Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Organic Pharmacy ~ Organic Glam Loose Powder Shimmer

I am always on the look out for powders that give a glow or luminosity to the skin and so far have been really enjoying Dior Capture Totale Loose Powder, however it isn't by any means natural and as I am nearing the end of my pot I decided to try and find a natural replacement for it.
As I am trying out a few products from The Organic Pharmacy's range of make up ~ Organic Glam, it seemed rude not to give their powder a try too!
I went for the Organic Glam Loose Powder in Shimmer.
The Organic Pharmacy describe the powder as

'A sheer silky powder packed with mineral colours, light reflecting particles and vitamins A, C and E help soften the appearance of fine lines and instantly restore vitality. Loose Powders illuminate the face creating a radiant complexion.'

On first inspection through the side of the pot this does look very shimmery and I did think perhaps I'd made a mistake ordering the shimmer version, as it does come in a matt option too.
Simply because I wanted to use this as an all over face powder over my foundation and it looked to me as if this would only be suitable to use as a highlighter.
However, things weren't quite so bad as I initially thought!
The powder comes in a small pot with a sifter lid, this is removable so you can get your brush right into the pot is needs be, but I use the sifter as it's less messy & you can control how much powder you are dispensing better.
The powder is a little darker than I usually go for and does have a slightly yellow base to it, but applied sparingly I have found I can just about get away with it on my fair skin.
The powder itself is very fine in texture and feels very soft to the touch. In the pot it does have quite a shimmery appearance, as I said earlier,  luckily this doesn't transfer onto the skin in quite such a severe manner.
It does come with a little 'puff' but I prefer to use a big powder brush.
As always less is more here, and a small amount goes a long way.
After loading up and tapping off the excess from my brush, a very light dusting is all that is needed to give a subtle glow to your skin, giving it enough 'life' to make you look 'well rested' and healthy.
It does apply beautifully and doesn't look powdery, cakey, or catch in the fine hairs, however I'm sure it could if you were to be heavy handed with it - so a gentle touch is required here girls!
I have found this powder is best reserved for the cheeks, forehead and centre of the nose, anywhere you would catch the light naturally and give life to your face, it certainly isn't suitable as a 'setting' powder over your concealer or under the eyes, it is just too 'glowy' for that.
Personally, this powder is one step up in the 'glow' stakes from my Dior Capture Totale and is just a touch too luminous for me in the daytime.
 It's certainly not over the top but I would reserve this for an evening out or special occasion when I want that little bit 'extra' luminosity.
It did last well on the skin, and kept my skin looking nice, fresh and glowy all day, so I was impressed with that.
I did want to try and show you the 'glow'of the powder as best I could.
The top photo above is my hand completely bare skin and the one below is my hand with Organic Glam Foundation & Organic Glam loose powder applied over the top.
Just so you can see the difference between the Organic Glam & Dior Capture Totale I have swatched them both.
Top ~ Dior Capture Totale in 01 Rose Lumiere Bottom ~ Organic Glam Powder Shimmer
For me, this powder has good and bad points, on the plus side it is good quality, applies well and gives a good glow to the skin.
On the negative side it isn't a perfect match to my fair skin and I will only get limited use out of it, and I did really want a daily use powder.
So would I purchase this powder again?
Sadly I have to say I wouldn't.............. the reason?
Well, the two negatives above coupled with the fact it is very expensive £34.96 for 5g, doesn't get it into my repurchase list I'm afraid!
~Ingredients as listed on the packaging  ~
If you want to give this powder a try then you can buy it here
There will be a 'Face of the Day' post at the end of the week, using all the Organic Glam make up I will be reviewing this week, so stay tuned ladies to see it all in 'action'!
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx




  1. Hello from a fellow redhead - this powder looks divine! Thanks for sharing...available in the US?

    1. Hi Cailin, always a pleasure to hear form a fellow redhead :-) I've replied to you via twitter, but yes you can buy this is the US, just select the USA when visiting The Organic Pharmacy website xxx