx

  3. I really love Pure Thoughts - every product I've tried so far had been worth purchasing. I've not tried any of the face masks though and this sounds lovely and really effective, might have a quick browse on the site now :) x

    1. Me too, I've loved everything so far :-) the Tangerine body butter is lovely too lol! Xxx

  4. I squealed with delight when I saw you had posted! I have missed you, I love the Pure thoughts soaps and foot balm so I am interested in trying their face masks! :) Xx

    1. aww Ana huni lol! thankyou so much, you always make me smile - we always love the same brands xxxx

  5. Hi there Jenny :)
    I really like masks specially the powder ones.
    I have fun mixing powders (for example tulsi and damascus rose) and adding hamamellis water or lavander.
    This is really interesting!
    Thanks for the review
    Hugs from Italy, xx