Monday, 21 October 2013

The Organic Pharmacy ~ Organic Glam Luminous Antioxidant Foundation Shade 0

You may be wondering what's happening with my transition over to natural make up, from conventional make up as I haven't mentioned it for a good while now!
Well I'm still working towards that goal, but over the last few months I have been making a real effort to use up some of my normal make up, especially foundations, before purchasing any more natural make up.
I am very pleased to say I have managed to use up quite a few half empty bottles and although I still have a few left, my personal 'European Foundation Mountain' has reduced in size considerably!
So I decided I would have a little treat and spoil myself with a few bits from The Organic Pharmacy range of make up ~ Organic Glam.
I have had my eye on this brand for several months, it definitely sits at the luxury end of the natural make up scale, not only in it's price and quality, but also in it's rather chic & minimalistic modern packaging, it rather reminds me of Chanel in it's look.
One of the most difficult items to replace with a natural alternative in my opinion so far has been foundation, I do not like powder mineral foundations at all, so that cuts out quite a few options, plus I have very fair skin so getting a match can also be a problem too!
So I was very keen to try the Organic Glam Luminous Antioxidant Foundation as it is a liquid, and I have to say I was not disappointed!
The Organic Pharmacy describe it as
'A luminous sheer foundation that gives a flawless radiant complexion. The formulation imparts a natural look that is light and comfortable to wear Antioxidants help protect the skin from pollution and free radical damage, while mineral colours correct imperfections leaving the skin fresh and luminous. This unique formula can be layered for light, medium or complete coverage resulting in a natural looking, radiant complexion, protected by antioxidants'.
This foundation ticks quite a few boxes for me, not only is it naturally based, mixes make up with skin care benefits,  a light liquid, provides a luminous finish but also has no SPF,  making it ideal for photos as it will not give any odd flash backs or glare from the SPF, so good for brides/wedding photography too.
The shade I chose was '0', which is the lightest one available, and I am very pleased to say it matches my skin pretty much perfectly.
So if you are very fair skinned or a natural redhead then this could be a good match for you too.

The foundation itself is a light liquid and has a very faint botanical scent, which I like. It applies beautifully and feels just like putting on a moisturiser rather than a foundation. 
I just used my fingers, but you could apply with a foundation brush if you prefer.
It feels very smooth and silky, there are no gritty particles and it doesn't feel 'dry' on the skin like I have found with some other natural liquid foundations, nor do you feel like you have to work with it quickly before it sets.
As with all foundations several thin layers is better than a couple of thick ones, if you need more coverage.
I found that one thin layer is best to start off with, this isn't enough cover for me, as it is very light, but it just gives a good starting point and may well be enough for you if you have fabulous skin already.
I like a light to medium cover, and two to three thin layers of this provides that, without looking false or cakey ~ as always less is definitely more,  no 'trowels' please ladies!
 I do have redness around my nose and my under eyes that need extra cover, as many of us do, that this doesn't cover entirely,  but I take care of that with concealer. However my minor imperfections and my general skin tone was evened out beautifully.
The finish on the skin is lovely, it does look very natural and perfected,  and although it is certainly luminous, it just gives your skin a healthy look, your skin on a really really good day, rather than a ridiculous shiny beaming glow!
It lasted very well on the skin too, my working day starts at 6am so my make up has to stay on from 5am onwards and even after work had finished into early evening, my skin looked good, it had faded slightly but certainly I could have gone out with just a re application of blush and lipstick if I had to, and wouldn't have felt 'naked'.
At 39,  I do have some fine lines around my eyes, but it didn't sit in them at all, either at first application or several hours later, so I was impressed with that too.
My skin is slightly combination still but mostly normal to dry now, however if you have an oilier skin type or very combination then it may not last as long on you, we are all different.
The only advise I would give is do not use this foundation over the top of a primer, I usually use a primer at the moment I am using up Guerlain Meteorites Primer and Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and this did not sit well at all over either of them, one layer was fine but any more than that and it started to flake off, which wasn't pleasant!
It is perfectly fine on it's own, straight over my normal skincare routine and moisturiser, no problems at all, but primer is a definite no no!
Having said that though, it did last all day without a primer underneath so doesn't require one anyway.
Just to give you a couple of shade comparisons I have swatched this against two of my current normal foundations. Dior NUDE Skin in 010 & ByTerry Cover Expert in 01.
Above Bottom Organic Glam, Top Dior Nude Skin
Above Bottom Organic Glam, Top ByTerry Cover Expert
Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this foundation, it is certainly by far and away the best natural liquid foundation I have ever tried.
 It performs without compromise, in exactly the same way as a conventional foundation, and does everything I want a foundation to do ~ give me perfected luminous skin that looks natural in as fewer layers as possible and lasts all day, all while helping to care for my skin.
The only negative I can say about it is the price, £32.95 for a 40ml tube, is expensive, there's no two ways about it!
However sometimes it's all about quality not quantity, and I would rather buy one very good foundation that works for me at £32.95,  than buy three or four £10 ones that don't quite match my expectations and end up sat in drawer not being used.
So would I purchase this again, absolutely yes, and if you can stretch to it then I would certainly recommend you give this a try too.
It comes in seven shade choices so hopefully there should be one to match your skin tone.
Browse The Organic Pharmacy here
Ingredients as listed on outer box
There will be a 'Face of the Day' post at the end of the week, using all the Organic Glam make up I will be reviewing this week, so stay tuned ladies to see it all in 'action'!
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx 


  1. What a great review Jenny. It's definitely one I want to try x

    1. Thankyou Sandra my lovely, I'm sure you would be impressed with it xxx

  2. This looks gorgeous, I will be picking up some organic pharmacy soon, just lovely packaging! Xx

    1. It's fabulous range flower, I am sure you will love it all! xxx

  3. Very well written Jennifer ! I think that there should be some online stores to buy natural organic care products without any doubt. Companies are advertising under the banner "Natural" but most of them are using chemicals which are harmful.

  4. Hi Jen,

    Just found this, didn't realise you'd review it.

    I currently have this in the shade above '01' and its a bit too dark for me although I can just about get away with it. As a guy I don't want people to know I'm wearing anything but this perfectly cover's up my redness after I shave. I think I may try this shade next and see how the colour suits.

    You may be interested to find out that this foundation actually contains an SPF of 9. When it launched into 2007 the founder of Margo Marrone told me this. However because it's below SPF15 they cannot advertise this.

    I may do a review on this myself soon. Hope you're well.

    Lots of Love,


    P.S I had no idea you were 39! Wow what's your secret?!