Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Heels & Boots

Autumn is well and truly upon us now and I always like to add a few pairs of new heels to my collection once the weather starts to turn.
It's time to put away the peep toe heels and bring out the closed toes.
I am very particular when it comes to heels, they have to be a specific kind of heel, the thinner the better and they have to be flattering to the legs.
Sometimes they can be quite difficult to find, depending on the current 'heel' fashion that is in style that season.
This year however, I have done well, and found a few pairs without too much fuss!
If you like vintage, and ladies, you know that I do, then you needn't look any further than F&F at Tesco for these gorgeous vintage inspired burgundy patent bow heels.
I was very surprised to find them as I was doing my weekly shop, and at £18 they were rather a bargain I thought.  They are available in a black patent option as well.
  I was also pleased to find them available in a size 3, having small feet can also be a problem as not everywhere stocks smaller sizes or in large quantities!!!
Marks & Spencer was the last place I expected to find a pair of heels that I liked, however these black patent ones, with a slim platform caught my eye! There is certainly nothing OAP about these girls!............especially in the bright red glossy patent version that I will be going back for next pay day!
 They were also very reasonably priced at £19.99 too.
Sometimes I do have to buy my heels via the internet, simply because I do love the thin 'stiletto' high heel without a platform,  and you simply cannot find it on the high street, in the exact styles I like.
This pair of red & black patent high heels is one such occasion, they were £49.95 from
One of my favourite sites for high heels is, they have a huge array of heels.
I will warn you now though, this site sells other 'items' & I will say if you are of a nervous disposition then I wouldn't stray off the shoes pages!
Finally I managed to pick up a bargain in the New Year sales earlier this year,  with these black suede boots. They were £15 from Barratts, and perhaps the best bargain I've ever had in terms of footwear!
No doubt I will be getting a fair amount of wear out of them in the coming months, when the colder weather sets in!
All in all I'm very pleased with my additions and ladies, we all know a girl can never have enough high heels, or maybe that's just me?!
Till next time my lovelies
Jenny xx


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